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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Above and Beyond
Part I

by CK

Miss Parker’s short skirt was tight around her thighs. Her silky shirt barely hiding her voluptuous curves. She leant towards him; slowly exhaling with a look no one could misinterpret. Her lips gently brushed his own, then firmly kissed the nape of his neck. She grasped his hands and directed them towards her shirt – inside her shirt. Then the shirt was off. She used her tongue to unbutton his own. Her black velvet bra pushing up those delicious curves pressed against his chest. He held her face in his hands as he tenderly but sensuously kissed those lips.

"Take me, I need you" she whispered in his ear as she gently nibbled on the lobe…

Broots awoke in a hot sweat. Damnit why doesn’t that dream ever get any further than that? He took a deep breath. No he can’t think about her in that way any more. Where were her handcuffs that time? Stop it, you’re a grown man stop having these adolescent fantasies. Yes, she is a very attractive women, and he probably wouldn’t say no if she did come on to him. But the possibility of that happening was slim, and that was optimistic. Broots sighed as he settled back down in bed again. He knew sleep would be hard coming. He couldn’t get the image out of his head.


"What are you doing here" Miss Parker spat at Brigitte. "Get out of my chair".

"No kisses for Mommy? Doesn’t matter. Daddy dearest sent me to find out how Jarod is taking his return." Brigitte didn’t move from the chair. Her eyes stared through Miss Parker like she already knew the answer, but was just playing games.

Miss Parker hated that. She didn’t even try to hide the look of contempt that crossed her face.

"Wunderkind is just fine. He’s not happy of course, but soon we’ll break him and he’ll be everyone’s favourite pretender again."

Brigitte slowly got out of the chair and crossed the room towards MissParker.

"Good job, princess. Continue on". With that, Brigitte patted Parker on the shoulder – the one that had taken the bullet. Pain burnt into her body, but Parker didn’t allow Brigitte the pleasure of showing it.

She merely stared Brigitte out of the room, then calmly shut the door. She then let out her breath with a grunt of pain.

Parker checked her desk thoroughly, ensuring that Brigitte hadn’t taken, touched or seen anything. Parker was fairly confident that she hadn’t, but still the paranoia was suffocating. Mr. Parker had no need to send the little woman to find out about Jarod. He could observe the sessions Sydney and Broots were running himself. Or ask Sydney. He was the onewho understood the mumbo-jumbo of the freak’s mind. She merely observed herself, as the simulations ran.

Sydney said they would curb Jarod’s sense of individuality, his longing for life outside of the Center. She thought a few more physical demonstrations of the Center’s power might just break his will. But Sydney was right. Having Jarod completely willing to do the Center’s bidding would be better for all concerned.

It was just taking too long. But she would never admit that to Brigitte or her father in case they decide it was time to put Raines on the case. She shivered as she thought of what that nutcase could do to warp Jarod’s mind. What he had done to the young Jarod clone was bad enough, but if he was let loose on his experiments… Miss Parker would free Jarod herself rather than let Raines have control over a pretender. And that was why she was still at the Center, despite capturing Jarod. Raines was going down. And she needed Jarod for that. Jarod in complete mental health that is.

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