The Pretendercentre is underging some major changes with a new look, so please bear with us as we make the changes. Navigation should be easier and there is more content coming.

If anybody has any ideas on how to improve the site, or if they have art they would like to donate, please let us know.


--jacci on 27/06/13 07:24 am 18 Comments--

New Look

Hi pretender fans, just unveiled and new look for Missing Pieces, it is quite different from what you are used to. It is called BehindBlueEyes and is the first in a series of 'character featured' skins. This new skin also has a new feature on called "Tracked Stories" This enables logged in members to 'track' a story, and it is the closest thing we have to bookmarking at the moment. (I will be coding the new feature into all skins in the near future) Also, for those who have had some tinymce problems, hopefully they should be fixed now.


Also, just added a reworked version of the PretenderCentre skin you are more familiar with, designed with the new features as well as for widerscreens. Hope you like it. Remember you can set your default skin in your Account Info/Edit Preferences to whatever skin you prefer.


I hope you all enjoy the fresh new look and the new feature. Let us know if there are any problems.


We have also added a featured pretender fan video for you all to enjoy.

--jacci on 10/05/11 03:10 pm 20 Comments--

Video Trailers
Would authors be interested in adding videos to their stories, like little trailers? Comment using the comment link below to let us know if we should set this option up
--jacci on 04/05/11 11:49 am 3 Comments--

Episode Transcripts

The episode transcripts have been completed. This has been a long term project and we have finally finished it. All four seasons and the two movie transcripts can be found here.

The transcripts are a great tool for writers to check facts and details and we hope that prove useful for you.

A huge thank you to those who worked do hard on this project, it never would have been finished without you.

--Jacci on 13/12/10 01:42 am 20 Comments--

Episode Discussions
Over at PretenderSIM forum, we've started a series of discussions on each Pretender episode. We'll be discussing three episodes each week through the entire series. If you've been wishing for some good, in-depth discussion of your favorite episodes, themes, or characters, this is the place to come!

If you would like to host the discussion of an episode, head over to "Broots' Ramblings" and look under the discussion called "Let's start some episode discussions." If you want to take part in the discussions or simply read them, go to the new section of PretenderSIM called "Sydney's Lab." They'll show up there by season and by episode. Come join the discussions!

--Haiza Tyri on 07/12/09 12:00 am 2 Comments--


The PretenderCentre is proud and excited to announce we are now hosting PretenderVids. These can be found at the SIM forum, although you do not have to be a member of the forum to view them. If you want to add your own vids or links to vids from youtube, then you will need to join. If you want to comment and review/discuss the vids, you will also need to be a member.

With youtube yanking pretendervids all of the time now, we hope to offer a safe haven for video makers to store their vids so that pretender fans can continue to enjoy them.

If you have andy vids or links to vids and want them in the SIM, please either contact us, join the forum, or let us know by responding to this news item by hitting the comments text just underneath. 

--jacci on 22/06/09 03:51 am 3 Comments--

Geocities Closure

Geocities has announced it is closing down later this year. This will mean a number of Pretender websites will be lost. If anybody has a Pretender website and would like to move it to the PretenderCentre, we offer free hosting here, with no ads or annoying banners and complete creative control. Coding help, or help moving the sites will be offered if needed. But the site content (as long as it is Pretender related) will not be interfered with or censured in any way.

If anybody would like to move their site to free hosting on, please either reply to this news item or use the Contact Us link on the menu.

All Pretender sites welcome! 

--jacci on 30/04/09 09:15 am 20 Comments--

Missing Pieces Awards
Hey all,

I have been thinking and I remember one of the other sites doing this and how huge it was and thought it might be a good idea for MP to offer awards. Before we start doing it, I just want to see how many people are interested in it. 

The awards would be for, Most popular story, Best Jarod/Parker story, Best AU... etc not to sure the categories just yet but I think you all get the idea.

I am hoping if this goes ahead, it will not only encourage people to read and review (and vote) but also to write their own stories and post them.

As we are not sure if we should do it yet or not, the rules have not been created yet. However it would be restricted to stories on Missing Pieces only and i would suspect limited votes such as one vote per story per day or something along those lines so that we don't have one person voting for their story 100 times in an hour. 

Please let us know if you are intersted and if so if you have any suggestions.
--Onisius on 05/02/09 02:14 am 4 Comments--

Pretender Fan Vids
The Pretender Centre has become a beacon for "Pretender" fans around the world. Despite all the amazing things to do and experience on the site (a huge archive of fics, hundreds of pieces of art, pictures, a forum, etc) I think there's something missing . . .
*~* VIDEOS *~*
If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time on youtube procrastinating. Many an hour has flown away searching for fan-made "Pretender" vids. Wouldn't it be great to have a sort of one-stop-shop for fan vids on I think so! Well the site has the space, all it needs are the vid-makers to come forward. There are so many great vids out there, it would be wonderful to see them up on the most popular "Pretender" fansite on the web!
Any takers??
Hope to see those vids soon!

--NoobianRose on 03/02/09 12:35 am 2 Comments--

New Skin
We have TWO new shiny skins for everyone to use. Each will be defaulted for a fortnight each (two weeks) for the month of December. They are both Christmas skin to celebrate the holiday season. Even though they will be defaulted and be what you will see when you first open the site, you can go into account infomation and change it to any skin you wish to use.

Just another note, the Christmas snow skin will not fit all screens and may look a little funny, sorry about that guys! The other is Old Christmas should fit all scren sizes however. I do hope you like them however and choose to use them during this month.

The skins are mainly designed by me (onisius) in respect to pictures banners, colour schemes, however most of, if not all of, the credit to our lovely EDict Jacci. these skins were hard to work with and she pulled it off getting everything in and fixed as well as a new shiny, the countdown feature at the top of the page. Huge yay to her!!
--Onisius on 01/12/08 10:51 am 1 Comments--


The Pretender came in a very reasonable 8th in the second tier of the poll. A number Jarod would certianly appreciate and no small achievement considering our late arrival in the poll and the fact that despite we have a small fandom, we managed to climb over 2000 spots in a very limited time. Well done to the Pretender!!!

--onisius on 20/07/08 09:03 am 4 Comments--

Fallen Angel

I know, YET another new skin. This one is a white background, with black text, quite simplistic and easy on the eyes, especially for those who do not like the darker backgrounds (which we seem to be overly fond of here.) Hope you like it, it is called Fallen Angel, and can be found in the skin dropdown at the bottom of the page.

--jacci on 01/05/08 06:13 pm 17 Comments--

Server move

Due to a string of troubles this year, Missing Pieces (and the whole of the PretenderCentre) has moved servers. The old host was having a huge amount of difficulty and we hope this new one works out a bit better.

There should hopefully be a significantly less amount of downtime and problems now 

--jacci on 13/04/08 11:53 am 19 Comments--

New Look

Yet another new skin for Missing Pieces, and the whole of the PretenderCentre. It is "Centre=themed grey". All the old skins are still there if you prefer another.

The PretenderCentre has had a complete overhaul and a new feature has been added, a PretenderPedia, which functions similar to wikipedia, and can be found at We would like to invite members to join and help build this up into a definitive Pretender resource.

Hope you like the new skin and the new PretenderPedia.

--jacci on 01/04/08 07:07 am 1 Comments--

Thank you TINA!!!

Thanks to the donation by Tina, the PretenderCentre site will be funded for two months. In acknowledgment of her contribution, Missing Pieces will be dedicated to her to show our appreciation.

Anyone else who would like to make a donation, please press the link at the bottom of the page and just let me know.

 Thanks again tina!! 

--onisius on 09/03/08 05:27 am 4 Comments--

New Help Section For Writing

A new discussion forum has been set up at the PretenderSIM and can be found here.

It is a forum for writing, where grammar, characterisation, word processing tips and troubleshooting, when to use a comma, etc etc etc. Anything at all can be discussed that might be useful in writing. Ask your own questions, or just read the questions and comments others have written.

--Jacci on 03/03/08 06:29 pm 19 Comments--

New soft Skin
We have a new skin on Missing Pieces, it's title is Beauty and can be found in the drop down menu for Skin changes. It is a soft, pink and brown, floral skin that is vastly different to the high impact and bold skins currently available for members to use. I do hope everyone likes and enjoys it, it will be defaulted for a month, but you can still select your own skins via your profile.
Thanks, onisius (kye) 

--Onisius on 01/03/08 06:15 am 4 Comments--

Yet More Troubles

Had a huge crash sitewide yesterday. All data is intact by the looks of things and have site up and running agian. Having some problems with skins though, some are just gone, some are not really working. Hopefully should have them all fixed so, in the mean time please bear with us as we work to get them done. There is a new (temporary default) until i can get the rest of them working again.

If your favourite skin is missing, please be a little patient, it will be back soon.


--Jacci on 30/01/08 10:29 am 4 Comments--

Shiny new black and white skin

A new rotating skin has been loaded for your refreshing pleasure. A black and white skin, Jarod and Lyle centric, entitled Nemesis.


If you wish to change to another skin, go to Account Info and  Edit Preferences to change your default skin to whichever you wish.

--Thunderchild on 28/01/08 07:13 am 3 Comments--

new skin

Hey everyone,

We're proud to announce we have a new skin for you. It's called *shades* and can be chosen the usual way by using the drop-down.

We're still tinkering with some features but that should be sorted too. If you find any hitches please do not hesitate to tell us.

Hopefully you like the new skin

--icd on 01/12/07 03:42 am 2 Comments--

Server disaster

The server upgrade for Saturday seems to have done more damage than I have thought. It shut down the Pretendercentre nearly all day, but now it would appear that it has eaten the reveiws table as well.

Reviews have been restored and MP seems to be functioning once again properly. If you lost a review, we apologise, unfortunately however it is gone for good.

Sorry for the hassle.

--Jacci on 09/10/07 09:47 am 4 Comments--

another set of banners

Hey everyone,

and yet again, there's another new set of banners. This time there are three additions.

Go ahead and look for: Cox, Sam and an SL-27 banner

Enjoy the refreshing-game. 

--icd on 12/09/07 09:00 am 4 Comments--

another new banner

As of now, we have a new banner (Willie) in the pretender_rotate.

On top of that, I fiddled with the Jarod-banner there, because it struck us PTB's as a bit boring. 

Hope everyone likes 

Happy refreshing once more. 

--icd on 04/09/07 07:26 am 6 Comments--

new banners

Hey everyone,


just a short note to tell you that there are two new banners up in the 'rotating banner'.

So watch out for Thomas and the clone now... happy refreshing :) 

--icd on 12/08/07 06:21 am 3 Comments--

New Help Link

Have added a new HELP link at the top of the page, in between Skin Credits and Contact us.
This is a list of instrcutions on how to register and post your first story for anybody having difficulties. Hopefully this will guide you through the process until you are used to it.
If there are any suggestions on how this instruction guide could be improved, please comment on this news item. 

--Jacci on 27/07/07 08:49 pm 18 Comments--