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"Walk Away"
by AtlantianDream




What is your favourite season/movie of the Pretender?

Season 1
Season 1 20%
Season 2
Season 2 33%
Season 3
Season 3 20%
Season 4
Season 4 0%
the Pretender 2001
the Pretender 2001 6%
IOTH 20%

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I thought the dinner party from hell would never end!
Well I thought that tonight went prettywell.
Nobody died.

Pool : Miss Parker & Thomas

Life remains by Dara PG 13
A sequel to Remains of Life

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Welcome to Missing Pieces, the home of the largest collection of The Pretender fanfiction in the world. So read stories, post your stories, give reviews, and have fun! A forum for discussing fics found here, writing, writing games and anything Pretender can be found at the SIM.

If you would like to make a suggestion for future featured fics, please fill in the form here Featured Request.

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For now the SIM forum is down too, and that hopefully will be back soon, sorry for the hasle

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How much do you know about Miss Parker?


Miss Parker Quiz


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Saving Luke is Coming Soon

Saving Luke Coming Soon

Saving Luke, the next novel in the continuing PretenderLives saga will be here soon. 


Visit for all the updates and news


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Recently Added

Reconstruction by MarieL R
Jarod's family races to free him after he's recaptured by the Centre, while Gemini experiences freedom for the first time. First chapter is the history of Emily, from her POV.
Darkness Falling by Mirage PG 13
Jarod is implicated in a spate of homicides. 
A Hero's Heart by Mirage PG 13
Jarod and his clone have been presumed dead, all other cloning efforts have failed. Raines will stop at nothing to find another way; he finds it in Dry River, Arizona. (Redrock Jarod spoilers)  
The Eighth by missparker87 PG
Ten years after Carthis, MP & J live in hiding with their family. The Centre still exists, but Lyle is no longer threatening their freedom. But one day a silent enemy coming from their past suddenly appears. Parker and Jarod are forced to remember what happened ten years before, when everything...
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (Who will guard the guards?) by Mirage R
Retribution goes awry when Jarod inadvertently kills a man. (Title in Latin, Story in English) Note: this has been bumped up to R due to P/J abduction/violence.
The Answers You're Looking For by indy500girl PG 13
Finally, all the answers they'd been looking for...
Green Grass by shaack PG
Young Miss Parker visits her friend Jarod at the Centre and gets him into trouble.
At What Price? by Uncle Jarod PG 13
What price will someone pay for what they want?
Ever After by Mirage G
At last!

The PretenderCentre Recommends
Transcendence by Mirage NC 18
A crime scene, a chance meeting, two people transcending the lives that have been chosen for them. Jarod POV. S.M.U.T.  
Welcome to Never Never Land by Parker4131970 PG 13
A mystery e-mail leads Jarod to a piece of his and his father's past. 
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