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By:Apollo's Girl

Disclaimer: The belong to 1013 and Mulder and Scully do belong together Oops, wrong show The characters belong to NBC and I'm just borrowing them. Don't worry I will put them back where I found them. I am a good little girl.


Miss Parker looked at the package on her table with unease. She could tell it was from Jarod. Who else would leave a box wrapped with dancing ballerina bunnies on her coffee table. She walked around to check her house, but saw no sign of forced entry.

"Probably made a copy of my key somehow!" She said under her breath. It wouldn't surprise her if he had. She just wondered how he got her key.

She sat down on her couch and looked at the package. Finally curiosity getting the best of her, she slowly undid the wrappings and opened up the box. Her eyes opened in surprise. It was her mother's old ballet slippers. She remembered when her mom would put them on and dance for her. Sometimes her mother would hold her in her arms dancing with her to the music of the Nutcracker or Swan Lake.

Memories taking hold of her, she slipped on the slippers and began to dance around the room. Remembering the steps she once learned as the child. Music of her memories filled the room as each step brought back the sweet memories of her mother.

In her mind she was once again the young girl dancing with her mother. They danced and danced till the music ended. Miss Parker looked around the room and brought her arms around her. A tear fell down her face.

"I miss you Mom." She whispered as she curled up on the couch.

Jarod stood outside watching her as she danced around the room a small smile on his face. He only wished that he could join her. He watched as she curled up on the couch, tears running down her face. He wanted to go in and wrap his arms around her and tell her that everything was going to be okay, but instead he slipped into the shadows and disappeared.

When the tears subsided, Miss Parker looked up at the window where Jarod had been standing. "Thank you." She whispered.

The End

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