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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM, TNT and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Love Letters - Part 1
By Stefi

Sydney and Broots went into Parker's office, to find her at her desk, a mountain of sheets in one hand and the other one typing on the computer's keyboard.

She looked up, annoyed. "Well? Do you intend to stay there 'til Doomsday?"

"A letter, Miss Parker... uh, from... ah, Jarod, yes... " Broots stammered as the woman grabbed the envelope. "... I think."

The tech looked at Syd with resigned eyes: it was too much to expect a kind word from Parker, even if it was only a thanks. The elder man smiled at him and turned his gaze on her.

"I was beginning to think that Wonderboy had forgotten us." Parker ripped the envelope open and began reading. Her right eyebrow raised up, then she frowned. Her eyes opened wide and her lips parted with amazement. The two men exchanged concerned looks: they never saw Parker speechless.

She stared at them with an incredulous look on her face.

"Miss Parker?" Syd was worried. "What's happened? What's in that letter?" She didn't answer and continued to read the message.

Broots, though his concern, tried to give a look, it doesn't happen everyday that anybody gets to see the Ice Queen reduced to silence. But Parker stood up abruptly and she kept on reading by the window.

It was incredible, absurd! She WASN'T reading this, was she?

It was only a joke, it HAD to be a joke! Her fingers covered her mouth, she was absolutely shocked. Parker breathed deeply, bending again the papers. What the hell had Wonderboy got into his mind this time?

Parker turned around to find her two co-workers with their worried eyes still on her. She took the envelope from her desk and gave it to Broots.

"Search everything you can about it." Broots looked at her, confused. "NOW!"

The poor geek rushed out the room to comply with his boss' wishes.

Sydney tried again to talk to her. "Miss Parker." The woman stared at him, but it was clear that she didn't see him. Her mind was away. "In God's name! What had Jarod written to you? Why are you so upset?"

Parker answered slowly, still not sure of what she had just read. "Your. Freak. Has. Definitively. Gone. Crazy." Parker then left the office, the letter in hand, as Sydney continued to stand there speechless.

Broots felt Parker's presence before he saw her. It was like the moments before an earthquake, everything stops and there's a dead silence. Then the pandemonium. So was Parker.

In a second, she was at his shoulders, shaking his nerve-system. "Anything?" She hissed in Broots' ear.

"Really, Miss Parker, you don't-"


The poor man sighed and gave her a note. "It seems... " Broots began as Parker read the address "I didn't have any trouble to locate him. It seems almost... "

Parker stared at him. "What?"

"Well, Jarod didn't use his usual ways to... well, I... "


"It seems as if Jarod wanted to be found."

She narrowed her eyes. "I'll satisfy him right now."

"Are you leaving alone?" asked the calm voice of Sydney, from behind her.

"Of course, Herr Doktor." She said as she made her way out.

"Parker! What happen? Please, tell me. You've never been so... beside yourself." Parker stopped for a moment, but then she went out, without giving an answer.

Syd sighed, passing his fingers through his hair. Broots seemed as puzzled as his old friend. "But what's wrong with her, this time?"

"If only I knew it!"

Parker was sitting in her seat as the plane was ready to leave. (Son of bitch!) She thought (I'll kill you! And this time's for real!) She still didn't believe it. But what did he expect? What's the purpose? Of all his tricks, this one was the most absurd! (I'll kill you, Jarod!)

Sydney's cell rang. "This is Sydney"

"How are you?"

"Jarod! I was really thinking about you!"

"Oh yeah?"

"What have you written to Miss Parker? She was shocked!"

"Ah!" Jarod felt a thrill of fear in his heart. "Is she coming?"

"Yes, she left more than an hour ago and she was very, very angry"

"Oh-oh! Is she armed?"

Syd stared at the cell. "Is she armed? What kind of question is this? But it's obvious!" The psychiatrist almost shouted. "She's always armed!"

"Sorry Syd, I have to leave, I have a pressing purchase to do."

"A purchase? Jarod, what are you talking about? What it has to do with Parker? What purchase?"

"A bullet-proof jacket"

Jarod came back at his place in the late evening. He didn't hope neither for a minute to manage avoiding Parker and her sweepers. But maybe lady-luck was at his side.

"Yeah." He muttered "If I were lucky, Parker would take the wrong plane and she would end up to Alaska." He never felt so nervous and scared. Yes, scared. Parker was unpredictable when the rage took her.

"God, if You really exists, protect me."

His home.

There were no black sedans, no sweepers, and no Parker. He felt almost disappointed.

"Don't worry. She's inside for sure." He said to himself.

Inside the building, everything seemed as usual. Usual noises, usual voices, music and TV on in the background. As usual.

Will, the janitor, smiled at him. "Hi, Jarod. Late, tonight?"

"Yes, I saw some friends. Has someone come looking for me, today?"

Will shook his head. "Waiting for someone?"

"No, not really." Jarod made his way to the stairs.

But before he walked away he asked once more. "You're sure that no one asked about me?" Will just stared at him.

"Jarod, I'm here exactly for this. No one asked about you. Are you waiting for some girl, maybe?"

Laughing, they said their goodnights.

Jarod sighed. He didn't know whether to feel relief or disappointment. Maybe she really did end up in Alaska.

The pretender opened his door and as he made a step inside the room, he felt a violent push on his back that made him crushed directly on his bed. Jarod heard the door slammed as he tried to stand up and run, but a 9mm in front of him made him change his mind.

Parker. Alone. Armed. Angry. Adorable. A- let's see, A as in... what else?

"Well?" The soft, dangerous voice of Parker cut out his thoughts.

"Oh... Yes... Parker, hi to you, too... " the poor Jarod swallowed as the gun came closer to his head. (Shit! She's really ANGRY!)

He jumped as she abruptly took something from her pocket. "What's this?" She asked showing him some papers. His letter.

"I see you received it." He was trying to take the conversation (Conversation? With Parker? An angry?) onto a level a little more quiet. But clearly, Parker had different intentions.

"What. Is. The. Meaning. Of. This. Letter." She hissed menacingly. Jarod tried again to speak but Parker cut him off again. "What's your game, this time? Or is it a pretend? Have you some girl's heart to win?"

"If you give me time to explain-"

"I DO NOT want to listen!"

"Then why are you here?"

Parker narrowed her eyes, her look was dangerous. "To kill you." She whispered softly.

Jarod began drawing back on the bed.

"C'mon, Parker, you're kidding, I only wrote you a letter. Why killing me? It isn't a great sin, c'mon Parker, let's talk about it." He tried to escape from her gaze and her gun, but no matter where he went he was still in plain view of both. "Why so angry? I did nothing bad. Do you react always this way to the love letters?"

Very bad idea!

"SONOFBITCH!" She punched him on his nose.

"Ouch!" Jarod covered his face with his hands, to find them covered of blood. "Thank you so much, Parker, I really needed that!"

Parker aimed her gun at him again. "Then Wonderboy, why did you write that load of bullshit?"

Jarod looked at her with hurt in his eyes. "It wasn't bullshit." He said.

"Okay. A new game, then? Explain it to me, please." She smiled with fake kindness. "I'm not sure I know the rules"

Slowly, Jarod sat on the bed "No game, Parker. It was only a letter." He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and began to clean his face from blood.

"No Wonderboy. Too easy. Nothing is easy with you. What's the purpose? You have always a purpose." She leant down so they were face to face. "Maybe to give me have an heart-attack? Or did you have a death wish?"

Jarod shrugged. There was nothing to do. (She'll never listen to me) He thought. "No purpose, Parker." He whispered "I mean... yes, there was a purpose... " He stared at his own feet " make you know... what I feel... " Deep breath "... for you... " (Now she shoot me) "... and to know... what do you... feel... for me... " His voice faded away as his head bent down so that his chin was sinking into his neck.

(That's right. This is the moment of the truth. Will she kill me, or will she listen to me?)

No bangs. No yells. Maybe she went away? He couldn't see a thing in the position he was in, except for his hair on his chest. Jarod dared to look up. Parker was still there, with a blank look on her face. Luckily, the gun was pointing down, because that look of her didn't say anything good.

She went closer to him (Oh God, what she'll do now?) Jarod watched her as she put her gun in the holster (Whew!) He watched closely as she retrieved the letter from her pocket and showed it to him, as if to say --you see it?-- And with slow, resolved gestures she ripped the sheets, one, two, three times. Then she threw the pieces in air.

"Don't try it again, Labrat." She hissed.

Jarod was staring in her face with a look hurt-filled, hopeless and... incredulous. Parker drew back to the door, opened it and walked out. Without a word, without a look back. She wanted only go away. Away from him, from his eyes. Away from what she saw in his eyes. Panic was getting hold of her. She drove back to the airport, running as if her life was depending on this.

Jarod stayed still, staring the closed door. "How can you to be so beautiful and so cruel?" He whispered to the empty room. He felt like crying. But men don't cry, right? Slowly, he stood up and, with care, he picked up the pieces of his letter and of his heart.

Jarod sat on the bed again and took out his cell.

"This is Sydney"

"It's me, Syd." Jarod whispered.

"Jarod! Are you okay? Have you seen Parker?"

"Yeah, I saw her. She was really angry!" He tried to chuckle but failed miserably.

Sydney felt his 'son' sighing deeply. "Jarod." He talked calmly "What's happened? It's all about that letter, isn't it? Tell me the truth. I want to help you. I want to help you both."

"It was nothing important, Syd." The pain in the younger man's voice was so strong it was tearing Sydney's heart out.

"Only... only an unsuccessful attempt." Click.

End part 1


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