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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just a depressing poem I've been working on for a while now. And thank you Blademistress for being my beta and making it not suck.

Hope you like it, and as always R&R please :)

Edit: I changed it a bit, there were/are still some part I'm not too happy with. So don't blame Blade for my purple prose :P

Droplets falling with fear and regret,
Forming a pattern he wish to forget
Go sing your love song, you who stand in the dark,
Close your eyes tight, don't watch your life fall apart
He doesn't know, too late will he see
That the choice he made will not set him free
It tangles him further, wheels him in tight
The voices chant "Murder!" while he dreams of the light
You keep those dreams, don't ever let them go
'Cause in darkness you will stay, and dreams will be all you know
We all need the lies.
So we wish,
That things are predicable,
But the choice was never his

A forgotten lullaby plays on and on
At first he remembers, but soon the moment is gone.
She's driven by fire, captured by ice
He loves her, he hates her. "Hate" said the dice
He wavered with the steel in his hand
But the hourglass was empty, there was no more sand.
Flowers on the table, flowers in her hair
Screams quickly fading leave the silence of prayer
He swayed to the rhythm of the lost and the dead
"Tonight I will join them," that's all he said
We all need the lies,
So we wish.

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