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Story Notes:

Um. Story notes?

Jarod knew what she wanted the second she opened the door. She would never admit it. Not to him, not to herself.

"Well hello, Miss Parker. Please, come in."
All ice, she confidently crossed the room, stiletto on tile.
"Time to go home, Jarod." She was calm, glacial as she drew her weapon.
He glanced behind her. Same old scenario with a twist. No sweepers.
"You didn't come here to retrieve me."
A knowing smile played at his lips.

The closeness they'd shared in Carthis had sparked their imaginations. He felt it too. Curiosity. Mutual need. Uncharted territory. Forbidden fruit.
It had been a long time for her, a very long time. She had deprived herself for so many years, but Jarod knew that she had once thrived on the stuff. Her appetite insatiable.

The craving could no longer be dismissed.

Jarod swiftly disarmed her and, tentatively, he replaced the object with another, making an offering to his huntress, one she could not refuse. He'd always wanted to do this with her. Always.
She was hesitant, her eyes searching out the surroundings. They were indeed alone.

"Close your eyes."

Parker obeyed, felt his right hand touch her hand and gently guide until she could feel the hardness in his left hand.

The potential ramifications were staggering.
If they were this.
Danger, intrigue, doubts, questions abound.

"Don't think." He whispered.

Wasting no more time, she took the sizable offering in both hands, gently touched, caressed and as their eyes locked, she brought to it her mouth.
They both moaned as her tongue tasted, simply testing the flavor. Apparently, it suited her. Her tongue circled, her fingers tightened.

Parker wanted to sink her teeth into it, and he must have sensed that before pulling back just a little, teasing her with it.

"To rush would be a shame." He whispered, a small smile on his lips.
She reached for him, pushed his hands away and took more of it into her mouth.
"You like that." He whispered.
"Mhm." She moaned, savoring this stolen moment and then, without warning, she sank her teeth into it.
"Oh!" He exclaimed, watching her tongue work frantically. "Hmm, it's going to drip all over the floor." He pulled a handful of napkins from the chrome dispenser.
"This was your idea."
"Yes but I didn't think you'd bite it."
"I got a little carried away." She patted at the corners of her mouth.
"I'd say so. Tell me, how was it?"
"Just okay?"
"It was only your first time." She whispered.
"What should I do differently?"
"Go easy on the nuts next time."
"I didn't realize-"

"Add more marshmallows, hmm, and more chocolate flakes. No nuts."
"It's Rocky Road, Miss Parker, there are supposed to be nuts. None of the customers complained."
"You asked."
"Yes." He smiled. "Yes, I did. Perhaps you can stay a little longer, and maybe we can" He paused, "learn something from each other."

"You? Teach me? Don't be ridiculous."
"You'd be surprised what I could teach you."
"Don't flatter yourself, genius boy."
He grasped her hand, leaned forward. "Stay." He whispered. "I could show you the proper way, ice cream first and then the cone." He grinned, leaned closer. "Among other things."
"Yes. I could teach you many, many things, Miss Parker."
She smiled predatorily, leaned forward, until her mouth was near his.

"Rain check." She hissed with a smile before pivoting, crossing the room and exiting the newly opened ice cream shop without even so much as a backwards glance.

She'll be back. 

Chapter End Notes:

Fire at will

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