Pretendercentre interview with SLM

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Pretendercentre interview with SLM

Steve has very graciously answered all of our questions, and given how many, that is pretty amazing. Cannot thank you enough for taking the time, we know you must be insanely busy now. It is all so incredibly exciting, and wonderful how you have made yourself so available to the fans! Thank you so very much.


So much activity of fandom is driven by fansites on the internet now, although much of the focus and attention has migrated to social networking like Facebook and Twitter. How do you feel about sites like the Pretendercentre? Fans running off with your creations and doing strange (more often than not)  things with them?

WE LOVE TPC – the fact that the fans are so interested and invested in the characters just tells us that they want more.  Now that we are able to provide more we will. 

Will Jarod be captured again, and if so, can he not escape for a good while!

You never know what you may learn very soon about the past, the present and the future of tP.  But there will be a lot.

I would love to see some background history on the transformation of Bobby Bowman to Mr Lyle, hoping that will be covered in some of the backstory.

We want to explore this as well.  Maybe sooner maybe later – you’ll just have to wait and see.

Lyle is one of the more fascinating baddies of all time, you can’t but help like him even though you just know he is a calculating bastard, and then the little history given, he is a victim as well, but evil too!!!

We love that about his character – in our website we will give more detail about the origin of and thoughts behind his character – especially his name – and why we always strive to give every character at least two sides that make them more interesting and human – Even if their culinary tastes or suspect.



When young Jarod asked Catherine (in the inner sense ep.) why she trusted Raines, she responded: “because Mr. Raines trusted me.” What did Raines trust Catherine with? When? And why? Were those two confidants? 

Also: the diary.

Nem – in the first few novels we will begin getting much deeper into CP’s life and motivations and back-story.  And BTW her diary isn’t the only book she left behind that is important…


In season 2 episode 10 – Indy Show, Sydney gave Jarod a piece of paper with a word that Jacob wrote down. It spelt ‘GENE’. Will we ever know what this means and how it relates to Jarod?

Beny Boi – we wil delve much deeper into the origins of tP in all respects as the novels, graphic novels and other pretender venues of insight begin rolling out.


We had Faith, Ethan, and Baby Parker. Is there any more half/step siblings in the twins futures? Does Lyle know about Faith? If so, how did he react to the news?

Well, Onisius, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.  After a few installments to get everyone back up to speed and new fans welcomed into the fold things will get fast and furious about all things tP.  The revelations are shocking the hell out of us!

Why did we only have a whole of maybe 10 minutes of Jarod in the Centre when he was caught? Why did we not see more, considering many fans would have wanted a more in depth of his time there. In the novels, will you cover that time? If/when Jarod is caught again, will you be giving us more details about time in the Centre as a recaptured pretender?

In the Novels and GN’s there will be some stories that fill in gaps of J’s time in the Centre no one knows about – in some books/GN/other stories he will be there full time – we plan to flesh out the pretender mythology and universe from star to finish – overtime. 

There will be revelation after revelation after revelation.  And not just for Jarod – but Miss P, Sydney, the Centre itself and much much more. 


How long will it be before Jarod and/or Miss Parker finds out what the scrolls really say?

Will we find out what Mr. Parker thought they said before he read them?

Tzigone – it will be a little while – but as mentioned above – we will have lots of other BS that will fill in the gaps and inform everything so when these revelations are made they will be much more impactful. 

Is Alex (from 2001) really dead and will we ever learn what he meant about Miss Parker being important to Jarod’s world?

You will have to wiat and see about Alex – but Miss P will eventually find out what he meant by those words.

Will we learn why Jarod’s mother was all “forgive me” in IOTH?  Or when she lost contact with Emily?

We will find out things about J’s mother not even you would believe!


Is it possible that Miss Parker is Catherine’s clone and not her daughter?

Anamchara – In tP anything is possible.

I feel like if we saw Jarod captured long enough to be sent to the Triumvirate, he (and us) would probably find out why Jarod is so important to them and the Centre, as well as to Miss Parker.

Yes we would….

And let us add that as they progress the novels will be very international in flavor – with Jarod going all over the world – and with revelations of his travels with Sydney as a child…

I would like to know why Jarod is so important to them (knowing that it isn’t really because he is the pretender), but I also know you can’t answer that. So answer me this, will we know this big secret in the beginning with the novels, or will it turn up in the graphic novels, or the movies?

Well, you’ll just have to stick around and find out…

Do we ever find out how Jarod discovered pez? We see from the pilot that he has discovered pez, and that seems to be his favorite candy.

YES – in the first novel.  (wow how’s that for an answer!?)  

Is there anything significant with pez?


Also, do we find out how Miss Parker knows Jarod is allergic to pistachios?

Did Jarod have a reaction while in the Centre?

Come on, A – we answered about the PEZ.  You don’t really expect two full answers in one batch of questions do you?

Is the DSA player Jarod has in the series a real prop?

If it is, who ended up with the dsa player?

Yes it was a real prop – I think Craig has it.  He thinks I do.  We both deny it.  One of us is a thief and a liar – but he has a great conversation piece in his office!

Why was Miss Parker chosen to be put on the team to catch Jarod?

Why indeed?

In season 4, why didn’t Jarod try to protect Edna from the sweepers and from Mr. Raines? Instead he just led Miss Parker to her, but it was too late! If he wants to help people, why not the very person who would know secrets about Catherine Parker, maybe even his mother….

Jaord is not a superhero – just a hero.

When writing the scripts for the pretender, or even for the books you are writing now, have you had any inspirations from your real lives incorporated into any of the characters or plots?

Great question.  I think in may ways we draw lots of inspiration from different experiences and people from our pasts.

Is there a Miss Parker-esque person in either of your lives?

Oh we wish!

Or traits she has (or other characters) that can be connected to someone you know?

Is there anything that you planned for the 5th season, that will not be incorporated into the novels/graphic novels/movies?  Such as a pretend for Jarod?

We have always known where the story was going and will incorpaorate all of it as we go forward.

I know you have said that you guys couldn’t imagine being without the original cast for the continuation of the Pretender series once you get to the movies (or tv series) as they are part of the pretender family. What I was wondering is if you will be utilizing Velton Ray Bunch for the movies/tv series as well?

What we said that about the cast we mean about everyone involved.  tP would not have been the same without all of their contributions – VRB as the musical heartbeat of the show and we hope he will be in the future.


If Major Charles could have unknowingly fathered Ethan, could Jarod have unknowingly fathered some baby geniuses (if so, are they Pretenders too)?

We got two carrots from SLM and CVS that I would love to know more about…what will we find out about Jarod’s life in the Centre as a child and his OTHER escapes?

Mallory – we will find out things about Young Jarod that will make your head spin.  Wait till you read the first few chapters of the second novel (but that’s a secret so don’t tell anyone).  We will begin to fill in the blanks in his life as soon as the books, GN’s and other stories begin unfolding. 

Kind of a silly question (but I think they would get a kick out of it…and they could give us a very interesting response…)- if they were CIs and could ask SLM and CVS a question, what would it be… and what is the answer?

CI:  SLM and CVS is it rue you are planning a multi platform integrated entertainment experience like no one has ever seen before that will continue the Pretender Saga for years into the future? 


Will we ever know who Baby Parker is? Is he Jarod and Miss Parker’s son? Or is he another clone being raised as a Parker?

24, I think we should.  Don’t’ you?

What did Mr. Raines mean when he said My Children when he sent Miss Parker and Jarod the picture of their Mom’s together? Is Mr. Raines Jarod’s Dad too?

Oh God I hope not!

Why do they say that Jarod is the key to the Centre? Is it because he makes them money? Or is it something else and what is that something?

You do listen to every word – keep listening and reading and you will find out.

What does the rest of the scrolls say?

They are on the desk in my office – would you like to read them?

Will Jarod ever find his Mom? Will they finally reunite? What will his Mom and Emily react to Gemini if they see him?

J will never give up the search for his family.


Steven and Craig, do you have a proposed timeline for the books following on from the first novel “Rebirth”? If so, when (approximately) will the next novel/or first graphic novel be released? Thanks!

Tintin:  We will know very soon and as soon as we do you will.  We anticipate the first novel will be out sometime in September.  GN’s after that.

Steven and Craig, you guys did two interviews with Slice of SciFi. One in 2007 and one in 2008. In them, you mentioned briefly that The Pretender would be returning in a digital format.  Were you planning on continuing the series soon after?  If so, did the Writers Strike of 2008 have anything to do with the delay?  Or did you not have the rights at that point?

We were planning on doing something’s digitally then thought if we wanted to really explore tP we should retool and bring it back in a more comprehensive way.


What college did Miss P graduate and what did she study (except manhunt and fraternity boys)?

Shadowkate:  Another great question.  We will tell you this.  I the novels and especially I a series of GN’s and YMP stories we will explore her days in college – and in the Centre Bording school in Europe where she was class mates with several young women who return in her life as adults I the novels as both friends and rivals.

You will see in those stories exactly what she studied and in what ‘extracurricular activities’ she partook.

Is Lyle interested in his identity as much as Miss P? Will we see him searching for his identity as well?

Every character in the books and GN’s and other ‘story forms’ will explore their histories.

Why does Edna Raines sing that lullaby from Jarod’s childhood? Edna, Catherine and possibly Margaret seem to have a secret, togehter.

Interesting how people are tied together in the saga – makes you wonder how. Doesn’t it?

And does anyone remember if we ever heard about that cute little bunny’s fate, the one  Jarod gave MP for Christmas?

We should shouldn’t we? Keep reminding us

Miss Parker

What happened that caused Emily to lose contact with her parents?

MP:  We should answer that too – don’t you think?

How will you reconcile the difference in time on the DSAs if you do a time jump to the present day for the rebirth?

 Just you wait and see how we do it!