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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: Not mine. Sadly.

I hope you enjoy it!



.·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .L.·. .·. .·. .e.·. .·. .·. .o.·. .·. .·. .n.·. .·. .·. .i.·. .·. .·. .e.·. .·. .·. .1.·. .·. .·. .9.·. .·. .·. .8.·. .·. .·. .8. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·.


Miss Parker walked down the long corridors of the Centre and couldn't believe what she had just learned. She had known her father was dead, but now they actually found his body. Some fisherman had him in their net. Fitting somehow. But that was not the whole reason why she was so agitated. A lawyer had just contacted her and told her, that she was from now on Baby Parkers legal guardian. With Brigitte dying in childbirth and her father gone, she was the only one left. Well besides Lyle, but who would give a little child to such a man? She thought the Centre would find some way around it, that it would try to keep him away from her, but they failed and now he would be living with her! Could she care for a baby? Miss Parker, the alcoholic, the workaholic, the unhappiest person on earth?

But that was not the only thing she worried about. She was not a workaholic by choice, she was one, because if she didn't catch Jarod before Lyle did, she would be killed. Not the best condition to change ones entire life. She went down to her car; she wasn't up to any more work for now and it was already late. For a while she just drove around to free her head, but without even noticing it, she ended up in front of Sydney's house. What the hell, now she was here, she could at least say 'hello'.

She knocked and shortly after, she heard movement on the other side of the door and it opened.

"Miss Parker! Why are you here? What can I do for you?"

"Oh Syd, I don't know what I am doing here, I just ended up here, while I was taking a little drive."

"Come in and sit down, do you want something to drink?"

"No thanks."

"I am sorry for your loss."

"Don't be, I'm not."


"I'm the baby's legal guardian now."

"You are what?"

"Don't be too surprised, I am his sibling, it makes sense. I just wonder if they had a look at me first."

"I thought the Centre would…"

"I did too, but obviously the Centre wasn't fast enough this time covering their tracks, so social services placed him in my care, starting in two weeks to give me time to adjust."

"What about everything that is going on here? With Jarod and Lyle and Raines?"

"I really don't know, I really don't know."

Sydney looked a little bit overwhelmed and sad.

"Sydney, I know this is hard for you, chasing Jarod, even though you would like to see him free for ever and seeing the Baby, who has the same destiny in his future and you can't do anything about it, but I promise you, I will try everything to not let that happen, you know that right? I would love to just be free and go away with him, but I won't be any good to him dead. At the same time though, I also want Jarod free. I thought about it a lot since the island and I am certain now, that I cannot continue to hunt him, but I must… it's either one way or the other. It hurts so much. I can't make such a decision!"

"You could always run away."

"Run away? With a child and with sweepers on my heels? Jarod could do such a thing, but not me."

"Parker, you are special too. With a little practice you could do things Jarod can do, too. Raines and Lyle would never have to know. You tell them that you are trying to find new ways to predict Jarod's next step."

"But we both know, that pretenders have to be trained from an early age on to develop their full potential. I am too old."

"No you are not."

"What?" Miss Parker looked genuinely surprised.

"I wrote those reports. I lied in them so they wouldn't try to slave you too, as soon as your mother was dead."

"So it could work? You could teach me to be a pretender?"

"Yes I could. It's hard work though, we would have to do it at night and preferably not in the Centre."

"At my house?"

"When it's not bugged."

"I have Broots check the whole house twice a month with a detector, he never catches anything."

"That's it then. Are you sure you are up to that?"

"I am sure. We 'chase' Jarod at day and plan my escape at night. What's with you? Don't you want to get away?"

"I'll stay and look out for everything here. Angelo, Broots and me will be your moles." he smirked.

"Angelo is Jarod's mole."


"Last week I caught him sending Jarod an e-mail with our plans and some information. Don't worry, I didn't do anything."

"Well it must have been somebody, he is somehow the logical answer."

"Yes he is. We can't tell Broots about this though. We would put him and Debbie in huge danger. I wouldn't want to risk them."

"Me neither."

Suddenly Miss Parker did something, she had never done before. It was so unlike her, that Sydney squealed in surprise: she hugged him.

"Thank you Syd! Thank you, I wouldn't know what I would do without you right now."

"It's alright Miss Parker."

She released him slowly.

"We didn't always have the best relationships, there were times were we didn't trust each other with our secrets, you withheld things from me and the other way around, but that has to stop. I put my live in your hands Syd, I trust you with all I have, so please trust me too."

"Promise." Now it was Sydney's turn to pull her in a hug.

"Thanks." and he pulled away again. Now both of them had tears in their eyes.

"Look at us, crying and hugging."

"Don't tell Broots or he wants me to hug him too!"

"Oh yes, he seems rather fascinated by you."

"Shut up."

"The good old Miss Parker."

"I hate the name Parker."

"Your name?"

"Yes. My fathers name. Perhaps I should change it to my mothers maiden name… I don't even know it, she never told me."

"It's Little, but Miss Little really doesn't suite you, I'm sorry."

She grinned and chuckled a little bit.

"You're right."



AN.: I know her maiden name wasn't Little, but I hate changing the characters names in my story, I get confused too often.

.·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .L.·. .·. .·. .e.·. .·. .·. .o.·. .·. .·. .n.·. .·. .·. .i.·. .·. .·. .e.·. .·. .·. .1.·. .·. .·. .9.·. .·. .·. .8.·. .·. .·. .8. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·.


Miss Parker drove home and now sat in her living room looking around. This place really wasn't a place for a child, nothing to play with, sharp edges and things to fall down from. As soon as her brother was here and she was through with the training she would be over all hills. But she'd miss this house, the memories of her mother linger in this house as if she was here watching over her. Parker could see her mother in her mind wrinkling her nose over her for trying to bring back Jarod for all these years. She must be so disappointed, she died while trying to free them and her own daughter does the opposite.

But now she couldn't sit around, she had to plan and organize a lot of things for her escape. She needed false ID for her brother and herself to leave the country and she needed cash, a spare weapon and a lot of baby stuff of course. What did a baby need? Diapers? Clothes? And what kind of toiletries? A car seat. Yes.

So she contacted an old friend from College she could trust and had nothing to do with the Centre, to arrange the ID's and a save flight to Spain and then Switzerland, form where she'd go to Germany and stay there for a while. The old College Friends name was Elisa and she lived in Hamburg, where Miss and Baby Parker could stay for a while until it wasn't save anymore or Parker found somewhere even safer to go.

It was already late and so Parker decided to go to bed and start fresh in the morning, because she knew she wouldn't get much sleep for the next few weeks.

She was very afraid Lyle would do something to Sydney to get information about her as soon as she left, but she just wouldn't tell him where she went.


To be continued...


.·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .L.·. .·. .·. .e.·. .·. .·. .o.·. .·. .·. .n.·. .·. .·. .i.·. .·. .·. .e.·. .·. .·. .1.·. .·. .·. .9.·. .·. .·. .8.·. .·. .·. .8. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·. .·.


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