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What is your favourite season/movie of the Pretender?

Season 1
Season 1 11%
Season 2
Season 2 22%
Season 3
Season 3 33%
Season 4
Season 4 0%
the Pretender 2001
the Pretender 2001 11%
IOTH 22%


Behind the Scenes: Pretender 2001


I'm fine Daddy.

Bank: Miss Parker & Mr Parker

Mčre et Fille by Miss Nathou Love G
Un moment d'intimité entre une mère et son bébé.

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Welcome to Missing Pieces, the home of the largest collection of The Pretender fanfiction in the world. So read stories, post your stories, give reviews, and have fun! A forum for discussing fics found here, writing, writing games and anything Pretender can be found at the SIM.

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Saving Luke is Coming Soon

Saving Luke Coming Soon

Saving Luke, the next novel in the continuing PretenderLives saga will be here soon. 


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Saving Luke is almost here...
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We need a little help deciding what the Saving Luke cover is going to look like, so we are bringing the choice to you, the Pretender fans! Please head over to and help us out by picking your favorite design and submitting your vote for which among the 5 cover choices you like best!

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Voting ends March 5th, so #letsvote!

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Recently Added

Atone by Mirage PG
Full circle- with a twist
The Eighth by missparker87 PG
Ten years after Carthis, MP & J live in hiding with their family. The Centre still exists, but Lyle is no longer threatening their freedom. But one day a silent enemy coming from their past suddenly appears. Parker and Jarod are forced to remember what happened ten years before, when everything...
Im grünen Gras by shaack PG 13
Pre-Rebirth: Young Miss Parker visits her friend Jarod at the center and gets him into some trouble. (-written in german)
A Hero's Heart by Mirage PG 13
Jarod and his clone have been presumed dead, all other cloning efforts have failed. Raines will stop at nothing to find another way; he finds it in Dry River, Arizona. (Redrock Jarod spoilers)  
S.I.M. by SimTec G
This is an OPEN SOURCE story pilot. Goto the GIFT in project forums under thetopic "BRINGING BACK THE PRETENDER TV SHOW AND WAYS IT COULD POSSIBLY BE DONE?" to get up to speed with what is going on. The most common questions that are asked about our favorite show is: 1. Willit ever return? 2. If so...
Circles of Hell by Mirage NC 18
Twelve years after Carthis, the death of a dear friend reunites predator and prey. *If adultery bothers you, click elsewhere or prepare to be bothered.
The Prisoner by MarieL PG 13
Sydney is assigned to the Gemini project six months before the events in "Donoterase." Although this story fits in the timeline of the Wallace family AU, it functions as a stand-alone. Familiarity with the other stories is not required. *Chapter 4 added, story DONE
Penumbra (TEASER) by SimTec PG 13
Jarod is currently still held captive at "The Centre" on Penumbra.With the news that Khoal's (Lyle) killing escaped "Pretenders,"he begins plans for taking down the organization once and for all.(This is a Star Trek-Next Gen/Pretender CROSSOVER EPISODE.)
The Returned by 24 PG
The news on the TV had been showing people that have returned from the dead, but for three people at the Centre never thought that they would see the one's they loved back again.

The PretenderCentre Recommends
I'll Be Seeing You by Melanie Anne PG
No one ever really dies at the Centre. Someone from Jarod's past is back, and knows exactly how to hurt him. Post-IOTH. Character death.
Ad Infinitum by Mareen PG
Jarod gets killed...and gets killed...and gets killed...and gets killed yet again...
Long Way Home by Perri Smith PG
'Long Way Home' came to me one night as I was driving to a friend's house in the rain, listening to Sarah McLachlan. It's an interesting experience, to have a story come full-blown into your head, complete with a strange woman telling you how and why. Sarah and her children lucked out finding Jarod just...
A Prayer by M PG 13
Free Falling by slowly R
Miss Parker is forced to rely on Jarod for help when she is hurt fleeing Centre Sweepers.
Flight of Memory by MP PG 13
What if the Centre had the power to take it all away?  Jarod is captured and they try to ensure that he will never escape again.
The Centre's Doghouse by Tinanaz PG 13
Raines and Willie capture Jarod.  Horrible things follow.  You'll have to read it to find out more.
The Human Condition by nightowl PG 13
Donoterase never happened the way you thought it did.
Ennui by _jk_ M
Jarod is suffering from Ennui and during a momentary lapse of concentration is caught by the Centre, who now have their sights set on reclaiming Gemini...
The Remainder by chopsticks PG 13
He's passed out on his desk by eight thirty. Another successful day. Crossover with House MD. Lyle/Cuddy, Lyle/Parker, Jarod/Parker (briefly).
Nemesis by Mirage NC 18
In 2002, the corporation known as the Centre was infiltrated by various law enforcement agencies that acted in a synchronized global effort to eradicate the organization. And then one day, Jarod's huntress ran away.
Joseph and Gideon by Haiza Tyri PG
Jarod meets a wise ex-FBI agent who helps him through a difficult time. Post IOTH and crossover with "Criminal Minds."
The Pretender: Rebirth Bk 1 by SLM CWVS PG 13
In 1996 a television series known as The Pretender splashed onto the scene as NBC’s highest testing series concept since Bonanza. For some 12 years since its premature cancellation, legions of worldwide fans have patiently awaited for its return. Now, in the form of a fully original, mystery...
A thousand wonders by Airsay G
A little bed time story for the twins
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