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Author's Chapter Notes:
Written for the tP 10th Anniversary Remix.
Original story by icd.
Note: Thanks to icd for looking over this for me!!

Parker slammed out of her office after reading the results Broots had given her. He had finally managed to locate the source of the phony lead for Jarod, a phony lead that had landed her in hot water with the boys in the Tower, barely managed to scrape past without landing herself into another T-board.

Lyle. He mightn't like computers, but he seemed to have discovered that they were useful for sending her on wild goose chases and getting her in trouble with the PTB’s. It was times like these she wondered why she spent so much time of her childhood wondering what it was like to have a sibling. She would see all the other kids at school had siblings, and was envious. She now understood the inside knowledge she had been excluded from – an only-child had it easy!

Forcefully shoving open the doors to her demented twin’s office, Parker strode in, the sharp clicking of her heels impacting on the polished stone floor resounding around the office. She ignored the bastard’s temerity to look surprised at her abrupt visit, rounding the desk, assuredness flowing through her movements.

“So nice of you to pay me a visit,” Lyle smiled at her calmly, surprised again when she turned his chair to the side roughly. He smiled up at her when she leaned down to him, giving him the up-close and personal treatment. He knew she was coming onto him, but Parker was just too stubborn to admit it to herself. “Something on your mind?” He had a sneaking suspicion it was going to be something boring and serious.

Gripping the arms of the chair, Parker leaned into her hands, bringing herself down to be at eye level with him. With her weight leaning into her hands on the arms of his chair, she prevented him from turning the chair without really having to force the issue. “You sent me on the wild goose chase, you’re the one responsible for the flack I copped.”

“You should see someone about these delusions you’re having Parker, they could be serous,” Lyle shook his head, feigning ignorance to the reason of why she was getting her panties in a twist, why she was taking the up-close and personal approach. “Perhaps Sydney has a free moment to discuss them?”

Parker grabbed his jaw when he was getting smart; blue eyes blazing with anger clashing with blue eyes that were just blazing. “I know what you did Bobby,” she hissed, purposefully using his first name so he would pay attention and stop hiding behind the façade that he was guilty of nothing.

Without any thought or emotion registering on his face, Lyle was in motion before the last heated syllable was off her tongue. Grabbing her hand from his jaw, he surged out of his chair, gathering momentum before forcing her against the wall.

Holding her bodily against the wall, Lyle planted his hands either side of her head, watching her face. The anger that had been on her features moments ago was replaced by surprise. Before she could start fighting him, he leaned towards her ear with only a minimal shift in his posture. "Don't call me that again, sis," he whispered dangerously, inhaling a sharp breath of her scent for effect. Standing so closely against her, he felt a shiver surge through her. If it was because of his words, his sharp inhale or his breath against her skin, he wasn’t sure.

The muscle in her jaw tightened, knew he could see when he was watching her from the corner of his eye, seeming disinclined to correct his close proximity. “Lyle,” she gritted out through clenched teeth. The words were meant to be a warning, and she wasn’t confident that she had control of her voice, that her tone sounded calmer than she felt.

Lyle grinned openly at her obvious discomfort with him being so close, the small shift in her stance that he could feel against his body. His eyes glistened darkly at the shakiness that had crept into her voice. Was it a note of worry, panic, or could it be something else?

He would never tire of the effect he had on her, triumph bloomed when it only took his presence or a few well-chosen words before he got to her. The primal instinct of possessiveness rose in him, and he did nothing to dissuade the sensation, in fact he encouraged it to manifest. Lyle barely bit back the growl the thought evoked. He always wanted to possess her, ever since he first saw her in their father’s office, the knowledge of their twin connection changed nothing. He would possess her, an inch at a time.

And what was possessing someone without a few ground rules laid down? If it was something he detested it was being called ‘Bobby’. “Don’t ever call me that again,” he repeated his warning, his voice still low, his lips hovering millimeters from touching her ear as he spoke.

Again she shivered when his warm breath fleeted over her skin. Her hands, that had been motionless up until now, rose to plant against the front of his shoulders. “Let go of me!” she barked at him just as she shoved him roughly away from her, opening enough room for her to escape where he had her pinned to the wall, moving into the open space of the office.

Lyle let her go, not attempting to restrain her or hold her back. If he wanted to force the issue, he could grab her and reel her back, but there was absolutely no fun in overpowering her. No, this would be far more entertaining if he waited for her to come to the conclusion herself. He laughed softly at her defensive posture, the sound of amusement quiet but still loud enough for her to hear.

Straightening her posture defensively, she shot him an angry look over her shoulder, inwardly cringing at the look on his face. He certainly had a death wish.

A shiver rushed through his body, thrilled by the look in her eyes; they were alive and burning with anger. A tingle tickled at the base of his spine at the almost haunted quality in her pale eyes. He just leaned his shoulder against the wall casually, watching her go, a dark smile forming on his lips.

Parker bared her teeth in a silent growl, disgusted and angered by the way he was watching her. Squaring her shoulders, she turned and slammed out of the office without looking back at him. The bastard was deliberately aggravating her just to get his jollies!

* * * *

Parker could swear Lyle was doing everything he could just to torment her. There was absolutely no reason for him to tag along on a lead that would most likely amount to nothing; he was just there because he knew it bothered her.

Since they had gotten into the limo, not a word had been spoken; the air was heavy with discomfort and tension. Lyle watched her openly since she had climbed into the limo, a small smirk playing on his lips that did nothing to betray his thoughts to the two fools in the car with them. She was tenser than she usually was, and he knew the cause. He was getting to her. It was only a matter of time before he wore down her defenses. Her stiff posture; her shoulders squared resolutely, her mouth drawn into a thin line, anger radiating off her sharp features. It was obvious she was reluctant to be in such close proximity with him after all their encounters. What did she suspect he was going to do? Grab her in front of Freud and the jittery tech?

The annoying lab rat did have his uses – said uses did not involve blowing up his car – the fruitless hunts Jarod sent his sister on did serve his purposes. It gave him a chance to be in an enclosed car or jet with her, working patiently on getting her defenses down. If Jarod knew that he was aiding the enemy by sending Parker on these bogus leads, the last thing Lyle would have to worry about was Jarod blowing up his car.

The thought earned a quiet chuckle, and from the corner of his eye he could see Sydney’s expression change to his patented ‘something is going on that I must analyze’ look, while the tech shifted uncomfortably in his seat, clearly wishing he was somewhere else.

While his sister was the complete opposite; she didn’t react openly, instead she resolutely looked everyplace where he wasn’t in her view, therefore a way she could ignore him – staring out the window, watching everything go by in a blur. While she didn’t react obviously, she still reacted – the increase of the tension in her body.

Lyle smiled darkly when he was unable to resist the opportunity to make use of her increased discomfort, knowing full well she would be too proud and too defiant to protest in front of her two Stooges. Casually shifting in his seat, Lyle reorganized his legs, consciously brushing his knees against hers. With the movement that appeared accidental, he alerted her silently that he was aware of her renewed tension, and also refocusing her attention to his presence. She was doing her best to ignore him; he would do what was necessary to hinder her efforts.

He smiled to himself as he watched the tension mount in her while she shifted away, trying to put more distance between them. Lyle suspected Parker was feeling the car was on the claustrophobic side. Again, he chuckled softly, thoroughly enjoying himself.

Clenching her jaw tightly, Parker bit back any comments that threatened to make themselves heard, continuing to stare out the window. The bastard was doing this to annoy her, but if he kept it up he was going to be looking down the business end of her gun. She knew Lyle was sick, but he was outdoing himself by lusting after his twin.

* * * *

Going through the motions of the pursuit, Parker gave a sharp nod of her head for the Sweeper to kick in the door. Moving in ahead of the Sweepers, her gun drawn out in front of her, she wasn’t surprised to see the room empty. By now, with so many failures, Parker would be surprised if the room wasn’t empty.

“He’s gone - again,” she growled in frustration, letting her gun sink down to her side. Her karma was going from bad to worse lately; bogus leads on Jarod that sent them halfway across the country, and Lyle’s disturbing advances. Her demented twin viewed the bogus leads as nothing more than an excuse to take his sick act on the road.

Lyle cast a surveying glance around the room before returning his attention to Parker. She was beautiful when she was angry; her eyes sparkled like two pale embers. He would never tire of the sight, so that explained why he was continuingly goading her to react. He wanted to see her eyes sparkling with an emotion other than anger.

Sydney stepped into the room after them, looking around the empty room before looking between Parker and Lyle. Something seemed off about their behavior; Lyle’s presence was getting to her more than it usually did. The tension between them was thick and awkward; it was almost like a living thing. “The Super said he must have just left. He saw Jarod only an hour ago,” he said in an attempt to disarm the potentially dangerous situation.

With his gun already returned to its holster, having only taken it out for the brief moment so not to be caught by surprise on the off chance Jarod was still there, Lyle stood behind Parker, his hand lightly seizing her wrist that still clutched her gun. He inhaled deeply not far from behind her ear. “Indeed, I can still smell him,” he whispered provocatively, his words heavy with double meanings and innuendo.

He then stepped back, moving away from her, giving orders for the Sweepers to pack everything up. He was putting distance between them now because he had no intention of getting himself shot. With how tense Parker was, it would be very easy for the gun to suddenly go off. A bullet wound interrupted with his plans.

His attention didn’t stray from Parker once his back was turned, wanting to ensure she wasn’t going to do anything foolish. He saw only minimal changes in her posture that wouldn’t be apparent to anyone else; Lyle could see them because he looked.

Parker glowered at him over her shoulder, her eyes narrowing at him. She carefully controlled her reactions, ensuring she returned her gun to its holster, and not sent a quick succession of bullets into Lyle’s body. She wouldn’t give him the perverted satisfaction of reacting. Whatever crap Lyle was smoking lately, he needed to cut the dose!

Once more he admired her strength, her determination and refusal to show what she felt. Her controlled reactions would have dissuaded a weaker person, but not him. Instead, it only added to his desire to possess her, it fueled his belief that they were the same. She controlled her reactions to him, it was what he would do; she wouldn’t allow anyone to believe they could control her, it was what he would do.

He would possess her, but only because they were the same. He would possess her because he could, because he was the only one with that right.

* * * *

Going home that night only to end up pacing the length of his apartment, bored and too keyed up to do any work, Lyle decided a casual, unintentional I was in the neighborhood visit to Parker. He was getting to her, he knew now was the time to increase his efforts, wear down her resistance when she was on her back foot.

Doing a drive-by past Parker’s house, Lyle noticed that her car wasn’t parked out front. He knew she wasn’t at the Centre, she had left before he did – she was making a habit of leaving earlier so she didn’t run into him as they both prowled the hallways – he wasn’t deterred however. He had followed her on several occasions; he knew the places she haunted when she wasn’t at home. Not surprisingly, they were all bars.

On the third attempt, Lyle finally located her Porsche parked out front of the bar. Did Parker think she was able to get away with driving under the influence that she wouldn’t plow headfirst into the first solid object she came across? Lyle knew how much she drank; her blood alcohol level would be enough to down a small elephant by the time she called it quits tonight.

Entering the dimly lit bar, the stale smell of cigarette smoke assaulting his senses the moment the door opened, Lyle scanned the patrons, locating Parker; the far side of the bar, with a stranger sitting opposite, busily chatting her ear off. She was clearly bored, trying to get rid of the moron without going to the extent of making a scene, but the drunkard was obviously not taking the hint.

The thought that the lab rat might be nearby, watching her here or at her home – Lyle didn’t think a little voyeurism was beyond Mr Self-Righteous’ capabilities – just as he watched her resulted in a darkening of his expression; something between a scowl and a grin, indiscernible in its intent. They wouldn’t get to have her - not the rat and certainly not the jerk currently flirting with her. She was his and his alone. There was a look but don’t touch policy in effect.

Shaking himself from his musing, Lyle strolled over to the booth, sinking down beside his twin, rather closely, bringing them into contact from knee to shoulder. It was the decent thing to do; bail his sister out of a boring conversation.

Contemplating the number of ways she could kill this moron without making a scene as he droned on without end, Parker was snapped from her thoughts when she was bumped as another form sat down beside her. Closely. Shock instantly drowned out the boredom when she came face to face with Lyle. She couldn’t go five minutes without running into him!

Lyle held her gaze steadily. “Sorry, I’m late,” he said, clasping her hand on the table, squeezing it once but not letting go afterwards. When she tried to draw her hand back, his grip tightened fractionally.

When she was too shocked and irked by his presence, Lyle looked at the stranger. He was in the way, his presence was not appreciate here. Narrowing his eyes, he watched the man stand up and quickly retreat. Whatever he had seen in Lyle’s eyes had made him flee the bar. Lyle smirked darkly. He loved the effect he had on people; it was so easy to scare the common element.

“Lyle, what the hell?” she snapped when the other man was gone, sharply wrenching her hand away from his. She wanted to move away from him completely, but she counseled herself to be still. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of showing weakness, of offering him the scent of blood he was after.

He could see the desire to slide away in her eyes, just as he could see the refusal to move away, to show weakness. A flare of wanton desire raced through him. He wanted to possess someone as strong as Parker, and he would. Time and patience, and his constant pursuit would give him what he wanted.

“You looked like you could use some help to get rid of the jerk,” Lyle said calmly, leaning back in the seat comfortably as he watched her.

Parker snorted silently thinking to herself, getting rid of him and stuck with you in return. Perfect. At least the jerk wasn’t trying to feel her up, or practically sitting on top of her as Lyle was now. The thought must have shone in her eyes as she stared at him, her body tensing when she felt his thigh move against hers.

Parker growled at him, jabbing her elbow into his ribs. “Don’t do that!” she hissed at him darkly, attempting to rise to her feet only to be pulled up short when Lyle grabbed her arm, keeping her seated.

“Oh c’mon Parker, the night is still young. You can’t want to leave so soon, I just got here,” Lyle smiled at her charmingly, still not releasing her arm.

“That is the reason I’m leaving, now let go!” she snarled and shoved his shoulder roughly, forcing him onto his feet before she slid out of the booth. She had no intention of remaining there, indulging the perverse delight Lyle got out of tormenting her.

When she brushed past him as she got out of the booth, Lyle casually slid his hand down her back, briefly feeling her ass through the tight jeans. He grinned broadly when he saw her tense, but instead of reacting to the gesture determinedly stalked out of the bar.

Watching her go, his eyes roaming over her form hungrily, Lyle sank down into the booth, chuckling quietly to himself. He saw no need to pursue her further tonight, he wouldn’t get anywhere by backing her into a corner. He was making steady progress with the constant pressure. Nothing would be gained by him rushing her.

* * * *

Parker had tried shaking him off several times already that day, but Lyle just kept coming back for more. He could tell she was close to giving him, she was about to stop resisting him. He knew it so absolutely that he had intensified his pursuit of her. She was almost his.

It was a challenge to possess her – he loved challenges! – and he had no intention of walking away now when he was so close to getting what he wanted. Even at the end she resisted him with everything she had, it only managed to heighten his enjoyment and determination. He was so close to getting what he wanted he could smell it.

Each time he had approached her today, Parker had thrown everything in her arsenal at him; she had tried ignoring him, threatening him, fighting with him every chance she got. Except this time when he cornered her in her office, trapping her against the wall she didn’t fight, she didn’t threaten him. She was still. There was something in her eyes that hadn’t been there earlier, something he couldn’t identify immediately.

“What do you want from me, Lyle?” she asked quietly. She was getting tired of his constant pursuits. If Lyle got what he wanted, maybe he would cease this unrelenting chase. She knew he was persistent when he wanted something, but she didn’t believe he could be so exhausting. He didn’t quit!

Lyle allowed more of his weight to lean against her, pressing her firmer against the wall. The sound of her uneven breathing sent a shiver up his spine, the smell of her perfume filling his nostrils and the feel of her body against his made the possessiveness flare in him.

“Don’t ask questions you know the answer to,” he whispered, closing the remaining distance between them, his lips ghosting over hers. He could taste the lingering taste of alcohol on her lips as well as another taste that was distinctly Parker.

Parker didn’t resist the kiss, nor did she return it. She didn’t care that this was wrong, she just wanted him to stop hounding her. If he got what he wanted, his persistence in claiming the prize would wane. The fight was what spurred him on; if she just accepted his advances he would get bored. That was her hope anyway.

When she didn’t fight him, Lyle allowed more of his weight to bear against her, feeling her chest rise and fall against his as she breathed. She didn’t even resist when his hands moved beneath her blouse, skin and leather impacting with the silky skin of her back.

When he was pushing her bodily against the unyielding wall, Parker found herself reciprocating when the kiss deepened, her arms rising under their own volition to link around his neck, holding him into the kiss.

The moment she responded to his caresses, offering her own, Lyle could now put a name to what he had seen in her eyes moments earlier: acceptance. She was finally accepting what he had known all along, had tried convincing her of ever since they first met: she was his.

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