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Shout Archive
Great to see the love for the Pretender still burns strong. 25 years, hardly seems possible
08-22-21 23:26 [Delete] [Edit]

Hi. I world like to do a live on Instagram for The Pretender Anniversary, who world like to join me?
08-16-21 18:34 [Delete] [Edit]

Luca, non ci sarà un terzo film. Il pretendente è finito. There will be no more films or episodes. :(
05-11-21 4:54 [Delete] [Edit]

Salve, ci sono news riguardo il terzo film? Grazie
05-10-21 19:01 [Delete] [Edit]

Hi ! It's 2021 here, and The Pretender site is still running, how great is that ? It's gonna light up my post-curfew hours for the next day, can't wait to read the stories ! With Love...
02-21-21 22:36 [Delete] [Edit]

sorry about that muc, some kind of glitch in that system which has been fixed i hope. you should be all okay now.
07-09-20 23:34 [Delete] [Edit]

m u c
Could register but the registration still awaits for approval :)
07-07-20 21:07 [Delete] [Edit]

going slowly, as i am in exam season, you should have been able to register though.
07-06-20 21:56 [Delete] [Edit]

m u c
How is it going with the forum? :) Tried to register but it doesn’t seem to work
07-03-20 21:58 [Delete] [Edit]

New forum has been set up. pretendercentre dot com/forum (cant add links here) it is still being set up but it is working. Head on over and say hello.
06-10-20 1:47 [Delete] [Edit]

thanks Stacey!! have run into more trouble than expected, and had to start over. Then a friend visited for long weekend, so have managed to get very little (okay, nothing) done. Working on it again :)
06-09-20 4:47 [Delete] [Edit]

working on it now, shouldn't be too long hopefully until launch :)
05-31-20 21:46 [Delete] [Edit]

yaahya to the forum. you rock jacci!
05-30-20 18:51 [Delete] [Edit]

@Rachel, looking into it now, the old software is dated so trying a new approach... once I can figure out how to make it work, let launch it :) hopefully sooner rather than later
05-30-20 5:42 [Delete] [Edit]

@Jacci Oh definitely worthwhile and if you do bring the forum back thanks so much. You're so awesome.
05-30-20 0:52 [Delete] [Edit]

Do people think that a forum is worthwhile? If people are going to use it, we can establish one again
05-30-20 0:42 [Delete] [Edit]

i'd rather know how it was going to end. I already watched it, already bought the box set of dvds. it's so heartbreaking. really sad.
05-28-20 21:42 [Delete] [Edit]

@staceysedg sorry u your heart was disappointed by ur fav series. we wont see it come back to tv or movies, definitely not with the orig cast if I can't have that i dont want books
05-28-20 21:39 [Delete] [Edit]

*had to agree with everyone else. I don't like the shout thing. Social media is too dominated by dumb trump crap. I miss the forum. Want it back. If it wasn't for missing pieces life would suc
05-27-20 19:53 [Delete] [Edit]

^What Rachel said. Was gobbling everything I could even the books but recently I had to everyone else. This is eternal wait is stupid. I nominate my favorite fanfics to be MY official tp stories.
05-27-20 19:50 [Delete] [Edit]

I wish the pretendercentre forum was up and running so we could chat proper. All these shouts make me feel like im ranting and longwinded lol
05-26-20 21:38 [Delete] [Edit]

SAD. This is coming from disappointment not angst. I've given up on tp franchise. The fanfic has been a blessing and I've chosen a few fanfic pieces as my official tp endings.
05-26-20 21:37 [Delete] [Edit]

The transition from tv to book was a total flop. I thought the books were a continuation. They aren't. It's like they're trying to milk as much money as they can from the TP cow. It's
05-26-20 21:15 [Delete] [Edit]

-and ending before everyone gets too much older. I hate the thought of dying and not knowing how the creators originally planned for this end. First world problems.
05-26-20 21:07 [Delete] [Edit]

TP doesn't have the fan support it needs to launch a franchise and those of us who've been fans since the beginning don't want a starwars or disney. I just want the promised continuation a
05-26-20 21:04 [Delete] [Edit]