Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces is a fanfiction archive dedicated to hosting The Pretender fanfiction.

With over 500 members who have written more than 2000 stories and left over 3000 reviews, Missing Pieces is incredibly proud to be the largest The Pretenderfanfiction archive in the world. Missing Pieces hosts all kinds of The Pretender fanficiton, including non-English stories.

If you would like your The Pretender fanfiction hosted, simply register at Missing Pieces. Once registered, you are free to upload your own stories. If you have any difficulty, you can contact the Administrators (PTB, as we like to call them) for assistance at pretendercentre@gmail.com and they can help you with the process. Or, if you prefer, the PTB (Administrators) will create an account for you under your penname and maintain it for you until it is requested to be released to your control.

For those who just want to enjoy the stories, you can read and review without having to register.

Missing Pieces was originally developed to archive the stories hosted at the pretender.de archive, so that they would not be lost forever when the site was closed. Despite our best efforts, and three years of trying we have not been able to contact some authors. If you know of any missing pieces, please contact the PTB with your lost story or author.

Go here for more information on our “Wanted list”: Missing Pieces Wanted. The “Wanted” link is located at the bottom of every page in Missing Pieces.

If you have any questions, please contact the PTB directly via the PTB email: pretendercentre@gmail.com, or you can use the Contact Us form in Missing Pieces which can be found here, or join the discussion forums at the PretenderSIM.

To contact the Missing Pieces team, use the address: pretendercentre@gmail.com

Missing Pieces and the PretenderCentre are proud to remain free of advertising and annoying popups.

Enjoy the stories and remember:

Don’t stop searching for those missing pieces; if you do, you’ll never find what you’re looking for.

Jarod, Wake Up


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