Fresh new look for Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces has just had an overhaul with a new look (to match the rest of

Missing Pieces the Pretender Centre

If you don't like this new look you can default it to your favourite via your account settings, or use the dropdown at the bottom of the page to change it to your preference.

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Back Online

We are up and running again, thanks for your patience. It was a server move, due to some previous hosting issues, and hopefully everything is working as it should. If there are any problems, you can let us know at by contacting us here.

Missing Pieces should be fully intact, but the rest of the site is still under construction and will be returning in bits and pieces as the work gets finished.


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Missing Pieces, and the rest of the pretendercentre will be offline for a few days, commencing on the 24th September.


We hope to have Missing Pieces running again in a day or so.

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Site Downtime

We are having some hosting problems and are endeavouring to fix them asap, so if the site is funky for a little while, appreciate your patience, and hopefully we will be operating as usual as soon as possible.

For now the SIM forum is down too, and that hopefully will be back soon, sorry for the hasle

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Miss Parker Quiz

How much do you know about Miss Parker?


Miss Parker Quiz


Take the quiz here:

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Saving Luke is Coming Soon

Saving Luke Coming Soon

Saving Luke, the next novel in the continuing PretenderLives saga will be here soon.

Visit for all the updates and news

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Saving Luke Cover Poll

Saving Luke is almost here...
But we need your help deciding which cover to use!

We need a little help deciding what the Saving Luke cover is going to look like, so we are bringing the choice to you, the Pretender fans! Please head over to and help us out by picking your favorite design and submitting your vote for which among the 5 cover choices you like best!

You can vote once every 24 hours, so make each of your votes count. Once you submit your vote, you can download a picture of your favorite cover choice to share with your friends - and encourage them to vote too!

Voting ends March 5th, so #letsvote!

Thank you,
Steven and Craig


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Vote in the Shorty's

shorty vote

Don't forget to vote in the Shorty Awards for the Pretender cast/crew.

The Shorty Awards are for the best in social media, specifically Twitter users can be nominated in several categories. All The Pretender fans have a unique opportunity to publicly acknowledge The Pretender family, the ones on Twitter anyway by sending a nomination Tweet. Just one Tweet is needed to submit a nomination for any category. Further Tweets will override the previous one.

Feel free to visit the official site for all the details and most importantly the rules:

Here is a sample Tweet (140 characters is the max) you can send to submit your nomination: I nominate @TheAndreaParker for a Shorty Award in #celebrity because she luvs her peeps. For more example Tweets, please visit the Data Annex websites. Visit the official Shorty Awards website for more details.

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Fan Q & A with Mr Broots


The fans had questions

Come see the first batch of fan Q&As with Jon Gries at thePretenderlives

Hope you like them - cause there are lots more to come.

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Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

Typical of Steve not listening! Craig not talking? Surely that cant be right! Brooks hiding!

Yep, just a regular day in the Pretender Universe!

Don't forget the Jonny G chat on 18th Jan in SL-15.

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Xmas Fanfics

It wasn't easy and the competition was tough but there was one fan fiction that captured our hearts and is sure to capture Mr Cox's as well.

And that piece was "A Thousand Wonders" by Airsay. You can read the story here:"A Thousand Wonders"But there's one more surprise. As a small thank you and in lieu of the stuffed Aardvark Trophy Mr. Cox was pushing for, Airsay will receive a personalized autographed copy of Rebirth as a prize we apologize for this last minute switch.

Thank you to all who submitted their Christmas stories.

3 Door or How I Managed To Write The Stupidest Christmas Story EverbyJoel Gomes

A Reason To CelebratebySimTec

A Long-expected, Unexpected PartybyTintinrulz

A thousand wondersbyAirsay

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Miss ParkerbyDanielle SmileyFace


Parker the Red-Nosed Reindeerbymissparker87

The ExchangebyMarieL

The GiftbyMirage

Steve and Craig

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Christmas Fanfic Challenge




Calling all Grinches, Santas, and Tiny Tims! The Centre is launching an initiative to introduce the trappings of the holiday season to our latest group of telekinetic twins. We all remember happened last year when they got irritated so to avoid that ash filled fate, we are asking every one of you crazy elves to all join together to make the double dozen feel right at home this holiday season. What cools their jets the most (and we do mean jets) are the tales they are read by Mr. Cox at story time.

But we need more! So get those creative juices flowing and submit an original holiday-themed fan fiction to Missing Pieces. Ive arranged for the PTB's to evaluate, debate, and disseminate the winning submission(s) on Mr. Cox has his hands full with the taxidermy needs associated with last year's subjects, so entries are limited to 1000 words, due on December 15 before the annual holiday gathering at the Centre South Tower Executive Club. Best of luck to you all and to all a good night.

Miss E


ps don't foreget to select the Christmas Challenge Category

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Alex Wexo Interview

As promised, here's the new interview that Mr. Alex Wexo, aka young Sydney, was kind enough to give us, especially for all the Pretender Fans.

You can read it hereand it will be archived on FB too for posterity.#thepretenderlives#thankyouAlexWexo

Alex Wexo

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Secrets Revealed

According the the latest CI newsletter there are #hiddensecrets & #EasterEggs lurking in thePretenderLives, although knowing the PTB's, there is no reason to suspect these secrets will be easily revealed, or where they might show up! If you aren't a member of the Centre Universe, then do yourself a favour and sign up so you can access .... whatever this may be.

Sign in at thePretenderLives.

remember that subscribing to the CI newsletter is not the same as being a Centre Universe member)

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Mission Rebirth


To mobilize the PretenderArmy to get the Pretender Rebirth book 1 into the best seller list by everyone buying it at the same time. October 7th,

Spread the word everywhere! We want more Pretender and this is one of the best ways we can help make sure that happens.

Fantasitic Rebirth Video by beny_boi

check out his other videos here

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More Big News!

During and after tomorrows live announcement which will be at - there will be a chat room set up so that anyone can ask us a question about what we are saying.

The chat room will be in SL-15.

If you have forgotten how to descend to this special communications sub-level we will post directions of exactly how to get down there we will email you directions 5 minutes before the 1PM announcement (PST).

Dont forget Mr. Parkers rule what happens in SL-15, whats said in SL-15, stays in SL-15!

See you there.

Steve and Craig

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On Thursday, September 19th at 1 pm PST we will be holding a live streaming interview with Jenna Busch to announce something we have been waiting to say for YEARS.

The invitation to the live announcement is:

You have to sign up for a g-mail accnt but please do it for us we will be doing many more live announcements and chats in the future and want to be able to interact face to face with the fans and take and answer your questions live!

Cant wait to share the news and talk all about it!

BTW: if you need a clock to figure the time in your part of the world? Go to:

See you there.

Steve and Craig

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Rebirth Cover Poll


Help the PTB's choose the cover of the new novel "Rebirth" - Vote for the cover at the Rebirth Cover Poll

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PTB's need our help!

Tomorrow just BEFORE 1 PM Pacific Standard Time - Los Angeles time - we will send the CI's a link of where to go and what to do to help us make a huge decision.

The CI's get the secrets first - and tomorrow they get a chance to act on them before anyone else as well.


Steve and Craig

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A smut cookie writing challenge for all you Pretender fanfic writers, to celebrate the wonderful news of the rebirth!

The challenge is to write a Smut Cookie pretender fic for SLM!

You can respond to the challenge here

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Pretendercentre Exclusive

Craig Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell, bless them, have offered an exclusive to the members of the Pretendercentre!

If you have any questions you would like to submit, or any comments you want considered, there is a discussion here - See more at: Pretendercentre Exclusive

This is very exciting, so head on over an submit your questions/thoughts.

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A Thank You to SLM & CVS

I am very pleased to have received this request on Facebook, and am posting it here too for those who don't social network, and would like to be involved.

Here are the details: It has been really great getting to interact with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. within the Pretender FANmily. I think we all know that were so lucky to have such awesome creators/writers/producers in Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle I dont know of any other production with a team that answers our questions, tweets us fun quotes (the Mr. Wiggles leopard print underwear thread, anyone??), and sends us hints and teasers for the upcoming Pretender reboot.

There is a 'sub level' project going on...

For information:


Twitter DM: @VirginiaBelle10

Please pass this along to the other Pretender fans and send your submissionthe more we have, the better it will be! Thanks so much!! And bee shhh... keep it in the sublevels.

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Pretedner Rebirth Updates

With everything going now with the 'rebirth', we have added some new sections to the PretenderCentre, centralising all the news and updates together for easy reference as they come out.

For those who are not easily able to navigate the social networs (myself included), this should be an nice pain free way for you to keep up to date and not miss out on any of the announcements or art!

General news and announcements can be found in the News section.

New Characters, plot lines and all 'leaks' to Centre C.I.s can be found in the Rebirth News Section.

Enjoy, and let me know if anything is missing!

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Pretender Announcment

For anybody that missed it, the announcement is out about the new formats for the Pretender. All the news and updates can be found in our shiny new news section in the main menu at the top.

For those who find the social networks just too exhausting and or confusing to follow, or like myself more than a little intimidating, we will be posting all the news and information here as it breaks and should be much easier to follow. Just follow the link!


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Pretender Reborn

There is a huge buzz in the fandom now, all the Pretender fans have come out and our long wait for some answers may finally be over. In a recent interview with the creators, Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, there was an exciting announcement that the Pretender will be 'reborn'.

Like all things related to the Centre, they were pretty thin on actual information, just lots of hints to whet the apetite.

The transcript of the interview can be read here.

This is such incredible news!!!!!!!!

There is also a twitter party to celcebrate the reveal on July 19, 2013 at 2pm-6pm PDT


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