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Story Notes:

This is the first fanfiction I dare publish... I have a multi-chapter work in progress but I want to finish it before thinking about publishing!

I want to thank Mirage (whose work I love!) for convincing me to publish.

And I apologize to FaithParker because we chose the same pen-name (with just a space making the difference!) but I don't think I can change mine years after registering.

Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm not necessarily a big fan of Zoe (loved her in the first episode she appeared but there were gaps in the continuity in my opinion when they made her come back) but I thought she deserved a real ending to her story.

She had been waiting for him for a long time. He wasn't there when Major Charles saved her, had briefly come back to explain how his former boss thought he had stolen confidential information from the company – a story she had not believed but only pretended to believe – and had left as quickly as he came.

She had been in hiding with Major Charles and Emily for a long time when Jarod came back. He looked tired. Through the happy smiles upon embracing his family and her, she saw the pain and the hurt. He explained he missed his mother on an island, never explaining the exact circumstances that prevented him from reaching her. He told her a vague story of a storm. Half-truth.


She went to look for him after dinner. He was standing outside, looking at the stars, with longing in his eyes. She slid her arms around him and held him slightly. His arms circled her in response. Automatic response. She asked him if he felt okay. Her question was a mere whisper. So was his positive answer. « You'll find what you're looking for. You'll find her. » He thought she wasn't refering to the ''her'' he was thinking about. She was.


She joined him in his bedroom. Not for sex, just to talk. It was obvious he needed a friend to talk to, and she was one. She asked again what happened on the island with his mother. Away from his family, his story got a bit longer, even if something was still missing. Someone was still missing. « I'm sorry you had to go through this alone. » She was offering an opportunity to free his mind, his heart from the burden. « I wasn't alone Zoe, I had you on my mind all the time. » He didn't take it. His response was offered with the perfect charming smile. One that didn't reach his eyes. He was sweet, but it was slightly insulting. Apparently, he didn't think her to be observant, or clever maybe. Lies.


So she kissed him sweetly and lay on the bed next to him. For him, it was a kiss showing her love and happiness at being back together. But she was kissing him goodbye. She deserved no lies, and he deserved to be free. Their time together had been fun mostly, profound in matters of life and death, but it had never been an 'I love you' kind of relationship. Honesty was the only thing left between them, but it had vanished with her kidnapping. Truth.


She waited for him to be soundly asleep, and slipped out of bed. All her belongings were already packed in her room. She put her boots on and her red jacket. She silently walked out of the house, unnoticed by Jarod's younger brother – another lie obviously given Emily's reaction when she met him, but she didn't ask and didn't want to know actually – who sat on the couch, reading a book.

No written notes were left. Jarod was clever, he would finally understand. He didn't need her to explain. He didn't need her, that's all.


She entered her car and started the engine with a smile. She wasn't longing for his tenderness anymore. She was longing for road trips, midnight bath and lemonade sold by young children full of dreams. Freedom. He had saved her from herself, it was time she freed him from her and the responsibilities he felt towards her. The road awaited her.

Chapter End Notes:

Voilà! I hope you liked it or if you didn't , I hope you can give me advice to improve ( and bear in mind that I'm French but would gladly appreciate comments about grammar or vocabulary!)

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