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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Special thanks to Danielle : - ) for her incredible fast and good job in editing this! Thank you very much!!
Also to Emily, she started the Picture Story Challenge, without it this story would not exist! So Emily this is for you!

"No, you stay here! " Jarod placed a hand at the wall to keep her from moving away. He was furious. It was to late anyway, but he wanted to hear why. "Now I am waiting", he demanded.

Miss Parker kept her gaze on his left arm, her mind was racing, trying to come up with an explanation. He was just too close and she never saw him so angry. He had every right to be, from his point of view. She knew there was no other way.
"Jarod.... " she trailed off, trying to gather her thoughts. 'Come get a grip, you know it is the best way.'

A silent battle in her head.
She could feel herself slowly slipping back into the cold unmoving image she had pretended to be so many years. He never had believed her, maybe now.

"Jarod", she began again, her voice now clear steady raising her gaze , looking him directly into his eyes. „what do you want, this is all none of your business, and you know the whole think was just an accident."

She saw his eyes darken a bit more.

"Nothing more than another little science experiment", she curled her lips up in a little smile, raising one eyebrow at him. Mocking him, making a joke out of him and his feelings. For a split second she thought he would slap her.

"Science experiment? " he choked. This could be not true, she would never... he stared in her eyes....dark blue and sparkling in the dim light. Laughing, laughing about his feelings. He was such a fool, everybody had seen in her what she was, only he demanded that they all had been wrong. That she was not cold and selfish, uncaring. Now she was there in front of him against that damn wall

After he received the file he tried to reach her, to hear that it was faked, that it was not true. He wanted to hear .. yes what ? That she loved him , that she never would do anything so cruel?

He tried to ask her, he called her, but as soon as she heard his voice she ended the call. 24 hours and he finally was able to catch her alone. Now here he was looking at her hearing her words, but not believing them. A little voice in his head came up and told him he had always known. 'What have you expected? She is a Parker'

It was even more horrible to see her leaning back, relaxed confident unmoving.... uncaring.... than the call he made earlier, his last try to get her into talking over the phone. But Lyle had picked up. He had laughed at him, what he still wanted, it was already to late. He better should deliver himself to the Centre......

With this he simply hung up. His laugh still echoed in his ears.

But this was nothing comparing to her silent laugh. He had to fight not to take her and shake her, try to get an sense or any feeling into her mind.

He simply had to admit that she had lied, nothing she had told him that night had been true. It had been a kind of game for her, nothing more, he was a toy for her, used and thrown away.

Miss Parker could see his thoughts racing, his expression changing from shock to deep disgust, not hate, or pity, just disgust, it was like a knife in her heart. She could not tell where she got the strength to keep up her attitude. Her heart cried out not to believe his eyes. But her performance was perfect. She was in her own way as well trained as Jarod. Not by sims but by her life.

Jarod slowly pushed his body up, away from the wall, away from her. He took two steps back, his gaze roaming over her body.

He shook his head in disbelief., but he could tell it was the truth. His friend was dead, died long ago in one of the dark corridors of the Centre, dead and buried with her mother. She had lost her soul, has sold it to the Centre. It was true, the file was no fake, she had done it.

"How could you do this? " he asked, with this he turned and moved further to the shadows of the night. When his
figure was not more than an outline he turned a last time, glanced back at her, still leaning against the wall.

"This little science experiment was our Baby. You have killed our child, I hope you are happy now. " with this he vanished into the darkness.

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