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Story Notes:
This is a short fic written in response to fanfic100 challenge, #99, Empty.  


Disclaimer: I do not own the Pretender, the Centre or any of the characters. I am just pretending to, for a shortwhile...

Author's note:
This is a short one and it's rated PG.

True Colours


Jarod was gone. Soon they were going to come for him, he knew, take him to the empty cell and demand answers.

Where is Jarod? Jarod was gone, anyone could see that.

« Jarod. Gone.  Jarod gone. JarodgonejarodgonejarodgoneJARODGONE! »

Focus, Angelo. Where is Jarod?

He could feel them all around him. His mind like kitchen roll soaking up the bright colours of their emotions spilt all over the cell. Daughter was angry-surprised. Sydney was happy-scared. The other man was just scared. Scared of Daughter and scared of Angelo. Yes, he could feel them all, but could even one of them feel him?

He started rocking back and forth, humming a dislocated tune. Sad. Lonely. Scared. So many shades of pain coloured the floor around him. But now, they were all blind to his colours. Faith was gone. Timmy was gone. Daughter was... Daughter had left. And now Jarod was gone.

This is useless, his jelly brain is even wobblier than usual. Feel free to waste your time, boys, I am going.

The man Angelo didn't know scurried out after Daughter. Sydney's colours glowed brighter once they were alone and he knelt down.

Angelo. How is Jarod?

Angelo smiled. Sydney knew the right questions.

« Jarod. Free. Sydney, Jarod free. »

Sydney stayed silent for awhile but all his colours melted into one.

Very good, Angelo. Let's take you back now.

The older man left and Angelo followed, giggling as he admired the rippling patterns which Sydney's shimmery hope-colour drew on the ugly walls of the sublevel.

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