EFIC 3.0 Coming Soon!!!
 Efic 3.0 coming this way soon. The most notable change will be the inclusion of co-authors as well as better functionality overall. There is a test site if you would like to go have a look, although the skin is only half complete . It can be found here: Missing Test Pieces

--Jacci on 25/12/06 01:29 am 18 Comments--

We are proud to be able to introduce colour to Missing Pieces Finally.
Instructions on how to code the color can be found here.
--Jacci on 30/09/06 05:10 am 18 Comments--

Anybody want to play?
There is Pretender RPG writing games going on at the Pretendercentre SIM. We are looking for writers interested in taking on some characters. All stories will be posted on Missing Pieces in a special RPG section.
It can be serious or fun, whatever takes your fancy. We have two going already, one open for more players to join, or you can start your own. Come on over and check it out.

--Jacci on 25/09/06 02:04 pm 18 Comments--

Server Crash
We've had a server crash about two days ago and the site was reset to the last archieved version of teh databank. We lost several stories and reviews in the process.

Jacci tried finding them and the reviews in the heap of data but it seems they are lost.

If any of you is missing a story you posted, please post it again or send it to and we'll post it for you.

We are very sorry for this and hope this won't happen again

--icd on 24/09/06 05:51 pm 19 Comments--

2000 stories!!!
Congrats to Missing Pieces, 2000 stories loaded to coincide with the 10th anniversary.
--Jacci on 20/09/06 07:08 am 1 Comments--

Together with the upgrade (see post below), the missing pieces team has come up with a couple of challenges.

As you might know, Sept. 19th is the 10year anniversary of Pretender and we want to celebrate that date with the challenges.

So get a look at the them. Let them inspire you to write and more importantly: have fun!

Find the challenges here

--icd on 01/09/06 06:06 am 18 Comments--

The Missing Pieces Team is proud to announce an upgrade in the eFiction version has been made.

We had planned on doing this half a year ago, but it got postponed several times. Now it is working!

There might be errors or problems we haven't found yet. If you encounter those, please report them here

If you want to know what's behind the version, what new features are there, check eFiction

--icd on 01/09/06 05:48 am 20 Comments--

Pretender Gallery
Pretender Centre Gallery is now up where we are inviting all Missing Pieces members to submit their artwork.
--Jacci on 28/07/06 08:55 am 20 Comments--

Review email error
Some of you might have noticed that when you got an email with a link back to a new review the link didn't work, instead took you to a non-functional version of the site. This is now corrected. If you're still having problems after today please let us know.
--Blade Mistress on 27/04/06 01:45 am 19 Comments--

Registered in March
Anybody who registered in March or early April may find they need to register again. If you try to logon and find you don't have an account, just register again and it should all be fine from now on. thanks

sorry for any inconvenience

--Jacci on 08/04/06 04:21 am 18 Comments--

Bug reports
If you notice anything wrong or missing, chapters or anything like that, please report them here and we will fix them promplty Bug reports and missing stuff
--Jacci on 05/04/06 06:50 am 17 Comments--

Due to troubles with new server, Missing Pieces is lodging at the PretenderCentre for a little while. We are open for business and operating as normal, so please note the new address

and happy reading and posting
--Jacci on 05/04/06 05:30 am 20 Comments--

Submissions on hiatus for 2 weeks
Due to a move in servers to one more script friendly we're closed for the next two weeks to submissions. We appologise for any problems this may cause, but running will be smoother in the future.
(Maybe it coudl be taken as a chance to check old stories ^__-)

--Cassandra on 06/03/06 06:59 am 18 Comments--

Lost authors
Group 1 of the 'lost authors' have been posted. The list of names of group 2 have been sent out to the yahoo groups and should begin to be posted soon. The complete list is on the Wanted page, and any information would be appreciated.

The Help page has finally been completed. If your query is not there, then feel free to use the contact instructions and ask.

In other news Missing Pieces is pleased to announce that we have more Pretender stories hosted than, officially making us the largest Pretender Fanfiction collection on the internet. A huge pat on the back belongs to the team. Without them we never would have got off the ground, thanks guys.

--Blade Mistress on 28/07/05 05:22 am 1 Comments--

The Archive
Welcome to Missing Pieces, a place dedicated to Pretender fanfiction. Feel free to surf around and read your favorite stories.

Our database contains the majority of the old archive but we - of course - also accept current fanfiction. All you need to do is register if you want to submit. Story submissions are free for all.

If you have any missing pieces all you need to do is look for it! Good luck for the hunt! :D


--Zsazsa on 18/04/05 08:28 pm 15 Comments--