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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.

Summery: What happened if Jarod went back in time and told Mrs. Parker about his life and what her daughter went through.


Back In Time

Jarod stared at the house that he saw Mrs. Parker and little Miss Parker went into. He had done it and gone back in time. He had hoped to change his life and what Miss Parker had gone through with the death of her mother. He was still behind the tree when a car drove up and a blonde haired girl got out and walked to the door. She was the same age as Miss Parker and must be her friend from school before she went away. The girl went up to the door and knocked waiting for it to open. The door opened and Miss Parker came out with a coat on and walked with the girl to the car. The were talking about what movie they were going to see. At that age he was doing pretends that hurt and killed people and here was Miss Parker was going off with a friend going to a movie. Something that he never had a chance to do when he was that young. He did go to one movie and that was the second year he had escaped.

He watched as the car pull away and drive away and then he walked up the walkway. He knocked on the door and waited for Mrs. Parker to open the door. Mr. Parker wasn’t home yet and for that he was grateful. He knew that Mr. Parker worked late at the Centre.

“Hello, may I help you?”

“Mrs. Parker.”


“Can I talk to you?”

“I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

“Yes, you do. But it’s going to sound strange.” He looked Mrs. Parker in the eyes and then started talking. “My name is Jarod. I have come back, so that you can change your life, your daughters and my life. I am what the boy inside the Centre will grow up to look like. You hid my parents Major Charles and Margaret at your friend’s house on a farm. They had a baby and named her Emily. When my brother and me were stolen you hid them, so they wouldn’t take my sister. You hid them at Harriet’s house.”

“How do you know Harriet? Did you hurt her?”

“In my time yes, I knew her. She was the one that told me that you hid my parents there. I found out that I had a sister and Kyle was my brother. She told us that she had contacted her through St. Catherine’s. She knew you when you were at the church and that you rescued her when she fell in the water. I also know that you had twins a girl and a boy. The boy was born first and you thought that he was stillborn before Melanie was born, but he was given away at birth through Nugenesis. The same place my parents took me to get tested and that’s how they knew I had the pretender gene and they stole me in the middle of the night with a hood on my head. I know Angelo used to be a boy named Timmy. Your daughter and me were friends and would go on adventures inside the Centre. Sometimes Angelo would go with us too. We found a girl named Faith who was dying. She was your adopted daughter. Miss Parker looks exactly like you when she grows up.”

“How do you know this and my son died?”

“No, he didn’t die. He was given to a family.”

“I have this that I can show you.” He held up the Halliburton case that he had brought with him. He knew that they couldn’t be changed.

Mrs. Parker looked at him and decided to let him in.

He opened the case and inserted the disks. He played all of them. She saw the one that was used to kidnap a witness and the one that they killed Kenny. He also inserted another one.”

“I’ve already seen that one.”

“That wasn’t me. That is my clone and his name is Gemini. I did a cloning simulation while in the Centre not knowing it was going to be used on me. He was part of the Gemini Project.”

“How could they do that?”

“Because the Centre is greedy.”

“Please just hear me out, Mrs. Parker.”

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