The Rebirth of Rebirth

Apr 29, 2014News, The Pretender Lives

Heartfelt thanks to all the fans who made The Pretender: Rebirth such a rewarding experience for us as our first step into the revival of the Pretender.

We’re especially indebted to the keen readers who were kind enough to share improvements and suggestions for the text of the book.

We listened. Your feedback inspired us to go forth with a second edition of Rebirth so that the story of the Pretender can be everything we’d always intended it to be, and as great as you deserve.

We’re proud to announce that there is now a revised edition – The Pretender: Rebirth, Second Edition. While there are no changes to the story in this new edition, it does include a treat: Michael T. Weiss has graciously written us a special forward. His thoughts and insights about Jarod are as incredible as the experience of working with him over the series’ five-year span.

Thank you, Michael, you are the best. And so are all of you with whom we are proud to be sharing this ride.

Steve and Craig

PS- We are so grateful for this blog review of Rebirth.

We love to receive feedback, and would be thrilled to know what you think of the new Pretender novels. Many thanks to the author of “Read All the Books!”