SL-15 Inaugural Chat – The Big Announcement pt 2

Sep 20, 2013News, The Pretender Lives

Part 1 can be found here

Vicky @Christina: no, remember in Bloodlines, he actually only was able to say that it was either Angelo or Lyle. Without doing the actual blood work, he couldn’t  say more.
Tzigone “labs” not “lags” – sorry
SLM Wait – this is a chat about the pretender?
MknzyCalhoun LOL
SLM I had no idea.
Mr. Lyle *rofl*
Erica loooooooooooool
Lena Athane hahaha
Mirage aka Operative_M Right.
Erica SLM, are you lost?
Joel Gomes the pretender? what is that?
Mr. Lyle I think they got brainwashed, now ^^
SLM I tought this was murder she wrote
Mirage aka Operative_M Two words: renewal wing
Lorna mwahaha
Linda Very funny, Steven!
Mr. Lyle *rofl*
Vicky @Tzigone: I wouldn’t trust anything either. I mean, it’s the Centre. They can do pretty much anything they want.
Christina I think its weird that they kept reusing the kid actors. Broots’ daughter played Angel in Christmas George and the kid who played young angelo also played a different kid in Flyer
Linda Are you sure you’re not thinking of “Love Boat” SLM?
MknzyCalhoun Jessica Fletcher could figure out all the answers we are looking for!
Erica Loooooooooooooooove boooaaat
Joel Gomes @SLM didn’t you write a couple of episodes for that show too?
Erica lalalalalalala
Christina Steve and Craig you guys are gonna kill us. you know that right?
Linda @Vicky. You mean SLM & CVS can do anything they want ?
Vicky @Linda: yeah, that too!
Christina Curiosity killed the Cat, and they get 9 lives
CVS Harry McGraw was too busy cracking foxy
Linda @Christina. Now, more than ever, I believe the guys are extreme sadists… they get off on watching us squirm and plead <lol
Vicky I think we need to bring in Sherlock. He’ll find the truth and insult a lot of people at the same time.
MknzyCalhoun True
Christina @ Linda couldnt agree more
Christian J – Tintinrulz Karen, am I transcribing the interview? I don’t know. I’ve not seen the whole thing yet. (I think I short-circuited the Internet with all of my questions).
Linda lmfao @ Vicky
MknzyCalhoun So now what?
Jessi Fenigore was sent to renewal wing where his memory was wiped and then he left the Centre.
Christina Like I said an hour ago, we need to grab some rope and tie them down til they answer us >:)
Dai Goodnight everyone, it’s bedtime for me!! So lovely to chat to you all and a big THANK YOU to Steve and Craig for taking part!! I hope you enjoy
our Red file :’)
Mirage aka Operative_M Barbara Babcok. Edna Raines.
FeuerkindJana G’night
MknzyCalhoun I should be working…
Erica Good night Dai.
Mr. Lyle Oh yeah Christina! May I torture them a bit?! PLEASE! >:)
Vicky Good Night Daï!!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Vicky, Sherlock is awesome but I think The Pretender should stick to it’s own Centre Universe.
Christina Yeah… too bad they didnt get to finish the Edna Raines story line
Miss Aemilius get that rope!
Linda Now, give me some genetic info about everyone (not the half-arsed family tree that’s been created) and I’ll be all over it like a cheap suit…
Lorna Goodnight Dai!
Mr. Lyle G’night Dai :)
Lena Athane Dai , isnt it only like 11pm in London? Amator.
Miss J @Ted, yes it is weird Timmy + Anakin as child. @Chistina – Would like to see Debbie she’s long out of college now? Where might she be?
Erica I have the rope ! Now somebody please fly over to them with it.
SLM Goodnight Dai!
Christina Now Lyle… we need them to have all their fingers when we are done. they have to be able to type you know
MknzyCalhoun Debbie Broots! Yes. I always pictured her growing up and going against the Centre.
Christina Just cuz your missing a thumb is no excuse to cut off other peoples
cathy N its 23.41 in the Uk
SLM take more then rope – or is it than?
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: I got a nice little car battery here, you know >:)
Linda Working at the Centre with her Dad maybe, @ Miss J.
mariangela I could stay here for hours, too much funny, but it’s late in Italy, so good night Steve, good night Craig, good night FANmily <smitten
Miss Aemilius can’t you just throw it through the screen?
Julien Is a TV return planned? If yes, it will be an adaptation of Roman or a real continuation who shall come to complete a continuation of the second television film???
Jennifer DeNaughel than
MknzyCalhoun You have a proof reader right SLM?
FeuerkindJana G’night Mari :)
Linda @mariangela. tc :)
Lena Athane Steve&Craig : you know the package I sent you ? it CAME BACK to France !
Christina Lyle… that works too… tho how about a mini blowtorch? you can write your name on them
Mr. Lyle G’night Mariangela :)
MknzyCalhoun <lol
Mr. Lyle LOL Christina… a bit TOO tiny, don’t you think? ?
Miss J @ Linda gosh I hope not..bye Mariangela
FeuerkindJana SKYLAR!
Christina electricity doesnt usually leave a mark…
Jennifer DeNaughel I am in Idaho it’s only 4:42 pm here…
Rym Was Catherine Parker a naughty girl? Mr Parker, Mr Raines, Ben, Jacob, forever friendzoned Sydney…
Mr. Lyle But a little “property of Centre Annex Cologne” would fit, too ?
Linda @cathy N. It’s 6.42am in Perth, Western Australia!
Christina Lyle… well not too small but we dont want a big one. they need to be alive when you are done
Miss Aemilius omg RYM!
Mallory Night Dai! :)
MknzyCalhoun Night
Mirage aka Operative_M Haha, Rym. She was a real hell raiser.
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: I’m a pro. I know what I’m doin’. ?
Regina LeMaire Costa @Rym: friend-zoned SYDNEY hahaha ‘m dying
Rym Nathalie made me ask this question hahaha
FeuerkindJana Berlin/Germany 0:43am
Mr. Lyle Cologne/Germany 00:43 am, too ?
Christian J – Tintinrulz I’ve updated with the 3 announcements. :)
Miss Aemilius that explains it.
Sydney L G’day y’all off to work, but it’s been a blast… Long live tP! :tp
Christina Anyone else notice that Patrick Bauchau almost always seemed to be on the verge of laughing in a lot of the episodes?
Erica @SLM, oh there’s much more thAn just rope. there’s tape, and chains, and all sorts of torture material…
Christian J – Tintinrulz 8:13am in South Australia.
MknzyCalhoun Good because I’m not sure I can remember what they all are.
Mr. Lyle *hehe* Updated Mr Lyle’s Office directly after the announcement ? Was so excited I had to write it down ?
Mr. Lyle G’Night Syd!
cathy N Linda, that’s roughly the time I get up most days…..looks forward
to Saturday’s lay in…lol
Linda @SLM/CVS. The info I found on the net said that only Jarod, Ethan and Edna sang “Cree (Kri) craw (kra) toad’s foot”. Is that correct?
Regina LeMaire Costa ugh I gotta go to bed but this is all too exciting
Miss Aemilius you’re forgetting the cattle prod.. @ Erica
Linda cathy, I pity you xxx
Christina oooo… there ya go Lyle. Use that cattle prod on Steve and Craig. I am sure Jarod would let you borrow the one he almost used on you >=)
MknzyCalhoun What were the announcements again?
Mirage aka Operative_M Did the PTB’s sneak out?
Mr. Lyle @ Erica: Right. And don’t forget about the nice little shed… also enough space for SLM and CVS >:)
Christina Kri Craw toads foot, geese walk barefoot… who came up with that steve?
MknzyCalhoun Love it Christina
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: Yeah…haha… ?
Christina <3 I love you guys. so much fun talking with Pretender fans <3
Regina LeMaire Costa aww Christina
Erica :)
Christina we should make this a weekly thing where we all get together and chat =)
Mr. Lyle *group hug* Who wants to cuddle with a psychopath?! ?
Mirage aka Operative_M Me.
Vicky That’d be great Christina!
Mirage aka Operative_M You’re a real charmer, Mr. Lyle
Christina Lyle… arent you a sociopath? not a psychopath?
midusu I bet it’s because Sydney was always secretly hoping Jarod would get away. And he just thought it was all hilarious
Jennifer DeNaughel Love that idea Christina
Mr. Lyle Yeah, I know Mirage ? …
Christina but hey. cuddles anyways =)
Linda @Christina. Are you in Twitter or fb?
Erica * group hug * without Mr. Lyle the sociopath… oh come on, we got 3 announcements, it’s party time, we’ll hug you too Mr. Lyle.
Christina I am on FB =)
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: A little bit of everything. ?
Mr. Lyle Phew… lucky me ?
Regina LeMaire Costa How about Steven and Craig call Andrea and MTW and tell them to join in next time so we can all die of fandom heart attack
Christina Christina Kath. See a cute pic of a cat for my profile
Vicky @Regina: I think we might actually crash the chat if that happens.
Christina You can find me on the pretender creators group if you look in recent
Jessi Wow so many different conversations going on hard to keep up with what’s what!
Erica I think SLM & CVS felt asleep.
Christina Vicky i think your right
Joel Gomes I’ll come back for some revelations I might miss, but for now I have some stuff to finish. Like dinner. (It’s almost midnight here, so you get the urgency.)
Lena Athane @regina it would be chaos. hahaha
Mr. Lyle 4-5 years ago we could’ve had Jamie in here, too. Unfortunately he’s
too busy now :(
Regina LeMaire Costa @Vicky: I think we already crashed Steve and Craig’s wi-fi connection
or something
Linda Will go have a look, Christina :)
Christina hey guys did they ever say why Jarod has an obsession with PEZ? i mean every week he discovered something new, but the PEZ always seemed to be there
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: And Ice Cream ? He ate more than once, too ?
Jessi @regina that would be awesome :)
Christina true ice cream was there a lot too, but PEZ was like in almost every episode for the first couple seasons
Regina LeMaire Costa Come back to us SLM and Craig. We promise we’ll be gentle.
Mr. Lyle Nah, SLM and CVS are still here… only watching… The Centre’s watching you… you know? ?
Christina Lyle I think you and I scared them off
Linda Sent you an invite, Christina. My profile pic isn’t as cute as yours… it’s of me haha
Miss Aemilius Ok. I’m done. Going to bed now. Bye y’all!!
Vicky Good night Miss Aemilius!!
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: Hmm..maybe, yeah. …. @ CVS & SLM: We promise, we won’t do anything! (yet)
Christina Lyle get your sweeper team out there and find them!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Cool, this chat links to !
Lorna Good night Miss Aemilius!
Mr. Lyle Yes ma’am ?
Erica Good night Miss Aemilius
Christina good for you. you know who’s in charge >=)
Christina GN Aemilius
Mr. Lyle G’night Miss Aemilius
Mallory Good night Ms. Aemilius! :)
Christian J – Tintinrulz Okay, the interview is up!
Christian J – Tintinrulz That’s the first part.
Mr. Lyle Sometimes it’s better to let someone think he is in charge ?
Christina without the 20 min gap i hope =P
Rym Thanks Christian!
Mr. Lyle Thanks Christian! :)
Erica If we say their names 3 times… they’ll come back… they’re like Bloody Mary… but harmless, real Cereal Killers :p
Christina Even Mr. Lyle has to bend to a higher authority once and a while
Jennifer DeNaughel Steve…Craig…are you still here?
Regina LeMaire Costa GUYS COME BACK
Linda At least it wasn’t me scaring the crap out of SLM this time hee hee hee
Christina ='( they left us
Mirage aka Operative_M It was the cattle prod. Works like a charm to ward off PTBs.
Lena Athane They’re probably really into the Redfile…
Mr. Lyle *rofl*
FeuerkindJana :) seems like they are a bit distracted (by a certain RedFile maybe?)
Christina lol shame on us Lyle
Vicky Yep, they might be reading it. There’s quite a lot to read after all!
Erica @Lena that’s what I was thinking.
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: OK… sbut only sometimes ?
SLM we would never leave you guys
Mirage aka Operative_M *gasp*
Erica See, the 3x the name worked.
Mr. Lyle LOL Erica
Vicky Wait, that worked!
FeuerkindJana ?
Regina LeMaire Costa Caps lock works.
Christina <3 yay
Mr. Lyle @ SLM: Good to know! Although we’re totally insane? ?
Lena Athane @SLM we believe you. It’s been 17 years afterall.
Linda Hey, did you guys stop for a beer break?
Julien Is a TV return planned? If yes, it will be an adaptation of Roman or a real continuation who shall come to complete a continuation of the second television  film???
Terri had to make dinner for the family….back now. Do I even dare ask what I missed? ?
Vicky @Erica: you should try it with other people, who knows who might turn up?
Christina insanity is contagious so did we have it first or did they?
Erica Unfortunately, I don’t have superpowers Vicky ?
Mr. Lyle Hmm, good questions Christina ?
midusu Have you guys been in contact with MTW, AP or PB in anyway to reprise their roles?
Linda @Terri. You didn’t miss much. Just us waiting for the main men to wake up ?
Vicky @Erica: damn! LOL
SLM sorry – small problem
cathy N I am off to bed too. A huge thanks for bring back The Pretender to us. Love to All x
Mr. Lyle Oh, what’s up?
Erica CVS peed on the floor???
SLM flooding in sl 14
Erica SEEE
Mirage aka Operative_M I hate it when that happens
Regina LeMaire Costa Told you we crashed their wi-fi.
Linda haha
Terri @Linda Thanks! did they ever say Miss P’s 1st name?
SLM dont tell Nathalie – the range is a littl soggy
Mr. Lyle ROFL
Christina Terri you didnt miss much. Just me and Lyle threatening Steve and Craig with a blowtorch, jumper cables and a cattle prod >=)
Mr. Lyle Damn I laughed too loud. Nearly woke up my girlfriend (and no, she’s not Asian) ?
Mirage aka Operative_M Tsk-tsk Lyle
Mr. Lyle @ Christina: *hehe*
Terri @Christina Dammit!! I missed everything!! There was prolly cow tipping too, huh?
Mr. Lyle What?! Wasn’t not only my idea!
Christina Good to hear Lyle. Cuz otherwise i dont think she would last long
Linda @Terri. No, they didn’t. But I think I know what it is, not that a certain person will say anything more than, “Not as far as I know,” when I asked if that was her name
Regina LeMaire Costa Mr. Lyle: Is she alive though?
Lena Athane hahaha Regina
Terri @Linda thanks again!
Mr. Lyle Yeah, she is ? Otherwise she couldn’t snore
Mr. Lyle ?
Christina nah. no cow tipping. but we scared steve and craig off for a while
Erica Mr Lyle, are you on Twitter?
SLM Sorry the crew was leaving and I had to say goodbye
Mr. Lyle Of course ?
MknzyCalhoun Makes sense
Erica No worries SLM. We know you’re polite.
Linda @Terri. You can tickle them with feathers, pull out their teeth, stick bamboo shoots under their fingernails, but they’ll never reveal Miss P’s name (but you can hear it for yourself if you find the right episode… won’t divulge that tid-bit, though).
Lena Athane ” god forgives . I don’t. “
Christina did steve ever say if REBIRTH was going to pick up right where The Island of the Haunted left off? a few years later? anyone know?
Mr. Lyle @ SLM: Ah okay. You’re excused ?
Erica lol lena
Terri @Linda I have rewatched that ep so many times. Still can’t figure it out.
Ted Alright so I’m just going to be a fan and see what comes to mind.
SLM Linda – that wouldn’t torture us
SLM as far as you know
Erica @Mr Lyle what’s your twitter name?
Linda @Erica. If he’s so polite, why tell us about his “little problem”? hahahaha
Mr. Lyle @ Erica:
Linda Steven, I’d love a chance to find out ?
Christian J – Tintinrulz Did anyone hear the answers to my questions? The broadcast just cuts off.
Ted Where is Ethan? Major Charles? Gemini? What are the circumstances of Kyle’s abduction? Why did Marg/Emily flee
Erica Mr Lyle, ich hab’ mich abonniert ?
Christina which episode? the one where young jarod asks her real name and she whispers it to him?
Terri @SLM that does imply there is something that *would* torture you. (why am I following this line of thought??)
Linda But then again, Steven, I’ve got better ways of torturing men ?
Christian J – Tintinrulz Did anyone hear the answers to my questions? The broadcast just cuts off.
Ted I understand these arent question that actually get answered .
Terri @Christina. yes, that’s the one I keep checking.
SLM Yes of course Christian we always answer you questions
Mr. Lyle Erica: Okely dokely
Christina we should ask the actress what they asked her to whisper ?
Christian J – Tintinrulz Ted, really? I thought Rym said they were.
Ted Hmm, and why did Brigitte try and kill Mr Parker!
SLM that Erica is a polyglot isn’t she?
Linda Always – translation “as far as I know”
Christian J – Tintinrulz SLM: Thanks. So about that “Genius Project” book? :)
Christina @Christian they will answer, tho the answers often cause more questions
Ted No I mean — I understand they don’t get answered in a chat forum!
Terri very socratic answers really…
Erica SLM otherwise I wouldn’t be in the Decoding department ?
Ted im just listing what’s kept me up at night for the past twelve years
Christina hey Lyle where did you put that cattle prod?
Christian J – Tintinrulz @ SLM: Thanks. So about that “Genius Project” book?
SLM Genius project book – haven’t been able to find it – but as you will see in the Centre Univers we plan a story about it
Mr. Lyle Got it right here ?
SLM Ah decoding? I thought I read somewhere you were in the investiment side of the Cnetre
Linda @SLM. If you get a guest membership from a university you may be able to find the book online.
Linda university library*
SLM really linda – I will look into that
Linda It’s worth a shot, Steven.
terence (advent) Does jarrod actually know his last name yet since he talks to his dad
Christian J – Tintinrulz Thanks, SLM. Sorry for being a bother. I’m just a rabid fan from Australia.
Christina Hey Steve in the first episode Miss Parker mentions to Sydney that only he could create a big enough mess to bring her down from Corporate. So what did Miss Parker do at the Centre before trying to catch Jarod? I know she was a cleaner for a while but thats not what she was doing when Jarod escaped. Cant really see her sitting behind a desk
Mr. Lyle While foolin’ around here, I really wanna write chat roleplays again.. ? Missing that a lot.
SLM great question terence
Linda You and me both, Tintin :)
Jennifer DeNaughel Well, the hubby is home now gotta make dinner. Thank you Craig and Steve for everything! I can’t wait for the book. This show means so much to me. Thank you for fighting for it and for us. You are awesome!!! ^O^
Erica @SLM got bored there, and since somebody disappeared mysteriously at Decoding, there was a new job opening, could not miss that opportunity!
MknzyCalhoun Maybe he does and he’s not telling… ooohh…
Christian J – Tintinrulz Oh, gosh! What’s up with the weird new characters?!
terence (advent) has he even thought to ask his father about his last name?
Mirage aka Operative_M Mr. Lyle- we use to write at Pretender Forsaken together (Nemesis)
Mirage aka Operative_M *used
Terri okay thinking of IOTH. Will the scrolls be addressed in the novel?
SLM Christina: great question – we will explore all of the time between Miss Parker’s mothers death and her being recalled to hunt for jarod in the Centre U books.
Mr. Lyle @ Mirage: Yeaaah, right, I remember :) Great times
Jennifer DeNaughel Bye everyone! <hug
Mirage aka Operative_M Bye, Jen
Mr. Lyle Bye Jennifer! :)
Rym Well I just had to explain to my parents why I’m still up… Did I miss an answer about Catherine’s naughtiness ? Nathalie and I are very curious about that, really.
Erica Bye Jennifer
Christina great! i wanna see how she went from that cute little girl to the biggest badass in the show
Terri Bye Jen!
terence (advent) cya jen
Linda Tc Jen :)
Julien I always wondered why Jarod does not return the projects of the public Centre and to appeal to competent authorities (FBI etc.)?
Christina bye Jen
Mirage aka Operative_M No answer about Catherine’s *ahem* naughtiness, Rym
SLM Terri: the scrolls are in my office – but I cant make heads or tails of them. Maybe I should send them to the decoding dept.
Erica Nope Rym, SLM & CVS are on mute regarding serious questions
Linda SLM, maybe you need someone to translate Irish Gaelic for you ?
Erica @SLM, feel free to do so. I’ll be happy to assist.
SLM Rym – I cant believe you missed the answer? I will send it to you in an email – okay? I don’t want to bore everyone else.
Christina @Julien probably cuz the people who help fund the centre ARE the proper authorities. And if Jarod did lead info about the Centre, pretty much anyone who had the info would have an… accident
Terri @SLM well thanks for seeming to answer my question. lol
jacci Don’t forget to check out the digital red file online too :
Mr. Lyle @ Jacci: Already linked it on Mr Lyle’s Office ?
jacci thanks Mr Lyle! You’re the best
SLM Julien: it is for fear that if they shut down the Centre he’d never find his answers – or at least that sounds good
Christina I wanna see audition tapes of MTW, AP, PB, and JG <3
Rym Thanks Mirage and Erica! I’ll for the email Steve, thank you.
Mr. Lyle Sometimes I am, Jacci ?
Rym wait for*
Mirage aka Operative_M And be sure to share that email, Rym.
Christina Steve – Did Jarod’s mother work for the Centre at some point?
SLM Look at Jacci here – and the only one with a picture – I don’t car what anyone says you don’t look Belgian
Erica Rym, added you on FB so you can share the e-mail :p
Terri @Christina Oh I second that. Audition tapes would be a great bonus!
Mr. Lyle ROFL
Lena Athane @Christina : oooh yes ! audition tapes !
Erica LOL
Christina lol better get on those Audition tapes Steve =)
SLM Christina: there were no tapes – wich there were
Linda How does one become an operative?
Christina aww broke my heart </3
Vicky SLm & CVS: one thing I wondered when I first took Latin classes at uni: did you choose the name Carthis because ‘carta’ in latin means something close to scrolls?
jacci that’s cos i am special!
Mr. Lyle Oh yeah, she absolutely is ?
Christina anyone else notice he skipped my question about Jarod’s mother?
Terri Addressing Christina’s thought, so how did you select the actors?
Mirage aka Operative_M Jacci is the best!
terence (advent) terri they probably held live auditions
Linda He’s tricky like that, Christina
jacci thanks mirage… she who goes by too many names for me to keep track of
Mallory We <smitten Jacci!
Terri @terence ah, I didn’t think of that.
Christian J – Tintinrulz @SLM and CVS: Since you were unable to answer my questions on the video (due to me breaking the Internet) here they are again.How long ago did you start writing novels for the rebirth? When can we expect the second novel? Roughly many novels/graphic novels can we expect? How long will we have to wait between novel/graphic novel releases?
Christina @I remember a commentary that once they saw MTW they said if they had anyone else play Jarod they didnt think they could pull off the show
Linda @jacci. Yes, you are special. Thank you for helping me log into the old site a few weeks ago :)
SLM Vicky: Of course we did – its not like we were playing poker and drinking and someone said what do you want to call the Island and we said – I
don’t know – call it Carthis.
Lena Athane @SLM couldn’t you find one small tape in SL27…?
jacci you are welcome! :)
Erica looooooooooooooooooooooool
Terri <lol
MknzyCalhoun Good name
Christian J – Tintinrulz @SLM and CVS: Since you were unable to answer my questions on the video (due to me breaking the Internet) here they are again. How long ago did you start writing novels for the rebirth? When can we expect the second novel? Roughly how many novels/graphic novels can we expect? How long will we have to wait between novel/graphic novel releases?
Linda I’m down in SL-27. Will have to do a more thorough search…
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Jarod Rivera was here in Bahia. Nice guy! Loved pez!
Christina think that was the first episode commentary… where they admitted to breaking the law to get video of MTW in New York LOL
Mirage aka Operative_M And for me to keep track of. Gmail, twitter, etc.
Vania <yaw Jacci
SLM Christina – what makes you think his father didn’t too?
Vicky @SLM: I thought so. One of my close friends with whom I took these classes and I would always smile because it made us think of tP.
jacci you can have a picture too SLM so you can be special as well
Linda Love it, Vania hahaha
Mr. Lyle *hehe* We all wanna be special… ?
Christina Steve – Because we never found any connection between his Father and the Centre, and I think that Major Charles would have told Jarod. After allthose years I think he would think that Jarod would have the right to know
Erica We all ARE special :)
jacci just paste the url of a pic into the email/url field and the pic will
come, it is centre magik! :tp
Mr. Lyle Damn right Erica ?
Mirage aka Operative_M Mr. Lyle, you’re special enough already.
Mallory <yaw Vania too! :)
Erica <yaw Mallory too ?
Mr. Lyle Aaaawwwww… I hope in a lovely way, Mirage ?
SLM Christian – what did we say about bringing a six shooter full of questions – one at a time – my lips get tired reading so much
Marta Hello! Soooo…. Excited?? ? lots of great news??
Linda @Christina. She’d have to have to know what was going on.
Julien When Jarod finds his father the Major Charles, why he does not ask him for his complete name (his real surname and so to know its origins because names mean many things)??? Sorry for my bad English
Mirage aka Operative_M Testing 1, 2
Mirage aka Operative_M Fail.
Christina @Julien i am sure he did ask, but we just didnt get to see it =)
Linda Hey, everyone. Remember to type slowly for Steven, because he can’t
read very fast ?
Christian J – Tintinrulz @SLM and CVS: Haha! Okay, one at a time then. How long ago did you start writing novels for the rebirth?
Christina is…this… better… steve?
Regina LeMaire Costa Touché
Erica A
Erica B
Erica C
Christina By the way where is Craig?
SLM jacci: but you are using my picture – that is me right?
terence (advent) i still think jarrod hasn’t thought to ask him every genius makes an oversite once in a while
Erica Ok, too much. Tomorrow we’ll learn the rest
SLM Thank you linda
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan My guess is Jarod was much more interested in knowing his father for real, and not only facts about his full name and such
Mr. Lyle Someone’s always missing here ?
SLM Julien: you think you have bad English you should read Craig’s first drafts
jacci that’s right, i thought i would sneak on and play silly buggers and pretend to be this handsome distinguished man who likes to mess with people’seads!
Regina LeMaire Costa @SLM: Oh snap.
Mr. Lyle Oooh, really magical Jacci ?
Mirage aka Operative_M Nice, Mr. Lyle.
Erica lol
Mallory Testing this out now…
Erica Oh it does work!
SLM Started writing RB last x-mas – but we had been thiniking of it for a few years
jacci sniffers now i am not special no more
chameleon hi all, i have missed the chat with creators, what happende what i missed? and i saw there is already a second book, but how many time it will take to have the book in french? thx
Christina So… why is the Centre so intent on keeping Jarod away from his mother? When he found his father Mr. Parker seemed more upset that Major Charles got info on the Gemini project than the fact that Jarod had found his father. But it was mentioned that the Centre would NEVER let Jarod find his mother
Mr. Lyle LOL you still are, Jacci! Always ?
jacci should have kept deepest Centre secrets!
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Who wants some pizza? getting it out of the oven right now
Regina LeMaire Costa Wait how does the icon thingy work?
Christina who said pizza?
jacci past the url of your avatar into the email/url field
Erica Jacci, you are number one on the special list :)
Mr. Lyle Pizza? Yay! ?
Mirage aka Operative_M pizza?
Erica Pizzaaaaaa
Marta So, Steve and Craig what gave you the most pleasure to write in the new novel? Any specific scene or special interaction? If you can pick one.. Which are the characters envolved?
Linda I need to go back and find the episode where Jarod finds the picture of his mother and father… coz his father wasn’t Charles in the photo (if I remember correctly… looked more like a young Sydney, but it wasn’t him).
Christian J – Tintinrulz @ Steve. Cool. Thanks, Steve! When can we expect the second novel?
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan lolol, I didn’t think there would be such a rush!!
Mallory This is turning into the Announcement After Party. First pizza…then what?
MknzyCalhoun How did you add a picture?
SLM chameleon: – don’t worry. everybody lets start again from the top.
Mirage aka Operative_M Beer!
Terri @regina Check the
Vania cocktails?
Rym There was just a shadow of his father on the picture ( looking much like MTW btw )
Regina LeMaire Costa wha?
Terri @regina check the “smilies” link under the text box
Mr. Lyle Hm, I could offer some Asian left overs… ?
Erica cocktaaaails Vania !!
Vicky Ok, I don’t want to leave but it’s past 1am, and I should really go to bed now. That was great! Good night!
Miss J @Vania, need one
Linda Mmmmmmmmmm… love cocktails :)
Mirage aka Operative_M No, thank you, Mr. Lyle. *sipping bourbon*
jacci just don’t trash sl-15 or there will be repercussions!
Lorna Good night Vicky!
Mallory Good night Vicky!
chameleon so nobody want to answer me?
terence (advent) testingtest
Mirage aka Operative_M G’night vicky
Mr. Lyle Sure? It’s still really … tasty ?
Regina LeMaire Costa @Terri: oh no I was asking about having a picture as an icons
Erica Good night Vicky!
Mr. Lyle G’night Vicky!
Regina LeMaire Costa icon*
terence (advent) pic didn’t work :(
Marta For the millions of fans here.. What is this book Saving Luke about? Feel lost..
Regina LeMaire Costa Mine either…
Julien @SLM. LoL It is hard to believe that Mr Craig is problems with English But could you answer my question?
Erica terence, maybe the url is too long?
terence (advent) probably
Christian J – Tintinrulz @ Steve. Cool. Thanks, Steve! When can we expect the second novel?
Terri @marta Saving Luke seems to be the 2nd novel to come after Rebirth
SLM Marta it was just so incredibly wonderful to listen to Miss Parker and Sydney and Jarod speaking in my mind again that I couldn’t pick just one – but it was like going home after being gone for along long time.
Linda No, Christina. It’s getting very late and I’m losing the plot a bit, but there was another man pictured with Jarod’s mother, and it wasn’t Charles. I think the photo got folded in half. Like I said, I’ll have to search for it and review it when I’m more awake.
SLM Good Night Vicky
Erica Marta – they’ll talk about Luke in the first 2 books I believe
Regina LeMaire Costa Bonne nuit Vicky!
Linda @SLM. Were the cast as much fun to work with as it looks like they were?
Linda Patrick has the cheekiest grin!
Erica *passing crisps/ chips around*
SLM Marta it’s about three weeks past due for being completed
terence (advent) what sites are people getting there profile pics from twitter,facebook ect
Christian J – Tintinrulz @ Steve. Cool. Thanks, Steve! When can we expect “Second Luke” (the second novel)?
Terri @Erica *passing popcorn*
Regina LeMaire Costa Testing…
Christina Ok Steve here is an interesting (but not sensitive) question for you. What kind of income do the Centre people make? For what they do, they must at least make a decent income
Regina LeMaire Costa Ohh it worked. Thanks Jacci.
Rym Broots and his bike don’t seem very rich
Mr. Lyle *yawns* Oh damn painkillers… stop making me so tired!!
Terri oh regina nice pic!
Regina LeMaire Costa @Terri: *blushes* thank you!
Erica Do they have an income? I thought they were modern slaves living in a castle…
SLM Linda: tell me what ytou find – I’ve never watched this show
Christina @Rym well you couldnt give Broots a car, i swear with how nervous he is he would probably need a diaper to drive
Marta I can only imagine Steve. I can’t wait to read it and see them in my mind.. I’m sure you guys are gonna teletransport us to that magic land again, filled with a whole lot of new adventures!
Linda Maybe it’s time you did watch it then, Steve. I found out Miss Parker’s first name by watching it ?
chameleon So do we have a date for the first book ?
SLM TinTin – We sure hope it is sooner rather then later – goal is before X-mas or early in the new year
Erica 7 octobre chameleon :)
Christina Oct 7 for the first book
Lena Athane moment of truth
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Did Mr. Michael T. Weiss pronounced himself about the Rebirth novel?
Miss J @chameleon believe 10/7
chameleon @erica @christina sure? official?
Linda Still can’t believe that no-one else noticed Miss P’s first name!
Rym official yes
Erica YES
Christina Some of my fave episodes were the Jarod/Broots episodes. Love it when Jarod comes down the stairs and the first thing that broots grabs is a spoon to fight. then grabs the phone but cant remember the Centre number LOL <lol
Rym Please don’t tell me it’s Monica
SLM Christina – what the employees don’t make in salary they make up for with the retirement program – and if they don’t get killed they usually enjoy it.
Linda Ok. I won’t tell u then, Rym ?
terence (advent) broots had some funny moments
Christian J – Tintinrulz Cheers, SLM!
Terri oooh, will Broot’s daughter Debbie re appear?
terence (advent) hey picture works
Marta Sorry for the stupid question but is there a Luke in the original tvshow or movies? I don’t remember one.. Or is it a totally new character? And if so.. Related to whom? ?
SLM Erica: his isn’t 50 shades of the Centre – this is a family show
chameleon @erica @christina thank u ! And in the other language ?
Erica I’d say new character
Christina Steve – i didnt think anyone was actually allowed to leave the centre. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave ?
Erica loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan The episode where Broots and Miss P. stays in a motel stakeout really got me fooled!
Lena Athane now
terence (advent) ah deathrow great episode
Linda @Rym. The priest she knew in Italy in her youth. The one playing basketball in season 4.
FeuerkindJana <smitten
Ted Luke —- baby parker?
Regina LeMaire Costa Steven… That Las Vegas episode didn’t have much to do with family huh
chameleon do we have news about translation of the book in other language?
Christina Oh god. dont mention that episode. i just saw it again a few days ago. Mr. Raines… in a leopard thong… doing that weird tongue thing. I swear the look on my face was identical to Jarods
Christian J – Tintinrulz @Steve, very cool news. Thanks! So we can possibly expect up to six Pretender-related novels/graphic novels per year?
Linda Didn’t Luke get killed off?
Mallory Family is highly subjective in tP-land
Rym Linda, yes I remember the scene. I’ve played it over and over… Parker with an accent for me :)
Linda So I’ve noticed, Mallory
SLM Regina – a family who wiggles together…well you know…
Linda Glad I’m not the only one who noticed it, Rym.
Terri No, SLM, do not go there…
terence (advent) christian look at my picture
Christina eww eww eww eww… STEVE!
Mallory Thanks for painting that one.
Marta You guys must be on fire! We unleashed a very powerful things and now lots of wonderful things are going to emerge! Woohoooo! So happy.. I’ve said this before but congrats to all of us and a huge warm hug to the wonderful creators. You made our dreams possible.. Again..
MknzyCalhoun How did you swing the pictures?
jacci you HAD to give him an opening to bring up Mr Wiggles!
Lena Athane url
Erica Ok, now I’ve got LMFAO’s song in my head… wiggle wiggle wiggle…
Mr. Lyle Oh…here’s a black helicopter flying over and over again… Searching for something?
Mirage aka Operative_M Christian wants me to type this? I have to type 50 shades of wiggles?
Linda Cold Dick!
Christina ugh… MR wiggles
Vania @chameleon one thing at a time, 1st english. No date for other languages yet :)
MknzyCalhoun I can’t get that to work.
Christian J – Tintinrulz Terrence, you little… :)
Rym 50 shades of Wiggles… you’re killing me guys!
Christian J – Tintinrulz @Steve, very cool news. Thanks! So we can possibly expect up to six Pretender-related novels/graphic novels per year?
Terri test
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Steve, did you talk with Michael T. Weiss, or did he say anything regarding the Rebirth Novel?
Linda I’ll never be able to listen to George Clinton and Parliament in the same light again!
Miss J OK less frenetic now, any plans Rebirth CC NYC right after release?
SLM Yes tin tin
chameleon @vania thanks a lot
Christina I dunno how the cast and crew managed to film the Mr. Wiggles segment without totally losing it
Mirage aka Operative_M Rym: I have to type this
MknzyCalhoun <img src=””>
SLM rebirth cc?
Ted I remember being about ten, this is pre google days, and searching for tP. First thing I found was ‘adult fan fiction’
jacci no the url
Terri Cold Dick is even more disturbing after the reveal of Raines as Miss P’s father. YES, I just had to point that out.
jacci http://
Christian J – Tintinrulz @SLM, I’m seriously impressed by your productivity! You really love your fans! :)
SLM Christina: we all had to go into serious therapy
terence (advent) cough cough
SLM very serious
Vania it always goes back to mr wiggles somehow
Mr. Lyle Waaaaah Terence! *lol*
Christian J – Tintinrulz Terence! I don’t want to have to call the Triumvirate on you!
Christina lol you should have gone into therapy before you filmed that. Especially whoever wrote it
terence (advent) thats why i made it my picture
Linda @ Christina. I even went so far as to screenshot that section of Broots’ ‘nightmare’, captured the audio, and synced the two together :)
Regina LeMaire Costa Yeah you can’t unsee Raines in a leopard thong…
chameleon so a live streaming is made, is it possible to watch it somewhere?
Christina Tho the Commentary for that episode was great =)
Terri wonder if Raines wears the leopard thong under his suits
Miss J SLM Comic Con NYC Rebirth any plans 10/11-14? Javitz Ctr
Marta Luke = baby Parker… Faints… Love that idea… Gimme Gimme!
SLM linda – you might want to see someone about that
Christina UGH! Terri!!!! Bad mental image
Erica Chameleon, il me semble qu’ils vont le mettre en ligne :)
Linda That episode was a complete hoot. Thank you so much SLM & CVS for that xxx
Rym Mr Wiggles… I was 11 when I first saw that episode. Childhood trauma.
Regina LeMaire Costa Erica est française?? woah
terence (advent) sorry tintinrulz i want to keep my job at the australian branch of the centre
Mirage aka Operative_M haha, Rym
Mr. Lyle LOL Rym!
Regina LeMaire Costa (Sorry, French break)
Erica lol Regina, non portugaise, mais assez polyglotte on va dire :p
Linda See what you’ve done to me, Steven?
Terri @christina there’s already so many bad mental images. I had to add another!
Christian J – Tintinrulz In short: Started writing Rebirth towards the end of last year. Rebirth – October 7, Saving Luke – December/early 2014.
Elinia Well… I’am going to bed
Christina The only thing that was missing steve was Sydney, but I think that would have just been a bit too disturbing
Linda Those stunning leopard-skin print speedos…
Erica Good night Elinia.
Terri good night Elinia
Christian J – Tintinrulz Terence, you’re evil!
Rym Good night :)
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Alguem falou em Português?
Mr. Lyle G’night Elinia
Regina LeMaire Costa @Erica: haha idem – eu falo português também.
SLM good night Eilinia
Lisa 50 shades….there was a Pretender fan fic
Elinia Good night from France ?
Linda The Gene Simmons tongue thing… too gruesome, but too funny!
Erica Também falo português :p
Terri saving luke december *2014* Did i read that right?
Christina Mr Wiggle, Broots, Sydney and Miss Parker all togther for a night of fun… oh boy
Mallory Good night @Elinia!
Mirage aka Operative_M Hush, Lisa
chameleon lol erica
Regina LeMaire Costa @Erica: Brazilian portuguese though :)
Vania So many portuguese. Me likes that ?
Rym Jarod was there too!
Terri never mind, I see it *early* 2014. Whew!
Linda “You GET to watch”
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Brasileiros também Vânia!
Lorna Not so fun for him.
Regina LeMaire Costa @Vania: I’m French/Brazilian :)
Christina yeah but Miss Parker was having some bondage fun with Jarod. and he GOT to watch
FeuerkindJana I love to watch you guys ^^
Erica no problem Regina, I’ve got an Uncle in São Paolo ?
SLM Christina: we saved sydney’s ‘dance’ for now
Nick did they ever answer anything about the timeline shift at all? i left for a while (surprised this is still going on)
Christian J – Tintinrulz Terri, no – December, 2013 or early 2014.
terence (advent) i loved the roach motel episode
chameleon i’m french regina lemaire
Regina LeMaire Costa @Miss Emilia: whaddup Miss Emilia!
Mallory awwww don’t ruin Sydney, @SLM!
Linda See, Christina? We’re on the same wavelength, girl hahahaha
Regina LeMaire Costa @chameleon: Je m’en doutais ?
Christina *bangs head on desk* bad mental image bad bad bad
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan whassup, Regina!! :)
Christian J – Tintinrulz @Steve, are you and Craig overseeing Jenna and Planet Henderson’s graphic novels? I hope so. Thanks
terence (advent) i keep thinking people are talking about the city in oz when they bring up sydney
Linda Steve, are there any blooper/gag-reels from the series that are ever likely to be released?
Christina lol Linda =)
Erica my favorite episode was when MP had to take care of Debbie :)
SLM Nick: – we answered it all
chameleon @regina le maire cette serie je l’ai decouverte debut année 2000 ds la trilogie du samedi sur m6 <3
Christina woot! we want bloopers!
Terri @Christian J thanks!
Linda :)
FeuerkindJana :heart:
Rym La trilogie du samedi <3
Lena Athane test
Mirage aka Operative_M I asked for out-takes already.
Erica souvenirs, souvenirs ? <3
Christian J – Tintinrulz @Steve, are you and Craig overseeing Jenna and Planet Henderson’s graphic novels? I hope so. Thanks
Mr. Lyle My all time favorite is Red Rock Jarod. Watched it now 64 times ?
Regina LeMaire Costa @Erica: SAME I was about Debbie’s age when I watched it and was so jealous of that moment she gets her hair brushed by MP and they both read Little Women.
Christina steve can i have your autograph? <3
MknzyCalhoun I think we need a countdown for the sites for the book…
SLM Erica I heard that one was good – but I never watched the show
Erica Me tooooooooooooo Regina !! ?
Linda I’ve spent hours scouring everywhere for bloopers/out-takes, but it seems the Centre has them kept under lock and key.
Christian J – Tintinrulz 56 users? We’re dropping like flies! I’ve been awake for 4 hours now.
Miss J It’s probably safer if you’re not in NYC for Oct11-14, you’d be swamped, never get to leave.
Erica SLM, you can borrow my DVDs if you want.
Christina @Linda the Centre is so mean =(
Terri has a countdown
chameleon j’ai raté quoi en fait ?
Terri not for pretender. but you can make one
Linda @ Christina. No sense of humour at all!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Erica, but he has to sign them. Yes?
Erica Absolutely Christian ?
chameleon ya des image ds le livre en fait? noir ou blanc ou en couleur ou dessin?
Marta Yeah… Talking about bloopers… Will we ever see any footage? I can only imagine the fun you had on set! Who was the most goofy actor, playing pranks and stuff like that?
Christina lol when watching the DVD’s did anyone ever pause to see what was actually written on the newspaper clippings or the Centre memos? lol
SLM Erica – DVD’s you don’t have beta max
Erica Chameleon, dans le livre, je ne sais pas, il y aura des BDs (ce qu’ils appellent “graphic novels”)
Linda Christina, was it you who commented that Jarod wasn’t on the book cover?
FeuerkindJana TinTin you know … evil time zones and stuff
Christina Yep that was me Linda
chameleon Merci @Erica
Linda You can watch tP online
Christian J – Tintinrulz Christina, sometimes. They’re very funny. Someone should compile them all for a good laugh!
SLM Marta: harve pressnel
Miss J OK, one more time, and then I will wait patiently…Any hint of whereabouts of the clone, the half brother and the baby (in time shift, not sure age) in Rebirth?
Christian J – Tintinrulz FeuerkindJana, true!
chameleon ils ont annoncé quoi alors hier ?
Erica Chameleon, ils sont restés assez évasifs sur nos questions, mais en gros, les 3 annonces c’était:
Regina LeMaire Costa @Erica: “Graphic novel” makes it sound very 50 shades of
terence (advent) isn’t rebirth set before most of the series
Erica @Regina, agreed!
Linda @Christina. It’s only a quick photoshop job, but I think it’ll amuse
you. Check your fb wall.
Erica le site web officiel / la date de sortie du livre
Erica et le 3e j’ai oublié en fait :p
Christian J – Tintinrulz No, no. Graphic novel is a term used to imply a self-contained better written and illustrated comic than normal. Think Tintin or Watchmen.
chameleon merci rym
Julien For the graphic novel, I was able to noticed that the face of Jarod changed every time. You do not thus go to take the drawings of the actors which play in the series? We auron a new face for all the characters?
SLM Regina LeMaire Costa: that’s the really graphic novel
Regina LeMaire Costa @Christian: That was me making a joke :)
MknzyCalhoun I was thinking something sleek and non-generic
Erica I only know the old Belgian Tintin books :)
Christian J – Tintinrulz That’s fine but Tintin is awesome. :)
Mr. Lyle OK guys, I think I gotta go. The painkillers making very tired.
Linda And there’s one more quick photoshop sighting of Jarod for you too, Christina ?
Christian J – Tintinrulz @Steve, are you and Craig overseeing Jenna and Planet Henderson’s graphic novels? I hope so. Thanks
SLM terence – no
Terri @Rym thank you for the countdown!
chameleon le site ofiiciel y est deja
Mr. Lyle @ SLM & CVS: Thanks a lot for this nice evening and see ya soon! :) Good night @ all!
Jessi SLM CVS where can I get autographed photos of the two of you to add
to my collection? <gimme
Mirage aka Operative_M Bye, Mr. Lyle, try to behave.
Erica Good night Mr. Lyle
Terri good night Mr. Lyle
Lorna Good night Mr. Lyle
Miss J Night Mr. Lyle
chameleon j’ai tellement de question à propos du livre
Regina LeMaire Costa Night Lyle!
Christina aww bye lyle =(
Christian J – Tintinrulz Breakfast time!
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Night Mr. Lyle!
Linda Tc Mr. Lyle :)
Mr. Lyle @ Mirage: I always do ? Bye bye. *yells at bedroom: Sweety, I’m coming over!!!
SLM Jessi: america’s most wanted
Regina LeMaire Costa @Mr. Lyle: Don’t eat her dude.
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Don’t go get a midnight chinese *snack*
Christian J – Tintinrulz @Steve, are you and Craig overseeing Jenna and Planet Henderson’s graphic novels? I hope so. Thanks
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan We’re onto you, mr. Lyle
Mirage aka Operative_M Steve made a funny
Christina ok who else has been on here for 4 hours and isnt bored yet?
Linda We all know how much Mr. Lyle likes a bit of Asian food…
terence (advent) and this is what mr lyle will be wearing
Miss J @Christina, still here…
Christina LOL Linda
Mknzy Ick
Jessi SLM hahahahaha very funny
Christina Hey Steve did Craig abandon you?
Terri I’m still here, but I did take a break for dinner…
Marta Really, Harve?? Ahah.. Didn’t see that one coming… I was aiming for Jon or James.. Lol..
Mr. Lyle Nah, I won’t Terence. I prefer bein’ naked ? CYA guys!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Christina, ever since the Live transmission finished I’ve been here. That would be what, 3 hours now?
Christina ooooo naked lyle <3
Mknzy Forget the image… not working
Christian J – Tintinrulz @ SLM, are you and Craig overseeing Jenna and Planet Henderson’s graphic novels? I hope so. Thanks
Christina tho the whole no thumb thing… kind of a turn off
Rym Christina, me! And I have to wake up in 6 hours to take my nephew to Disneyworld… That’s gonna be fun.
chameleon il va avoir des nouvo perso? Plus jeune ?
Linda Naked… does that mean the tone of conversation is now about to go downhill? lol
terence (advent) im suppost to be in the lab in 20 minutes
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan Christina! Steve said that Craig can’t write!
chameleon Y aura les anciens ds le livre?
Erica Christina, I’ve been here since 4 hours and am getting a little tired (almost 2 am here)
Linda … should suit me perfectly…
SLM Christina: CVS is driving home and claims he will rejoin us then
Christina o.O does that mean that Steve did all the writing for the Pretender?
Mknzy It feels like the days of Centre Exchange
Lena Athane good night my darlings. Steve@Craig thank you , can’t wait to hear your impressions.
Christina heehee
Christian J – Tintinrulz Who actually made it into the LIVE video chat room? Most of us were locked out!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Even the big wigs!
Terri good night lena
Erica Good night Lena !
Mknzy I did
Lorna Good night Lena :)
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan lol! Ask him! lolololol
Linda No back-up for now then, Steve? Hope you’re packing double!
Christina Christian. I did, but nothing very interesting going on in there. It was better in here
Miss J Locked out got first few minutes then Centre pulled plug.
Linda Sleep tight Lena
SLM Christina: Oh the so tires I could tell you about naked Lyle…
Christian J – Tintinrulz Not the biggest of wigs – Steve and Craig though.
Linda Anagrams now?
Christina *Sits and waits* Do tell =)
Christian J – Tintinrulz @SLM, are you and Craig overseeing Jenna and Planet Henderson’s graphic novels? I hope so. Thanks
Terri I’m out guys. SLM and CVS THANK YOU for the announcements and the chat. thanks all, ’twas lots of fun!
SLM Christina: I’m sorry I thought you said Rainse
Vania @Mknzy instead of having your website link, paste the URL to the image in that field (image will override site url)
Christina aww bye Terri
Mknzy By Terri
Mknzy bye
Miss Emillia and Mr. Ivan ok! Now is the moment to ask everything to SLM! He is tired!
Christina Steve… dont make me steal Lyle’s jumper cables
Julien je vois qu’il y a des fans français comme moi. Vous croyez que cesera possible de trouver la traduction du chapitre prochainement ? Sur un Site comme celui de hypnoweb qui est le seul site où on trouve des fans français du caméléon.
Erica Bye Terri
SLM Lena…I’m going to miss you…
chameleon Ca va faire bizarre de revoir les persos en vieux :)
Jessi SLM Skye said thanks for wishing her good luck at her meet today and because of your “luck wishing” (her words) she got 2nd place
Lena Athane I could stay if you insisted…
Erica Chameleon… justement, en fait ils ont changé les dates. Jarod sera kidnappé en 1983 au lieu de 1963 (ah ouiii c’était ça la 3e nouvelle)
terence (advent) will rebirth be released as an audiobook?
SLM Jessi: I’m so happy for Skye! Trust me you didn’t miss anything.
FeuerkindJana I hope you’ll give us detailed feedback on the RedFile ?
Christina Steve – you guys should set up a weekly thing where you get on and chat with us. I know we would all love it =)
Miss Anna Hi Steve! Brazil is here! Late but…
Marta Steve I’m really curious about the most difficult thing you guys went through in terms of writing (novel or show) and the most powerful or beautiful scene you’ve created.. That gave you goosebumps.. I would love to know your perspective of creating this.. :)
SLM I mean are you listening to these people?
Ted So if Adama and Matumbo are dead, is there one Triumvir left? (V excite)
chameleon @erica ah daccord donc il y aura jarod ds le livre
SLM It’s like they think I know something about this Profiler show
Christina sigh
Christian J – Tintinrulz This six-shooter is leaving to have breakfast. (Ooh, maybe I could be a character in a future Pretender novel – a young man who asks too many questions and is in danger for his life :P) Goodbye all! Don’t have interesting conversations while I’m gone.
Lorna And I’m going to bed too. Thanks Steve and Craig for the chat :)
Lena Athane oh STEVE : the package I sent you and Craig came back to France !
terence (advent) i never got around to watching the profiler even after the crossover
Miss J Bye Terri…. @ Miss Emilia It’s not working though.
Christina you know steve claims ignorance but i bet when the show aired he was always sitting 5 inches from the TV trying to spot any mistakes that they made
Mknzy I watch the Thrilogy every time.
FeuerkindJana bye Tintin
Linda Never seen the show “Profiler”, but biological profiling is my game ?
SLM FeuerkindJana: we will – Craig took it home with him tonight says I get it for the weekend. Thank you again.
Rym Julien, je pense que la traduction sera dispo sur hypnoweb et Onyssius, un site sur la série qui existe depuis trèèèès longtemps et dont une nouvelle version sera bientôt en ligne.
Lorna Good night y’all!
SLM Tin Tin is leaving? I can finally start telling the truth!
Christina I watched the Profiler, just to see the Jarod Episodes. Cant believe he cheated on Zoe tho
Regina LeMaire Costa Good night Lorna!
Mirage aka Operative_M Joint custody of the red file
Miss Anna Stay Tintin!
Mirage aka Operative_M G’night Lorna
Mknzy <lol
Christina Steve was that a No on a weekly Pretender get together?
FeuerkindJana Thank you :) It was so much fun to do !
Miss Anna He will tell us the truth!
chameleon Je veux bien lire le livre en original mais le niveau sera élevé je
Ted Profiler was odd — I don’t remember much but, s2 finale and s3
Linda Steve, what does one have to do to become a Red File Operative?
Mknzy I don’t know if I have the time to do this again geez.
Christina lol i will make time <3
Jessi Profiler was good but not as good as The Pretender
Mknzy Exactly
Christina @Jessi nothing was as good as the Pretender
SLM Lena Athane I hope they filled it with good things.
Ted Open picked up straight away, major character had vanished and apparently never existed
Miss J Regret about Profiler is not getting crossover eps. You don’t get the other half.
Mknzy True
chameleon c’etait quoi profiler ?
Miss Anna Sad… the people are saying good bye and I´m saying hello…
Mknzy I loved the crossover eps but the alternate ones left something to be desired.
Mirage aka Operative_M Hello, Miss Anna
terence (advent) i love that the pretender always stayed story of the week and didn’t fall into a constant stroyline like most shows do by the start of seson 3
Rym Une série qui a eu des crossover avec le Caméléon. Un genre d’esprit Criminel
Christina I bet if you put the Pretender on prime time today it would do great against the crap that they show today, even if all you put up was reruns!
Miss Anna Hello Mirage!!!!! Thanks!!!
Miss J Profiler, Criminal Minds with female profiler with “inner sense”
Lena Athane @Steve : They didnt . So now I have to find someone who’s going to the us to post it there …
SLM Christina – I dont know about weekly – but we will do this as often as we can. Just don’t tell tin tin, okay?
Mknzy lol
chameleon So people i’d like to read the book in the original language language but i don’t know if i can, what do you think about the level of the language used?
terence (advent) tell who
Christian J – Tintinrulz I’ll be back after breakfast. The Truth will kill you or set you free. I think Jesus said that, or was it someone else?
Christina ok but you guys better come back soon and chat with us <3
Christina The Truth can kill you or set you free – Catherine Parker
Miss Anna Tin tin! There’s something you wanted to know!
Rym Jarod, Jesus… same thing
Miss J @MKnzy yes they did, but watching 1/2 half on tP makes me go where’s the rest of it?
Christina lol Rym… you never know
Christian J – Tintinrulz Miss Anna, quickly! What is it?
Mknzy Right
Vania shhh… it will be our secret
Mknzy Same here
Miss Anna If I tell you they would kill you!
terence (advent) :tp i just found the smiles
Miss J @Rym, yes, same thing
Christian J – Tintinrulz Jesus said it but Catherine Parker was a good Catholic, so she knew her stuff.
Julien Avec les changements de date et si il y a un retour alors la TV alors ce sera avec d’autres acteurs . . .
Mknzy I still have all the crossover episodes on an iffy vhs
Jessi @Christina That is true!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Miss Anna, best Facebook me then.
Mknzy :tp
Rym Good catholic… lol to that!
Erica Julien comme dirait SLM “Only time will tell” seul l’avenir nous le dira!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Okay, really having breakfast now.
chameleon Ca va pas le faire si les acteur originaux sont changé
Mirage aka Operative_M Enjoy your meal, Christian
SLM chameleon: we are working on getting it out in other languages – may take a little time but we will – (did you know the French have a different word for everything?)
Rym Bon appétit, with Lyle’s great accent.
Miss Anna Look for Anna Emíllia Meira Soares
Miss J TinTin, starved myself, enjoy.
SLM what secrets is Vania hiding?
chameleon SLM i know french very well ? thx
Erica Chameleon – on y est pas encore aux séries TV de toute façon ? patience, d’abord les livres :)
Cassandra2pg i see there is a merchandise section in the website. does it mean i will finally get my “the centre” shirt?
Mirage aka Operative_M Secrets? No. There are no secrets.
Erica Ooh, Vania knows all sorts of secrets. She’s like Fenigor…
Miss Anna Big Secrets, Steve!
SLM Cassandra2pg: we put it there just for you
terence (advent) @SLM will rebirth be made into an audiobook at all
Mknzy Missing Pieces
chameleon Les fans français vs pouvez m’ajouter sur fb ?
chameleon on pourra en discuter
SLM terence we are talking about that
Julien Peut-on espérer voir le roman débarqué en France avant la fin d’année
Christina dont think there will be any Centre Tshirts. After all they dont want anyone to know that the Centre exists
Linda I must away to bed… hubby has spoken! It’s been a pleasure to chat with you all and I look forward to catching up with you either here, in fb or in Twitter. Special thanks to Steve and Craig and the rest of the crew for this wonderful event. Take care all :) xxxoooxxx <smitten
Christina Aww… Goodnight Linda =))
Ted Alright that’s it. Sam the sweeper is Jarod’s brother. Sydney is Miss Parker’s father. Argyle is the Tower. Goodnight
Rym Broots has Centre t-shirts
Christina Nice to meet you =)
terence (advent) yay i like audiobooks
Erica Good night Linda, take care ! :)
Linda Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah ?
Marta Guys if Vania is hiding something I can keep her hostage for. Very long time till she ditches all the dirty details..
Christina hey Steve what time is it where you are?
jacci Vania is Fenigore, love it
Mallory Night Linda!
terence (advent) vania avoid banks if i were you
Mirage aka Operative_M Haha, Jacci
Cassandra2pg @SLM can we also have a shirt saying “pretender: we had twincest before GOT made it popular”?
chameleon donc le livre est censé ns en dire plus sur l’histoire des perso ?
Erica I believe its 17h aka 5 pm in LA
chameleon Novel c’est un roman en français ?
Miss Anna Vania is Fenigor????
Marta Marta: Steve I’m really curious about the most difficult thing you guys went through in terms of writing (novel or show) and the most powerful or beautiful scene you’ve created.. That gave you goosebumps.. I would love to know your perspective of creating this.. ?
Erica Chameleon oui, novel ça veut dire roman… gros bouquin quoi :p 300 pages pour le 1er apparemment.
chameleon @erica merci ouaah ça va j’ai deja lu un bouquin de 400 pages, j’en ai 1 de 666 pages à lire encore :p
Miss Anna Guys! SLM is sleeping now… We can ask anything!!!!
Erica Si j’ai bien compris, le livre abordera notamment l’adolescence de Mlle Parker, donc oui, je pense qu’on peut dire que c’est axé sur le passé des personnages… mais sans certitude…
SLM sleeping?
Erica On sait bien que SLM et CVS sont toujours partants pour nous surprendre :)
Mirage aka Operative_M Not.
Regina LeMaire Costa Going to bed. Steve will you let us know about RedFile when you and Craig see it? I hope we didn’t mess anything up too badly. Have a good night loves!
Vania banks all online for me, not setting foot in one
Mirage aka Operative_M He was only “pretending”
Julien @Erica : tu connais un site français de fan mis à part celui de Hypnoweb ??? Depuis que Jarod Friends a fermé et ça fait un bye, je ne sais plus avec quel fan parlez
FeuerkindJana I want a poster with the family trees :)
Erica Boa noite Regina ?
SLM Christina: almost 5 in the afternoon
chameleon @erica c vrai que le livre donne + d’info sur les détails des persos, on peut decrire + de chose ds un livre que ds une serie
Christina ah. ok then. we can hold you hostage for a while longer =)
Miss Anna I’m kidding SLM, just for to call for your atention! How are you?
terence (advent) almost 10 in the morning here im 5 hours in SLM’s future
Vania 1 am in Portugal land
FeuerkindJana 2am in Germany
Mallory 8pm in US East Coast land
Cassandra2pg 2 am italy, too. i shoudl really go to bed
Erica Dsl Julien, je ne sais pas… essaye dans le groupe facebook :)
Miss Anna 8pm in Brazil
chameleon 1:56 am france ?
Erica 2 am Luxembourg too…
SLM Regina LeMaire Costa: good night – we LOVE what you guys made for us – we will let you all know when we have gone through it. French and Brazilian huh? That sounds like trouble with an accent
chameleon SLM is that true that the book will have 300 pages ?
terence (advent) 2am and your heading to bed tisk tisk too early
Jessi Hey does anyone have any clear photos of SLM and CVS they can send me so I can print them?
Christina Lol gotta love how much work they put into typing out Centre Info <lol
Regina LeMaire Costa SLM: I can do many accents. Good night everyone!
SLM chameleon: something like that –
chameleon SLM and pictures black/white or colored? Or just draw?
chameleon SLM lol always avoiding :)
chameleon SLM but it’s ok ?
Jessi Color preferably
SLM chameleon – i cant remember – 70000 words though
chameleon SLM ok thank you
Julien @Erica : c’est quoi l’adresse Facebook du groupe le caméléon des fans français?
chameleon by the way the cover of the book is amazing ?
terence (advent) nice thaat should made roughly a 7-8 hour audiobook just the right length
Christian J – Tintinrulz 300+ pages. Don’t expect them to give concrete answers. These are The Pretender creators, after all! :-)
chameleon @Julien the pretender creator
Rym Fast breakfast Christian!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Just heated my porridge.
Miss Anna Guys! Type slower!
Erica Julien je me référais aux deux groupes internationaux principaux:
Rym slower
Erica <— groupe d’SLM & CVS
SLM chameleon designed by a fan in Australia
Marta SLM and Craig if you need an assistant or someone just to organize some disks, ill ship myself immediately to America.. Ahahah
Erica Et celui-ci:
Miss Anna lololol! Good Rym!
Lena Athane Just like when I was 12, I’m still on a pretender forum when I said I’d leave…
Erica Il y a toujours des fans qui écrivent en Français, alors je pense qu’il y a moyen de rencontrer des fans francophones :)
Erica looool Lena
Miss Anna Who wants ice cream?
Erica I know that feeling ?
terence (advent) ice cream for breakfast sounds nice
SLM Marta will you come second day air or ground?
Julien ok, merci pour les sites
chameleon Quand j’ai appris la nouvelle que le caméléon revenait, j’étais trop excité limite je pouvais pas dormir ? . When I saw that the pretender will eturn i was so excited and even can’t sleep lol
Erica Not hungry, but can’t say no to ice cream… although, hmmm, no, I’ll have a frozen yogurt instead :)
Erica De rien Julien :)
Christina Ok all i gotta get some sleep. I work the overnight shift and have been up talking with you instead of snoozing like I should have been. Its been a pleasure to chat with you all. I hope we can get together again soon =)
Miss J Thank you SLM & CVS & Jenna for the wonderful announcements today. Will wait for more to reveal itself. Website’s great fun. Think I’ll be spending too much time in SL-15
terence (advent) i feel sorry for jarod not being able to eat pistachio icecream which is the best flavour
chameleon SLM i know for the design of the book
Mallory Goodnight Christina!
Mirage aka Operative_M G’night Christina
Rym Good night Christina!
Christina Good Night Everyone =)
Miss Anna Steve, Craig, Vania! I love the site, the news, and everything! But October 7th is so far…
Erica Good night Christina !
Miss J Bye Christina
Miss Anna curious, curious, curious…
SLM I hate when Christina leaves
Christina lol why is that?
Christina now you might get 2 seconds of peace =)
Christian J – Tintinrulz SLM: I know graphic design, I could design a future novel cover for you. :-)
Christina been a pleasure talking with you Steven =)
Joel Gomes Just stopped by one last time before going to bed. Everyone take
SLM Christina: I wasn’t going to say that out loud..
Christina lol so mean =)
Marta SLM I would walk if I had to.. ? it’s my dream land.. It’s where all the great show are made… Which remind me of one specifically… It’s THe P… Something.. Ohh right… the Pretender. Never seen anything like it.. You know? ?
Erica Xaaao Joel, boa noite! Take care.
Miss Anna Tin tin? Are you still in here?
chameleon It’s a good idea to start with a book, in a book you can describe almost everything about the feelings of the charachters etc… You are not limited by the time of a tv serie
Christina come back and chat with us soon =)
Christina ok i am outtie. Luvs you all <3
Vania adeus Joel, boa noite!
Joel Gomes boa noite, meninas. fiquem bem.
Mirage aka Operative_M G’night, Joel
Christina Add me on Facebook if you want =)
chameleon I hope we’ll have news Pretenders fan
Christian J – Tintinrulz Yes, Miss Anna.
Miss Anna Adeus Joel! Boa noite!
jacci Wagers are on for the fight between the PTB’s as to who gets to keep the Red File.. tower taking bets now!
SLM e tu Joel?
Julien Donc niveau temporel, ce livre début en 1983 alors que Jarod viens juste de s’enfuir du Centre ?
Mirage aka Operative_M My money is on Craig
Erica I love it when SLM writes in Portuguese :)
Miss Anna Eu também amo quando ele faz isso Erica
chameleon lol SLM
Marta OMG! Steve already speaks Portuguese.. So.. When will you come here??
Rym Non Jarod a été enlevé en 1983, il s’enfuit de nos jours
Miss Anna Si é espanhol Steve!
terence (advent) im gonna bet on SLM
chameleon SLM do you know a bit french ?
Jessi Grrr my iPad wont play youtube video :(
jacci We all forgot, it is Richard Marcus’ aka Mr Wiggles, bday today!
Miss Anna Steve é praticamente um Pretender!
Rym He probably used google translate for that one
Mirage aka Operative_M Hey, happy b-day, Raines.
terence (advent) happy birthday
SLM I didn’t fortget I sent him a special candle to blow out
Christian J – Tintinrulz I’ve been waiting for this day for 12 years! So excited.
Julien ah ok, j’essaie de me débrouiller avec les informations mais je suis nul en anglais et je passe par un site de translation. D’ailleurs, j’ai essayé de lire le chapitre 1 mais sans succès
Miss Anna Para escrever em português ele conta com a ajuda de Vania!
Mallory I hope it’s a leopard print candle…
Lena Athane Steve : what do you do all year long in LA?
chameleon SLM I want to know If the level of the text is not high for a stranger like me, i’m good in english but i don’t know a lot of vocabulary…
SLM Rym: how dare you!
Erica LOL mallory
Rym I’m so tired, I need to tease someone to stay up!
chameleon CVS is not there ?
Miss Anna lololololol! Steve is angry now Rym!
Erica CVS drove home.
terence (advent) SLM i know what you need to put up for us to buy as merchandise
chameleon SLM Have you announced the prize of the book ?
SLM Rym – you should go to sleep – Disney is funner then this – though some of us are wearing those ears.
SLM The prize of the book?
Mirage aka Operative_M price, perhaps?
chameleon SLM yeah the fee
chameleon my english sucks i know
Mirage aka Operative_M You’re fine, chameleon
chameleon thx mirage aka
SLM Amazon is working that out – it will be known soon.
chameleon SLM thank you SLM
Erica Amazon’s headquarters are in GD of Lux… can take time
FeuerkindJana did you plan to get this close to the fans or did it just sort of happen? I mean you guys are heroes for doing this :)
Erica I second the heroe-thingy!
SLM I ma chained to a wall now being tortured with a cattle prod Aughhhh!
chameleon I always buy books on amazon they are cheaper
Mirage aka Operative_M Yes.
Erica It’s not me, I swear!
Vania No, SLM is on his own when it comes to portuguese, right Steve?
Mirage aka Operative_M Cattle prods rule.
Miss Anna I can help with the Portuguese thing…
Mirage aka Operative_M Will we see Jarod tortured again?
SLM Yes – I’m all portuguese all the time – with corrrect dilects for the mother country and for he Brazilians
terence (advent) i think one of the things we can buy from ‘centre ger’ should be a t-shirt with mr wiggles on it
Julien Is the French exit(release) of the book scheduled before 2014? Have you information there above?
terence (advent) *gear
SLM terence – you may need a little therapy
terence (advent) only a little
Miss Anna Guys, I have to go now… was a pleasure to chat with you! My portuguese is best than my english, and I have some kids to treat now!
SLM Julien: will let you know as soon as we know.
Jessi I hope there is a Jarod Pez in the store! SLM?
terence (advent) cya anna
SLM Goodbye Anna
Erica Boa noite Miss Ana!
Mirage aka Operative_M Later, Anna
Miss Anna GoodBye SLM!
Miss Anna Boa noite Erica!
Mallory Bye Anna!
Miss Anna Até mais tarde Mirage!
chameleon SLM the last movie made me think it was a conspiracy theory almost…
Miss Anna Bye Mallory!
Christian J – Tintinrulz SLM: Script writing to Novel writing – how difficult was the
Miss J Bye Ana ~ I’d love a plain black t-shirt with REFUGE and Infinity symbol. Always love stuff that if you don’t know, You don’t KNOW.
Miss Anna Bye Miss J
Vania bye Anna
Miss J My mind is melting, on here and twitter…sorry Anna, night.
Miss Anna Guys! If SLM tell some secret, please, tell me on the Facebook! Anna Emíllia Meira Soares!
Miss Anna Bye Vani!
Miss Anna Vania!
chameleon lol Miss Anna
SLM Miss J – I like that idea – be sure and email that in when the store is open
Mknzy I want to hang on until everyone is gone but I can’t so I’ll be saying farewell also.
Erica Night Mknzy
Mirage aka Operative_M Goodbye, Mknzy
Mknzy And a Vintruvian Man too… on the shirt.
Erica I was actually thinking the same thing
Julien Good night to all! It is 2:17 am in France, I am going to go to bed and I hope to dream about Jarod
Miss Anna Farewell Mknzy!
SLM Is anna gone? Okay good miss parkers first name is —
Mknzy Bye.
Miss J OK will do. I’m on of those secret lovers, except for whereabouts of some of our young pretenders, but by the quiet chirps of crickets. I can wait.
Erica almost 2.30 am…
SLM she’s not really gone
Mirage aka Operative_M Tsk-tsk, Steve
Miss Anna Ok SLM!
Erica Bonne nuit Julien.
Miss Anna I’m back!
Miss J That would be 1 of those secret lovers…
jacci facny some deception in a place called the Centre, that is just
unheard of!
chameleon lol julien bne nuit
Mirage aka Operative_M Haha, Jacci. Right.
Miss Anna My kids can wait, Miss P. don’t!
SLM See – if it wasn’t for that Anna – think of what you’d all know
terence (advent) well i’ve got to get back to my lab working in chemistry is fun and its no longer suspicious to ask ‘where do you keep the chloroform’
Rym Where do you live, Anna? :)
Erica lol you teaser-liar
SLM terence now that’s funny
chameleon The last movie was almost a conspiracy theory, i think
Miss Anna I’m brazilian Rym! Salvador-Bahia
Rym Oh ok, you’re safe then…
chameleon with all the secrets
Mirage aka Operative_M Yes, chameleon, especially that part when Jarod almost kisses Miss Parker
Miss Anna no… Mr. Zane is in here…
Mirage aka Operative_M What was in that tea?
terence (advent) hopefully ill be back after lunch but if not thanks for the chat SLM you are legend…….. wait for it
chameleon I mean in the end, the chosen one is Jarod…
Mirage aka Operative_M Yes, that too
Miss Anna Guys! Look at this!
Miss Anna
Christian J – Tintinrulz But Jarod is not Jesus Christ.
Marta We are not going to find out Miss Parker first name in Rebirth,
SLM brb
Erica Ok Guys, I love the Pretender, I really appreciate you all and it was really fun talking to you, but I think I’m gonna leave
Skye SLM I am 10 and thanks to my mom I became a fan of tP. I just wanted to tell you thank you for writing it because this show show saved my moms life when she was 16 and for that I will be forever grateful much love from Skye <heart
chameleon erica can we talk on fb ?
Erica Awww, that is so sweet Skye :)
Miss Anna brb?
Rym MissP’s first name will probably be the last word of the last book.
Rym ” be right back “
Miss Anna Thanks Rym!
Erica Chameleon – @E_Bougainvillea sur Twitter et facebook je pense que ça va être dur de me trouver ^^
chameleon anna wtf is dat ?
Christian J – Tintinrulz Is The Pretender appropriate for young ones? Hmm…
Christian J – Tintinrulz Goodnight, Erica! Have a blessed sleep, mate. :)
Mirage aka Operative_M Why, Anna. What fresh hell is that?
chameleon Erica bne nuit alors
chameleon :)
Rym I watch the show since I’m ten… I grew up just fine. ( or not… )
Miss Anna Good Night Erica!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Mirage, it’s only the greatest pop parody ever!
Erica Thank you Christian :)
Miss J Night Erica
Erica Chameleon “Erica Bougainvillea” sur facebook, si tu ne me trouves pas comme ça, essaye de regarder dans le groupe des créateurs, je like beaucoup de  trucs ^^
chameleon Im watching Dexter my new serie
chameleon Erica ok merci
SLM Skye: that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me since you were born. Glad you are now a fan. So lets talk about something more important – how was the cross-country.
Mallory Good night Erica! Sweet tP dreams! :)
Christian J – Tintinrulz The Pretender was rated M15+ (for mature audiences 15 and over) in Australia but I first watched it when I was 14. Mwahaha!
SLM Rym: MissP’s first name will probably be the last word of the last book. what makes you think it’s only one word?
Erica Thank youuu Mallory :) have a great evening, talk to you soon about that other secret operation!
Miss Anna Love what Sye said!
FeuerkindJana sweet dreams erica :-*
Skye Erica I love my mom very much but she has had and still has a very hard life. She grew up with no parents and no love in her life all she had was tP this show still helps her to this day. I am so happy she found this second family. Much love and thanks from all of us kids for being their for her.
Christian J – Tintinrulz Some episodes were rated PG, although “Cold Dick” wasn’t one of them!
Erica Danke schön FeuerkindJana :)
SLM Did Mallory leave?
chameleon Erica I got ya ?
Miss Anna Já disse Boa noite, Erica? Se não, boa noite! :)
Erica No SLM, I’m leaving ^^
Christian J – Tintinrulz Skye, a sad but beautiful story. :)
Mallory No, still here
Christian J – Tintinrulz Wait, where’s Mallory?
Christian J – Tintinrulz Oh, hi!
SLM Thank you Skye. Give you mom a kiss for me. Or two.
Mallory Hi Christian!
Skye SLM cross country was the bomb!!! I have ADHD and it realllly helps with all my energy <yay
chameleon SLM i like the way you keep the secret until the end lol
jacci I believe it when I see it *snorts*
Miss J Skye 2nd Place Yea!
Mirage aka Operative_M Yeah. What Jacci said.
FeuerkindJana <heart
Mallory @Skye that is so beautiful. Glad you and your mom are in the FANmily! <smitten
chameleon No doubt that i will buy the book without hesitation ?
kspretenderfan I agree, Skye, you and your momma rock!
SLM Jarod is way ADHD – didn’t hurt him.
Rym We’ll make Amazon crash the moment it comes out ?
chameleon Rym yea hahahah ?
Mirage aka Operative_M Speaking of hurt, @SLM, will Jarod be tortured again?
jacci With no shirt preferably and for longer this time
SLM Rym: I bet you guys will
Mirage aka Operative_M No, he can wear his shirt. I just want him hurt
Christian J – Tintinrulz My body’s cold, I’ve been up too long, too early. 10am here.
Miss J SLM I know everyone desperate for Miss P first name, why is it I want her to say it out loud to Jarod first or vice versa.
Erica – I’m leaving, I promise ! – but Rym, aren’t you supposed to go to Disney tomorrow?
chameleon SLM Is there already a Blu ray edition of the serie or just a dvd ?
FeuerkindJana tintin – i have some tea next to me ^^ i would share
SLM Yes he will be tortured in fact I spent several days writing that recently
Mirage aka Operative_M Yes
SLM Erica – where are you going?
arwen1211 what was the third announcement? the streaming video cut off after the first one about this website. The release date for rebirth I got off of this site.
Erica @SLM, to bed, well to sleep.
Rym Yes I am… A 3 years old will jump in my bed in 5 hours. I’m leaving, soon…
SLM Miss J: I like that
chameleon lol erica
Miss J I think the graphic novels.
Rym Bonne nuit Erica :)
Erica arwen1211: that the time setting would be different
Erica arwen1211: Jarod’s gonna be kidnapped in 1983 instead of 1963
chameleon bon on laisse erica s’en aller maintenant hein :)
Skye We are happy too! Now if we can only get SLM to follow her on twitter lol that would make her day :)
Erica looooooooooool c’est plus fort que moi… c’est maaal
Mirage aka Operative_M *happy dance* More tortured Jarod!
chameleon There is only a dvd edition of the pretender? No blu ray ?
Rym Let’s torture someone else for once! Why not Sydney? I loved the scene in Alias where he gets his ear cut off.
Christian J – Tintinrulz Erica, will they upload the bits that cut out for us regular people? They’re not on the YouTube video.
Erica Rym, je te souhaite bien du courage en tout cas!! Say hi to Winnie the Pooh and Tiggr from me. Tiggr still owes me a pot of honey…
Rym Merci!
Erica Tintin, I think will post everything on their youtube channel :)
Mirage aka Operative_M Because I love Sydney.
Christian J – Tintinrulz Ah, Jenna just mentioned that would be the case. Thanks! How much did we miss?
Erica No idea :(
Skye SLM I didn’t know Jarod had ADHD too that’s so cool
Erica I love Sydney too Mirage :)
chameleon je croois que je vais partir aussi
Karen @Mirage Why do you want Jarod to be tortured?
chameleon Erica je t’ai trouvé ça y est ?
Mirage aka Operative_M Goodbye, chameleon
Rym Sydney has so many secrets… some quality time with Mr Lyle is needed.
Erica Ok Chameleon, c’est quoi ton nom?
chameleon je viens de te suivre
chameleon ebu cehil
Mirage aka Operative_M With Mr. Cox
Mirage aka Operative_M Lenny Von was amazing
Vania Fenigor is calling it a night. Bye bye. SLM, be nice and don’t share any secrets while I’m out!
Erica Me too Chameleon.
Rym Goodnight Vania!
Erica Yes, I’M GONE TOO!
Christian J – Tintinrulz Erica, you weren’t there either?
Mirage aka Operative_M G’nigh Vania, Erica
SLM I would never share secrets without you Vania.
jacci night Vania, sleep well!
SLM Goodnight Erica
Erica Nope Christian, I missed as much as all the others :(
Marta Who here watched the pretender on M6? I think I learned how to understand French back then.. Lol… The things you do for your fav show ?
Mallory Good night Miss V, sleep well!!! We’ll miss you!!!!!
chameleon French fans are leaving :p
Erica Goodnight SLM, and be nice.
FeuerkindJana sleep well and thank you vania
Erica Boa noite Vania :) até amanhã!
Marta Bye Vania. Sweet dreams!
chameleon Marta me i watched on m6
Rym Marta, I discovered the show on M6! La trilogie du samedi <3
SLM Rym – go to bed
Marta Oui! I remember that, la trilogie du samedi.. And there I was late at
night watching and trying to understand French.. Ahah! Good times
Rym It was a real choc when I first watched the show in english…
Rym Yes Steven, sorry. I’m leaving. Really.
SLM Good I’m dying to tell these secrets
Rym Grrrr
chameleon I’m leaving goodbye to all fans and creators of the pretender SLM and
Rym Bonne nuit :)
Mirage aka Operative_M Goodbye, chameleon
Mallory Bonne nuit Rym! Have fun tomorrow!
chameleon bonne nuit goodbye
SLM Actually I’m being yelled at by the PTB’s telling me I was supposed to be at a meeting 14 minutes ago.
FeuerkindJana good night to those leaving :)
C.K. Fulfer :O People are still here?
Miss J SLM (and CVS) thank you again for today <Jenna too> and all your loyalty to us tP devotees, see CVS moved to tweet. Work awaits, night all CI’s – RedFile was tremendous. Kudos J Henderson too
Marta I really don’t remember but I think I first watch it in Portuguese but then they stop showing it and I turned to M6.. I was desperate.. Glad to know somewhere back then someone was watching with me.. Ehh
SLM So I too must run – but again I cant thank you all enough for making this sucha special day.
FeuerkindJana SLM better not make them angry :) thanks a million for being here with us
Christian J – Tintinrulz Thanks so much, Steve! Especially for answering some of my questions. Have a blessed night. :)
Rym Goodnight all! Such a great night, thanks Steven, Craig and all the fans.
C.K. Fulfer Thanks for everything Steven ^_^
Karen Thanks SLM and CVS for your time. I wish I could’ve been here more but mom needed me.
SLM Hi CK – Bye Ck.
C.K. Fulfer Haha
Mallory Thanks to you and Craig, as well as Jenna and Jeff! We are greatly indebted to you all!!! You’re the BEST! <smitten
SLM I look forward to doig this again soon. Maybe on the release date?
Christian J – Tintinrulz Erica, really? I wonder who the lucky video chat people were then? Must’ve only allowed 10 or so.
Mallory We’ll be there.
Rym We’ll be kind of busy reading the book.
jacci We never leave!
FeuerkindJana YES!
Mirage aka Operative_M Haha, Jacci
Christian J – Tintinrulz @SLM: Definitely on the release date.
Marta Bye bye Steve and thank you and Craig for letting us dream and always
stay behind us, believing with us!
SLM Jac’s a special thanks to you and V and everyone who made this happen. we couldn’t have done it without you.
Christian J – Tintinrulz @Steve, will Rebirth be available in any physical bookshops etc?
Marta Lets do this at least once a month.. ?
SLM TinTin – eventually.
jacci Glad to be a part of it, been wonderful!
SLM Goodnight all!