Jarod Wanted

Jul 16, 2013News, The Pretender Lives

Jarod Wanted

Miss Parker,

A Wanted Poster? Seriously? That’s the best the Centre can do?

This is what you’ll be blasting out around the globe and handing out in San Diego? Unless you have something hidden on it I’m too blind to see, it seems very ‘last century’ to me.

And what’s with the artist sketches? LOL! I almost coughed up my rocky road when I saw them. What am I on Planet Henderson?

The game we’re playing isn’t suited for graphic novels. Is it? I mean, I like them occasionally but — I have so much more to say, don’t you?

And why didn’t you use a photograph?

Even though you guys made me design the PRISM system for your buddies in DC – it’s not like I could’ve hidden a worm inside that would block all face rec of me from every CCTV and other surveillance system in the world.

Could I?

Either way Miss P, you may not be able to see me – but I can see you. And just so you know, I’ll be watching your CI team at CCSD. I’ll know exactly where your secrets are hidden inside. I wonder if they or anyone else will be able to find the ones I’ll be scattering around.

Just like me they’ll be hidden in plain sight, but those with insight will be able to see them clearly.

Good luck with the poster – you’ll need it.