1-20 Baby Love

1-20 Baby Love

Baby Love

Where Jarod’s concerned, there’s never anything random.


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Where Jarod’s concerned, there’s never anything random.


Original air date: May 10, 1997

Written by: Debra Pratt

Directed by: Joe Napolitano

As Jarod tries to locate the mother of a baby he found abandoned in a dumpster, Sydney and Miss Parker discover a sublevel under the Centre that none of them knew existed.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Looking after a baby

Jarod’s Occupations: Foster Parent

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod finds an abandoned baby, while Sydney and Miss Parker find a hidden level in the Centre.


As Jarod runs through a dark alley to get away from Sydney and Miss Parker, they find a tube of blueprints he left behind, and he finds a live baby in a dumpster.  Jarod takes the baby to a friend, Christine, who takes them in, but warns that her husband, Ax, doesn’t like children.  Back at the Centre, Broots, Sydney and Miss Parker look at the blueprints and some notes Jarod left, which are marked “SL27.” Later, both Sydney and Miss Parker independently ask Broots to do a search for the meaning of SL27, and when they both show up at the same time to check on the results, Miss Parker says the term was engraved on the inside of a bracelet found on one of the children her mother rescued from the Centre.  Sydney states that it was also written down by his brother, Jacob, during his brief recovery from a coma.  Meanwhile, Christine urges Jarod to turn the baby in to the authorities.  He is reluctant, but, later, finally gives in and they go to Child Services.  There, however, Jarod is put off by the cold, chaotic atmosphere, and he walks out.  Out in the parking lot, however, Jarod stops cold when he sees that every car in the nearby police lot has a red sticker on its license plate, just like the one he saw on a car in the alley right before he found the baby.

A bit later, Broots reports to Sydney and Miss Parker that the architectural firm where they found Jarod and the blueprints is the same one that built the Centre.  Just then, Jarod calls, and when Sydney asks him what the blueprints are for, Jarod tells him to “do the math.”  Broots thinks this over, and realizes Jarod’s notes indicate enough dirt was dug up during the Centre’s construction to account for 27 underground levels, while the Centre has only 26…at least officially.  And this leads them to realize “SL27” refers to “Sub Level 27,” which none of them ever knew existed.  Meanwhile, Christine’s husband, Ax, a garbage man, gets home and, contrary to what Christine said earlier, is thrilled to see the baby, stating that he has always wanted a child of his own.  A bit later, Jarod, dressed as a mechanic, searches the records at the police motor pool, finds the car he saw by the dumpster, and meets its driver, Detective David Geary.  Later, Jarod follows Geary to a municipal building, and sees him talking to District Attorney candidate Mitch Meyers.  Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Broots, Sydney and Miss Parker descend through a manhole in Sub Level 26 to the dark, fire-damaged and now abandoned Sub Level 27.  Later, back at Christine’s, Jarod hacks into the police department database again, and finds a missing persons report for Jeanette Connelly and her five month old son, Michael.  And about the same time, Geary goes back to the dumpster, looking for the baby, but finds it’s gone.

Back at the Centre, Sydney, Broots and Miss Parker explore SL27 and find toys, syringes and other evidence indicating the area was once a secret Sim Lab.  But as they search, Angelo informs Mr. Raines of a security alert.  About the same time, Geary goes to Jeannette’s apartment, but a neighbor says she is not there, and that another cop (Jarod) visited about 15 minutes earlier.  Just then, Geary gets a radio call about a woman found under a bridge, barely alive, and he runs off.  Back in SL27, Miss Parker finds several undamaged file boxes, which obviously were brought there after the fire.  She and Sydney find Jarod’s records among the others, and are shocked to learn that he was apparently stolen—by Jacob—from parents who were very much alive at the time.  Just then, Broots, who had gone back upstairs a few minutes earlier, calls to warn Sydney and Miss Parker that Mr. Raines, apparently detecting their exploration, has ordered Angelo to sanitize the Centre’s security system.  Meanwhile, Geary arrives at a hospital, looking for Jeannette, but Jarod gets there first.  As he rushes her out of the building, Geary chases them through the stairwells, down to a basement garage.  But when Geary shoots at a van he thinks they’re hiding in, Jarod and Jeannette escape in another car.

Later, back at Christine and Ax’s apartment, Jeannette is happily reunited with little Michael, and explains to Jarod that she was a volunteer in Mitch Meyers’ campaign, had an affair with him, and when she later insisted that he help support their son, Detective Geary kidnapped her, drugged her and pushed her off a bridge.  A bit later, Jeanette calls Myers and gets him to admit that he tried to have her and Michael done away with, to prevent embarrassment to his family and campaign.  Then, Jarod and Ax, in Ax’s garbage truck, confront Geary in an alley.  Finally, a few minutes later, as Myers speaks at a campaign rally, Jeannette approaches Mrs. Myers and tells her what happened.  Meanwhile, Jarod and Ax drive up in the garbage truck, blaring a tape of Myers confession, and dump a load of trash—which includes a bound and naked Geary—right in the middle of the rally site.  Later, as Jeannette thanks Jarod for his help, Sydney and Miss Parker go back to SL27 for another look at the old records…but find someone has removed them.  And as they wonder who it might have been, we see Angelo, sitting in a nearby air duct with the stacks of papers.

1-20 Baby Love

Baby Love Transcript


Sweeper   Does he have a name?
Sweeper 2   They’re calling him Jarod. He misses his parents
Sweeper   He’ll forget them soon enough.
Young Jarod   Kri kra toad’s foot, geese walk barefoot
Sam   Found these blueprints in the gutter.
Miss Parker   He’s nearby. Find him! Let’s move! Go!
Sam   Hey!!!! Blue sedan.
Miss Parker   Get in! This is Parker. We’re in pursuit of a blue sedan.
Jarod   Christine! Christine?
Christine   Jarod?
Jarod   I’m sorry Christine. I know it’s late.
Christine   It’s 3 in the morning. God isn’t even awake.
Jarod   I know. Listen, i need to move back in for a little while.
Christine   Not smellin’ like that you’re not.
Jarod   Please.
Christine   Look, Jarod, i owe you big time for what you did for me, but my husbands comin’ back tomorrow. If Axe finds a man livin’ upstairs, he’ll have a stroke. Oh, my God. Where did you get it?
Jarod   A man threw him in the dumpster.
Christine   Oh, my God.
Jarod   How could someone do that? How could someone throw away a baby?
Christine   It’s a crazy world, babies havin’ babies… people don’t know what they want or what they have.
Jarod   It’s freezing in here.
Christine   You have to call the police.
Jarod   I’m the only family he has right now. He’s cold, he’s scared and he’s alone. Don’t you like babies?
Christine   Of course. It’s just that if Axe didn’t get that job in Houston, he’ll have a stroke if he comes back and finds a baby here.
Jarod   He doesn’t like babies?
Christine   No. Yes. That’s not the point.
Jarod   He’s hungry.
Christine   How can you tell?
Jarod   Because I’m hungry. Wanna, wanna lay down? There you go, there you go.
    The Centre
Broots   Why would Jarod risk getting caught over a random set of blueprints?
Sydney   Where Jarod’s concerned, there’s never anything random.
Broots   Hmm.
Miss Parker   Boy Genius is a regular I.M. Pei.
Broots   Wait. What’s this? SL 27?
Miss Parker   I’ll be around.
Jarod   Kri kra toad’s foot, geese walk barefoot. Kri kra toad’s foot, geese walk barefoot.
Christine   Who taught you that song?
Jarod   I don’t know. My mother, i think.
Christine   You think?
Jarod   When i was little, i was taken from my family. I was raised by some people, people that had no business dealing with children.
Christine   I’m sorry. Look Jarod, i appreciate everything you did for me. That phony lawsuit that lady filed against the shop would have busted me if you hadn’t stepped in, but still, i can’t let you….  Holler downstairs if you need any help, okay?
Jarod   Christine? Thanks.
Sweeper   Does he have a name?
Sweeper 2   They’re calling him Jarod. He misses his parents.
Sweeper   He’ll forget them soon enough.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   How could somebody abandon a child?
Sydney   Jarod.
Jarod   I mean, something so vulnerable, so defenseless. How could they do that?
Sydney   Is this about your parents?
Jarod   It’s about all parents.
Sydney   Well, there’s no easy answer to that. Who knows what, uh, what pressures some people face. Is this what you were looking for earlier at that architectural firm? Those blueprints? Is that a lead to your parents?
Jarod   You’ll figure it out.
Broots   It’s, uh, for my little girl.
Sydney   She’s very fortunate to have such an attentive father.
Broots   I, uh, did the search you requested. Found two inactive license plates with SL 27, but both owners died in the ’70s. SL 27 is also the generic name for an antibiotic developed by an Israeli pharmaceutical company in 1983.
Sydney   That’s beyond the date of significance.
Broots   Well.. if you told me more, Sydney, i might be able to help.
Sydney   Broots, it’s best that nobody else be involved in this.
Miss Parker   Broots, anything on SL 27 yet?
Broots   Uh… perhaps you both should have a talk.
Jarod   Shhhh.
Christine   He’s still sleepin’?
Jarod   Like a baby.
Christine   What are you doin’?
Jarod   Setting it up. If anybody files a missing persons report with the police department, i’ll get a signal.
Christine   Jarod, you can’t keep this child. Last night is one thing, but somewhere, somebody’s looking for this baby.
Jarod   I’ve been monitoring every police channel, every television station, every newspaper. Nobody’s looking for him.
Christine   But Jarod…
Jarod   Somebody threw him in a dumpster. Do you want me to turn him over to that person? If his mother’s out there searching, i’ll find her. But i’m not gonna give him to anybody till i know he’s gonna be okay. I don’t want him to grow up alone. Are you hungry again?
Christine   That’s not a bottle cry.
Jarod   How do you know?
Christine   Seven younger brothers and sisters. Better change him.
Broots   I killed the security cameras, and i swept the room for bugs. I think we’re safe.
Miss Parker   You think?
Broots   One never knows in the Centre, do one?
Sydney   Let’s proceed.
Miss Parker   This belonged to one of the children my mother rescued from the Centre. Look at this.
Sydney   SL 27. Why did you keep this information secret?
Miss Parker   Why, I could ask the same question of you.
Sydney   When my brother regained consciousness, he wrote this to me.
Miss Parker   Hmmm.
Sydney   There has to be a clue in the calculations that Jarod dropped. Broots, keep on searching for that connection.
Broots   Look, I don’t know if you guys missed it, but, uh, the only people who know about this SL 27 thing are either dead or comatose.
Sydney   And those people are important to us, like your daughter is to you. I’m asking for your help, Broots, as a friend.
Miss Parker   Please.
Willie   What is he doing?
Raines   He appears to be expressing his individualism.
Willie   is that good?
Raines   It’s dangerous. Angelo, i want you to run a check on every aspect of Centre security. Every system, every level, every mode of access and egress. Optical, physical, electronic. Everything. Do you understand? Angelo?
Jarod   Excuse me, ma’am.
Woman   I’ll be right with you.
Woman 2   Yes, I’m looking at the file. We’ve placed a call to the biological grandparents but the status is still unclear. Sure. Can i help you?
Christine   We’d like to talk to somebody about a missin’ child.
Woman 2   I’ll be one more minute. No it’s against the law to prematurely place a child without the signature of a biological family member. I realise you love the baby, but this is the way it has to be handled.
Christine   I know this is hard Jarod, but i think it’s the best thing…. Jarod?
Christine   Are you insane? You can’t just walk out with this baby.
Jarod   Well, i can’t leave him with them.
Christine   Jarod, he doesn’t belong to you.
Jarod   I know. He belongs with his parents or with someone who loves him.
Christine   Twenty four hours. Then we take the baby to the police no matter what. Deal?
Jarod   Deal.
Christine   One more thing. Give him a name, will ya?
Jarod   He has a name. I just have to find out what it is.
Christine   What is it?
Jarod   They all have red decals. The man who dumped this baby had the exact same decal on the back of his car.
Christine   What are you sayin’?
Jarod   A cop threw this baby away.
Miss Parker   Talk to me Broots.
Broots   You’ll never guess what i found out. The architectural firm you chased Jarod from was…
Miss Parker   The same one that built the Centre.
Broots   How did you know that?
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   Any luck?
Miss Parker   With what?
Jarod   Well, hello, Miss Parker. SL 27.
Sydney   Those calculations, Jarod, what do they mean?
Jarod   Just digging up some more dirt on the Centre.
Sydney   I don’t follow.
Jarod   Do the math Sydney. It doesn’t add up. I’m surprised that Broots hasn’t figured it out yet.
Broots   Dirt.
Jarod   I gotta go. It’s the baby’s nap time.
Miss Parker   Did he say baby?
Broots   I’ll be damned. 6.32 million cubic feet of dirt was carted off for the Centre’s underground construction. But the Centre’s 26 sublevels only occupy 6.16 million cubic feet.
Miss Parker   There’s enough missing dirt for another sublevel.
Sydney   SL 27. Sublevel 27.
Jarod   This is my mother. We’re going to find yours. I promise.
Christine   Well, that’s a sight.
Jarod   You and Axe ever think about having kids?
Christine   Axe? No. No way. Besides, i got the shop to worry about. Any luck with that licence plate?
Jarod   Not yet. I have to get inside the police department and find out who was driving that car, but i’m going to need your help.
Christine   Jarod, i’ve got customers, i can’t go chasin’…
Axe   Christine? Somebody took my spot.
Christine   Axe!
Axe   Your husband’s gone two weeks and all you can say is Axe?
Christine   How’d it go?
Axe   Ah, came up empty. Who are you?
Jarod   Hi, i’m Jarod.
Axe   Who’s this?
Jarod   Um, i can explain, uh…
Axe   Would you look at them eyes? Do you mind?
Jarod   No, not at all.
Axe   That’s a fine looking boy. It, it is a boy?
Jarod   Yes.
Axe   Hey, hey. Hey hey.
Jarod   You like kids?
Axe   Like ’em? I’d have a whole tribe if Christy would cooperate. You ever need a babysitter, I’m your man.
Jarod   I’ll remember that.
Axe   Better move the truck.
Christine   Anything come over the scanner?
Jarod   Not yet. Why did you lie about Axe?
Christine   I grew up with seven brothers and sisters. I was the oldest and my mother was… well, she wasn’t what you’d call ‘hands on’.
Jarod   What about your father?
Christine   He was busy with his other family across town. It was up to me to make sure Ari and William were fed and Matty was dressed and Jeremy didn’t stay up late, and Ella did her homework. I got out of Little Rock and moved in with Axe. I want to be able to think about Christine for a while. Does that make me a bad person?
Jarod   No, it makes you human.
Man   See you later Frank.
Woman   Bill, pick up line two.
Man   We better put it up on the lift.
Woman   Chuck, come to the parts desk.
Dt Geary   Hey, sport, take a look at this unit?
Jarod   No problem.
Detective Geary   Accidentally clipped a junkie who decided not to cooperate. Guess he’ll cooperate next time. Get this unit fixed. I wanna get out of here fast.
Jarod   Whatever you say, uh, Detective…
Detective Geary   Geary, David W. Those look straight to you?
Jarod   Yeah.
Detective Geary   I’ll be back.
Broots   Okay, it’s right around here somewhere.
Miss Parker   What is?
Broots   Sewer access.
Miss Parker   Broots, the main sewer is on the other side of the complex.
Broots   I know. Which makes me wonder why there’s a manhole cover right here. Help me, Sydney. Oh.
Sydney   Can you smell that.
Miss Parker   Smell it? I can taste it. After you.
Broots   How, how do you know it’s not wired down there?
Miss Parker   I ran Centre Security for three years, i know what i’m doing.
Broots   Yeah, well, you didn’t know about SL 27.
Miss Parker   Get in.
Broots   You know, I’m not sure my medical insurance covers this kind of thing.
Miss Parker   Sydney, put some light on me.
Broots   Ow! What died down here?
Miss Parker   What didn’t? Let’s go.
Broots   Okay.
Axe   You see that? Now sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Me and my old man used to watch hoops on the tube. I figured someday me and my kid would do the same. Christine told me what’s going on. You really think that cop’s involved?
Jarod   His name is David Geary. He’s a special investigator for DA Mitch Meyers.
Axe   Ugh, bureaucrats.
Jarod   Sounds like you’re not a big fan of City Hall.
Axe   I spent 20 years drivin’ a garbage rig for the city. Couple of months ago, i blow out my back liftin’ an industrial bin. City cans me, cuts off my disability checks. I can’t get another job.
Jarod   You’re a garbage man?
Axe   Sanitation engineer.
Jarod   Wow.
Axe   You know, Jarod, I seen a lot of dirty things on the street. But why anyone would want to hurt something as wonderful as this is beyond me. Yeah. What’s that?
Jarod   A missing persons report was just logged on to the police database. It’s the first match i’ve found. Jeanette Connelly. Reported missing by her next door neighbour along with her five month old son… Michael. Hello, Michael.
Detective Geary   Of course there’s a missing persons on her. She’s missing. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Everything’s fine.
Radio   Officer’s requesting backup at San Pedro and 9th.
Broots   There must be a hundred rooms down here. What was this place?
Miss Parker   Whatever it was, it must’ve been one hell of a fire that stopped it.
Sydney   Yes, there was a rumour of a fire in the summer of ’82.
Miss Parker   I spent that summer in France with my father.
Broots   I wish i was there right now.
Sydney   Rumour is it was the fire that left Raines chained to his oxygen tank.
Miss Parker   Too bad it didn’t finish the job.
Broots   Hey, look. Footprints, and they’re fresh. Whoa. Who played with toys down here?
Miss Parker   A jack-in-the-box?
Sydney   Fascinating.
Miss Parker   Broots.
Broots   Huh?
Miss Parker   Check out the suit.
Broots   It’s always Broots. There’s a… there’s a bullet hole in his eye.
Miss Parker   Come on.
Broots   Somehow i get the feeling he’s the lucky one.
Raines   What is it, Angelo? Sublevel security alert?
Woman   She’s not there.
Detective Geary   Police officer, ma’am.
Woman   It’s not like Jeanette to disappear, not with that new baby. She’s a nice girl, smart. I told everything to the other policeman.
Detective Geary   Other policeman? When?
Woman   Ten, fifteen minutes ago, before you got here.
Radio   Dispatch, this is 36. Go, 36. Uh we found a jumper below that East River Bridge. Female Caucasian early 20s, no ID. May have been there a few days. Transporting her to St Mary’s under suicide watch. Over. Copy that, 36.
Woman   What about Jeanette?
Detective Geary   Don’t worry, ma’am. I’ll take care of Jeanette.
Broots   Whoa. Oh, God. Syringes?
Miss Parker   What is it?
Sydney   This place has all the components of a sim lab.
Broots   I never knew there was another sim lab in the Centre.
Sydney   Neither did i.
 Broots   What the hell is that?
Sydney   Birthing table.
Miss Parker   With shackles?
Broots   Uh-oh. It’s Mr Raines.
Miss Parker   What are you waiting for?
Sydney   Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   What is this place?
Sydney   Whatever it was, it wasn’t a filing room.
Miss Parker   These haven’t been burnt. These were brought here.
Sydney   All these files pertain to the Pretender project.
Miss Parker   This box is all about Jarod. What is that?
Sydney   A hood. Must’ve been Jarod’s.
Miss Parker   Sydney, there is no date of death listed for Jarod’s parents. As far as these documents are concerned, they were alive when Jarod was brought here.
Sydney   Jarod was stolen.
Miss Parker   I think you should look at this entrance record. There’s no names, nothing to follow.
Sydney   Hmm.
Miss Parker   But there is a signature by a special expediter who brought Jarod to the Centre.
Sydney   Special expediter… Jacob. That signature is my brother, Jacob.
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   Raines has Angelo sanitising the security system.
Miss Parker   Does he know where we are?
Broots   No, i don’t think so.
Miss Parker   You don’t think?
Broots   Yes, No! I don’t know. It was weird. Raines was real suspicious and Angelo just kept giggling. And, man, you’re not gonna believe his head.
Miss Parker   Just keep yours cool. It’s Raines.
Sydney   He knows.
Miss Parker   Just grab the files.
Sydney   These files have been collected by someone. Removing them will arouse suspicion.
Miss Parker   Syd, this may be our only chance.
Sydney   I want to find the truth as much as you do. But at this point, caution is key.
Detective Geary   Detective Dave Geary. You’ve got that Jane Doe.
Jarod   Come on, come on.
Nurse   Still checking Detective
Detective Geary   Suicide attempt.
Nurse   It’s just not coming up. Oh, here it is. Room 708.
Jarod   Jeanette. Jeanette, wake up.
Jeanette   Please no more. I don’t need any more sedatives. I’m not crazy.
Jarod   I know.
Jeanette   Oh, no no. I didn’t try to kill myself. There was a man, and he threw me off the bridge. It was a policeman. Why won’t anyone believe me?
Jarod   I believe you.
Jeanette   Well, who are you?
Jarod   My name is Jarod. I’m here to help you.
Jeanette   He took my baby.
Jarod   I have your baby. He’s with me.
Jeanette   Where’s Michael?
Jarod   He’s safe, but we must get out of this hospital. The man who tried to kill you is here.
PA   Dr Peterson, call your service. Dr Peterson, please call your service.
Jeanette   I was so afraid i would never see him again. Where’d you find him?
Jarod   That’s not important. What’s important is you’re together now. Jeanette, why would a police detective want you and Michael dead? Was it because of Mitch Meyers?
Jeanette   Yeah.
Jarod   Is Michael Mitch’s son?
Jeanette   I was working as in intern in his office. I thought he was good. I thought he meant the things that he said. We had an affair. He said he didn’t love his wife anymore and he was going to leave her. I mean, i could barely pay for my rent, so, i told him he had to take responsibility for his son.
Jarod   And?
Jeanette   He said he would do the right thing. And i… I believed him. I mean, i didn’t ….
Jarod   It’s okay.
Jeanette   Detective Geary came, and he told me that Mitch wanted to see me because he wanted to help us. And i… I didn’t think. We just got in the car, and the next thing i knew I’m being dragged out on the bridge and all i could hear was my Michael crying.
Axe   I oughta break the bastard’s neck.
Christine   Now can we go to the police?
Jarod   No. We have to play a little politics with the DA first.
Jeanette   I wanna help. For Michael
Jarod   Isn’t tomorrow garbage day?
Jeanette   Mitch Meyers, please. It’s urgent.
Mitch Meyers   Jeanette, listen to me. When he was born…
Jeanette   His name is Michael
Mitch Meyers   Right. When Michael was born, i thought i could finally make the break. Then i started thinking how it might look, my wife, my children, you being so young. Everything i have worked for… all the good i have done…. it would be going down the drain.
Jeanette   So you tried to kill us?
Mitch Meyers   No, that’s not what i wanted. That’s not who i am. I love you.
Jeanette   Look, if you don’t want the truth played out in the 11 o’clock news you have Detective Geary bring $50,000 to the alley where he left Michael at 2 o’clock.
Detective Geary   Police officer. You’re gonna have to take this trash another time.
Axe   We collect it now.
Detective Geary   You guys don’t know what you’re doin’.
Jarod   You feeling naked? A little vulnerable? It’s terrifying, isn’t it? Being at someone else’s mercy… completely defenseless… like a little baby tossed in the dumpster in the middle of the night. You threw away an innocent baby. I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since i saw you standing in the alley.
Mitch Meyers   As district attorney, i have worked hard for this city, to repair the faith, the belief in leadership of your elected officials.
Jeanette   Excuse me. Mrs Meyers? Hi. My name is Jeanette Connelly.
Mitch Meyers   ….family values, responsibilities… that’s my…
Jeanette   Your husband and i have been having an affair.
Mitch Meyers   I am a man who believes in commitment. Jan, my wife of 15 years, my two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Lindsey. I know what it takes to build a successful family. It takes honesty,
Jeanette on speaker   You tried to kill me and our son.
Mitch Meyers on speaker   Jeanette, listen to me. I was frightened of what you might do, might say. Everything i have worked for, all the good i have done, it would be going down the drain.
Jeanette   So you tried to kill us?
Mitch Meyers   No, that’s not what i wanted. That’s not who i am. I told Geary to frighten you. That’s all. I didn’t know he was gonna take it as far as murder. You have to believe me.
Jarod   Oh, i almost forgot. Now they’re straight.
 Jarod   Thanks Axe.
Christine   Bye bye to Jarod.
Jarod   Hey, come here.
Christine   Bye Jarod.
Jarod   Thanks, Christine. Hey little man, it was very nice to meet you. I want you to do me a favour. I want you to always listen to your mom. Never, ever forget her. Okay?
Jeanette   There’s my boy. Hi, how’re you doin’? Thank you.
Jarod   Good luck.
Jeanette   Thank you. Say bye-bye, sweetie.
Jarod   Bye.
Sydney   Broots has circumvented the security sensors. We have 10 minutes.
Miss Parker   Let’s just take a closer look at those files and get the hell out of here.
Sydney   It’s all gone.
Miss Parker   Raines.
Sydney   No, if Raines knew we found those files we’d be dead.
Miss Parker   Well, if he didn’t take them, who did?


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