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What is your favourite season/movie of the Pretender?

Season 1
Season 1 20%
Season 2
Season 2 35%
Season 3
Season 3 20%
Season 4
Season 4 0%
the Pretender 2001
the Pretender 2001 10%
IOTH 15%


Well, this is your family. We, uh, we have no secrets.

End Game : Mr Parker

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No Place Like Home by Asta Spumanti PG
Miss Parker finds Jarod, but who helps who?

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Heads up guys, there are hackers among us!

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05-07-18 0:51
So very sad to hear about Pamela Gidley. We all loved to hate Brigitte.

02-28-18 5:29
So good to see a handful of stories posted. It's like old times. A warm welcome back to Mirage. Nice site update too. Everything looks nice.

02-14-18 0:27
Beochaoineadh Mirage!

11-24-17 12:45
great new look! nice to see everything is back :) (with some new and updated stories as well!

06-22-17 13:16
Have also resurrected the shout box which has been gone for a long time :)

06-22-17 13:09
New look for Missing Pieces to match the new look tpc. Hope you enjoy.

05-10-11 14:31
I just love that this site is still being updated!

05-10-11 14:04
Big shout out to Jacci for the amazing new look for the site. Great new features as well! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Lovely!

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Welcome to Missing Pieces, the home of the largest collection of The Pretender fanfiction in the world. So read stories, post your stories, give reviews, and have fun!

If you would like to make a suggestion for future featured fics, please fill in the form here Featured Request.

Recently Added & Updated

A Hero's Heart by Mirage PG 13
When Jarod and his clone are presumed dead and further cloning attempts prove futile, Raines is determined to find another way. He finds it in Dry River, Arizona.  
Oblivion by Mirage PG 13
A past transgression jeopardizes Sydney's life.
Darkness Falling by Mirage NC 18
Jarod is implicated in a spate of homicides. 
Unexpected Changes by Serenaspacey PG 13
Summary: Repeating the past, Lyle has impregnated Miss Parker in a similar fashion as their mother, with Jarod's children.  The scrolls are coming true, and the chosen boy 'Jarod' isn't what everyone wants now.  It's the Angel carrying angels. And they'll send out the devil to get her back. Notes:...
Powerful Forces by VictoriaAC R
Post IOTH.  This picks up where the movie left off, about two months later.  I know we all wanted answers, so I made them up the best I can.  I resurrected a character because I need him.  I hope you understand.  Your ideas or suggestions are more than welcome. (and have been...
Mindtrap by MMB R
Sydney wakes up with a hangover - and caught in a nightmare.
The Eighth by missparker87 PG
Ten years after Carthis, MP & J live in hiding with their family. The Centre still exists, but Lyle is no longer threatening their freedom. But one day a silent enemy coming from their past suddenly appears. Parker and Jarod are forced to remember what happened ten years before, when everything...

Missing Pieces News

Fresh new look for Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces has just had an overhaul with a new look (to match the rest of www.pretendercentre.com).

Missing Pieces the Pretender Centre

If you don't like this new look you can default it to your favourite via your account settings, or use the dropdown at the bottom of the page to change it to your preference.

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Back Online

We are up and running again, thanks for your patience. It was a server move, due to some previous hosting issues, and hopefully everything is working as it should. If there are any problems, you can let us know at by contacting us here.

Missing Pieces should be fully intact, but the rest of the site is still under construction and will be returning in bits and pieces as the work gets finished.


--jacci on 26/09/15 11:51 pm 5 Comments--


Missing Pieces, and the rest of the pretendercentre will be offline for a few days, commencing on the 24th September.


We hope to have Missing Pieces running again in a day or so.

--jacci on 25/09/15 04:26 am 0 Comments--

Transcendence by Mirage NC 18
A crime scene, a chance meeting, two people transcending the lives that have been chosen for them. Jarod POV. S.M.U.T.  
Welcome to Never Never Land by Parker4131970 PG 13
A mystery e-mail leads Jarod to a piece of his and his father's past. 
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