Jul 15, 2013News, The Pretender Lives


“Syd, how did Wonderboy get a copy of this?”

“I have no idea, Miss Parker.”

“You should get ‘I have no idea’ tattooed on your forehead – it would save your lips a lot of flapping.”

“Insults aside – I must agree with Jarod’s assessment from yesterday. If these ‘wanted posters’ are what you’ll be blasting out around the globe and handing out at CCSD in an effort to catch the Pretender I think you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

“That’s cause you and your runaway are just looking at them on the surface.”

“I – I don’t understand.”

“You should get that tattooed on your ass.”

“Have it your way, Miss Parker, I’m just trying to help. I am on your side.”

“Are you? Cause I get this sick little feeling in my gut that if I hung you outside the window by your ankles 30 pieces of silver would fall from your pocket.”