How to Register and Post your stories

First you must register. To do this go to the Login area and click the Register link just underneath it. Enter your details and hit submit. You are now registered!!!

To Post your story (I know it seems like a long set of instructions, but really it isn't that bad, I promise.)

  1. Make sure your are logged in (if not a member already, register, see above).
  2. Go to Account Info
  3. Go to Add New Story or Add New Series
  4. Enter your title
  5. Leave co-authors blank if there are none or select from the dropdown
  6. Enter your summary (this is a mandatory field so you have to put something here) and this is what will be seen under your title and on the front page too for recent etc
  7. You can enter or leave blank the story notes area
  8. Pick your category and a list of subcategories automatically comes up under it and you pick which ones there. Press the > button and you will see it come up in the window to the right of it. If you want more than one, repeat that process and you will see your selection growing.
  9. Characters. You can select more than one character by holding down the ctrl button when selecting. Select as many as you want, although if it is all the charcaters, rather than select them all individually, just pick the "All the characters" instead.
  10. Genre. You can select more than one genre by holding down the ctrl button when selecting.
  11. Warnings. Please add appropriate warnings if necessary, if none are needed, then just leave it blank
  12. Ratings. It must be rated appropriately or the site (ie me) can get into a lot of trouble if anyone complains. You cannot submit your story without choosing a rating.
  13. If it is complete, check the complete box, leave empty if not. Later, you can check that after all your chapters have been submitted and the story is complete.
  14. If it is part of a round robin, check that, otherwise leave blank.
  15. You can add a title to your chapter or leave it as the default (chapter 1, chapter 2 etc)
  16. You can add chapter notes (story notes show up on the story index, chapter notes will only display on that one chapter) or you can leave blank.
  17. FINALLY were are at the story part. Paste your story in here (or if you have a .txt file NOT a word document, you can use the upload option instead)
  18. End notes if you want any.
  19. Use preview to check it out and then make any changes
  20. When you are happy, press add story and you are done!!!

Now the world can see your story!

Just a side note, pasting from Word can be a bit tricky and it messes with the formatting, so you may get some unexpected results: like too much spacing between lines, or no spacing at all. If you have big hassles, let me know and either we can help, or if it all just becomes too much, we can post it for you. (Word is not very net friendly unfortunately).


For help on inserting an image go here Insert Image

Updating a chapter will be coming soon.