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Shout Archive
Heads up guys, there are hackers among us!
12-01-18 18:09 [Delete] [Edit]

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12-01-18 17:52 [Delete] [Edit]

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12-01-18 17:52 [Delete] [Edit]

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11-17-18 4:38 [Delete] [Edit]

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11-16-18 8:10 [Delete] [Edit]

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11-07-18 23:40 [Delete] [Edit]

So very sad to hear about Pamela Gidley. We all loved to hate Brigitte.
05-07-18 0:51 [Delete] [Edit]

So good to see a handful of stories posted. It's like old times. A warm welcome back to Mirage. Nice site update too. Everything looks nice.
02-28-18 5:29 [Delete] [Edit]

Beochaoineadh Mirage!
02-14-18 0:27 [Delete] [Edit]

great new look! nice to see everything is back :) (with some new and updated stories as well!
11-24-17 12:45 [Delete] [Edit]

Have also resurrected the shout box which has been gone for a long time :)
06-22-17 13:16 [Delete] [Edit]

New look for Missing Pieces to match the new look tpc. Hope you enjoy.
06-22-17 13:09 [Delete] [Edit]

I just love that this site is still being updated!
05-10-11 14:31 [Delete] [Edit]

Big shout out to Jacci for the amazing new look for the site. Great new features as well! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Lovely!
05-10-11 14:04 [Delete] [Edit]

shiny new look for MP and a few new features.. am very excited!!!!
05-10-11 13:50 [Delete] [Edit]

Welcome all you newbies. I am so excited to see so many new faces here. come play we're glad to have you!
05-02-11 3:13 [Delete] [Edit]

hi fan, i will try and find it and see if i can get it to work here.
04-23-11 2:10 [Delete] [Edit]

Perhaps we should have video challenge for all you creative techies out there??
04-21-11 4:12 [Delete] [Edit]

it won't let me type the link but a video to support the 3rd movie by MParkerfan is at youtube dot com slash user slash MParkerfan
04-20-11 19:16 [Delete] [Edit]

was thinking about including a video here on the front page of MP, only problem, is it has to be linked from you tube, if someone has a link we could include here, would be great
04-18-11 22:42 [Delete] [Edit]

Any of you video makers out there working on something new???? We could use a little pick me up...hint hint :)
04-15-11 3:10 [Delete] [Edit]

I would like to see an ending
04-12-11 20:37 [Delete] [Edit]

And to all the wonderful video graphers who inspire us and tell us a story with music and scene choices thank you as keep us inspired :)
03-14-11 15:03 [Delete] [Edit]

I want to say thank you to all those who continue to post their stories, you are great:)
03-13-11 18:05 [Delete] [Edit]