Media Wars

Mar 10, 2015News, The Pretender Lives

Who’s team will you be playing for? Good or evil? Jarod or the Centre? 

Pick your side, follow Jarod or characters from the Centre, and voice your opinions on each article based on each team you’re playing for. If you are a Pretender fan and you end any scenario in the top 5, you can win a Pretender t-shirt!

To start playing, just go to  and register for a free account. You can pick whatever nickname you’d like, no need to be associated with the Pretender.

To join one of the teams, you need to follow the characters of the side you’ll be playing for (the Centre or Jarod) and pay attention to their comments, messages and Buzzes. This will give you insider knowledge that will help you get ahead in the game – Team Jarod will tip you off on the “good” agenda, while Team Centre will tip you off on the “bad” agenda.


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Media Wars

Good or evil? Jarod or the Centre?