Pretender Vault

May 25, 2016News, The Pretender Lives

We are revisiting our secret vault and sharing it all with you.


Starting this week, we will be sharing with all new and old fans of the Pretender, our fondest memories of each TV episode (for those who are just arriving, the Pretender ran on NBC and later on TNT, from 1996 to 2001 and we had the time of our lives) and we will begin from the beginning – the Pilot.

There is going to be a few trips down memory lane as we explore the episodes in our own way and an even bigger trip as we share unseen behind the scenes photos and memorabilia with Pretender fans. The pictures on the Vault will be available to registered users only, so register today and don’t miss anything!

The Pretender vault and the Episode Guides will both be updated each week.  We promise!