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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM, TNT and NBC Productions and used
without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Ending Changed
by Kassa

Jarod, Miss Parker and Ethon stumble through the door and Jarod's father rushes forward to have Ethon shoved at him by Miss Parker when he moves toward Jarod. Zoe is not in the room! Miss Parker with Jarod stumbles toward the spare bed. As they reach the edge of the bed, Miss Parker stumbles over something (shoe?) and they fall forward onto the bed. Miss Parker, while falling, twists trying to save them but only ends up on her back, half under Jarod for the second time that day. Jarod mumbels

"Now don't get used to this intamasey. Only these special circumstances permit, Ok!". They both laugh weakly before Jarod passes out. Miss Parker manovers herselfout from under Jarod and onto her good side, and with no energy left to get up of the bed, soon follows Jarod into oblivion.

Moments after Miss Parker passes out Zoe enters (from bathroom?), see's Jarod and Miss Parker and hurries over to stop short at the sight of slightly smoldering clothing before her. She turnes to Major Charles and Ethon and demands

"what happened here?".

"They were in an explosion I'm guessing. Try to help them while I talk to Ethon here". "Whaa..." she starts to ask, but Major Charles has turned back to Ethon. Zoe sighs in confusion but takes up a pair of sissors, returnes to the bed and carefully starts to cut Jarod's coat of him. the main focus turns to Ethon and the Major, though with Emily's bed and behind that Zoe, Miss Parker and Jarod in the background. The Major speakes,

"Ethon do you know who I am?" looking at Ethon who sits hunched and rocking slightly.


"Well Ethon I am Jarod's father",

"Jarod is my brother!" Ethon shoots back,

"Yes" reassureingly "He is your brother and he is my son"

"am I your son then?" Ethon askes uncertinatly.

"Yes Ethon, you are my boy!". Ethon looks up with a strange mixture of emotions in his eyes, relief, surprise, uncertinty.

"Dad?". Major Charles smiles at him but Ethon spins suddenly and pionts at Miss Parker's back, "Jarod said she is my sister too, she sound's like mom" he hestiates "She looks like mom too I think". The Major looks around in surprise "can you tell me her name? Ethon?"

"I can't remember, I hit my head when the train exploded and it hurts".

"So it did explode. But wait, let us have a look at your head". Zoe walks over. "Jarod's back is fairly badly burned and the woman's left side is almost as great as his back. May I ask what happened?" Ethon suddenly alive and enthusiastic states

"Jarod saved our lives. In anycase he stopped us from being cooked alive in the fireball".

The camera shot goes to a head shot of Jarod and Miss Parker. Both are out cold, Jarod on his stomach and Miss Parker on her left side facing one another with little scratches and burns on their faces and a little singed hair. Their forheads are touching and they look very peacful. Major Charles voice comes drifting over, "If she is who I think she is, that's a very ironic scene. The hunted and the huntress sleeping together like lambs!" He chuckles softly to himself.


The camera comes up on the celing of the (nunnery?). The camera slowly swings to the left for a view of a sleeping Emily. Miss Parker's face comes into view with a bandage around her forehead looking left. It is obviously through her eyes the camera was looking. She looks puzzled and tries to sit up. She winces in pain and favors her left side and almost immediatly Jarod comes over and presses her back down.

"No Miss Parker, rest" he sayes kindly to her.

"Jarod?" she sayes in obvious confusion "What happened?".

"Don't you remember the explosion? Though the way you hit your head I'm surprised you managed to drive us here!".

"What are you talking..... Oh, that really happened didn't it!". Jarod laughes at her and "I've missed talking to you somtimes!" Miss Parker smiles tiradly at him.

"So it is Miss Parker is it ! I thought so".

"Dad!" Jarod sayes smiling and getting up to meet him. "where've you been?", "Oh just out getting some supplies, Oh it's good to see that your Ok son" he comes up and takes Jarod's face between his hands and shakes it a little. All the while Jarod is grinning his head off. Emily makes some small awakaning sounds and both turn to her and sit by her. Ethon comes up and sits by Miss Parker,

"So big sister" he says to her smiling shyly "are you feeling a little better?". "Thank you Ethon I feel much better". She smiles at him and his smile becomes wider. Now Zoe enters and seeing Jarod runs over to him laughing and he laughs back at her but sayes

"my back!" She stoppes but he opens his arms to her and she comes on and he hugs her though she cannot hug him back.

"Are you Ok?" he askes her "Did they hurt you?".

"NO I'm ok! it's you we have to be worried about!!".

"What happened?" Miss Parker askes of Zoe

"Of course, how rude of me. Zoe this is Miss Parker, someone I......ah used to work for, sort of! And Miss Parker this is my girlfirend Zoe!"

"You Jarod, with a girlfriend?" she smiles

"hey!" he laughed at her

"but you haven't answered my question Jarod!". The laughter leaves his face "She was kidnapped by your brother, most likly so that I wouldn't go and stop Ethon and the train." Zoe looks at Miss Parker in confusion

"Your brother?"

"Lyle! Then how..?"

"Dad went and rescuded her for me, so I could go and rescue Ethon, lots of dignatries and strangly enough....You! and bring you both back here" She frownes at him "I've got to go back Jarod" he comes over to her and sayes seriously to her "You can't go back straight away with your burns and plus I can't afford to let you go until we are ready to leave"

"Your probably right, but I don't think I can just sit back and let them think I'm dead. There are one to many empty graves around here!".

"Probably right about what? your telling about us!"

"You know very well they would know I've been with you and they would probably find a way to get that infomation before you leave" "I know too well" uncomftorable pause "But don't worry about your death, I'll ring Sydney tonight and tell him I've kidnapped you teporaraly, unless you'd rather stay dead. For I can only see this as an easy way out of the centre. You would be leaving nothing you couldn't live without. Your brother canablises young asian woman and your father is, well, I really see only Sydney and Broots as the only obsticals!", She contemplates the possibilitys for a while but "No, ring him I will live, there's things I still need to know" Then "Broots?" This makes Jarod laugh out loud and the 'spell' is broken.


It is night and Sydney is sitting at his desk in half light contmplating. The phone rings and he is quick to pick up. "Hello Sydney" comes out over the speaker, Sydney sighs, a little in relief and a little in disappointment, he was hoping for a different vioce "Hello Jarod". Broots walk's in "Is it her?" Sydney holds up his hand but "Hello Broots, Hoping for a different voice perhaps?",

"oh hello Jarod, ah do..."
"So who could it have been that you were waiting for? Hmmm" a voice is heard in the background, "Who was that Jarod?"

"Oh you heard that did you Sydney? Your still sharp! Well I'm here with almost everyone I love. There's my dad and my sister and my girlfriend and my brother and his sitster, but unfoutunatly I haven't found my mother yet". Broots.

"You have a girlfriend! well to my thinking that's just a little unfair! And your dad and sister I knew about". Sydney.

"And your brother must be Ethon whom I am assuming you got off the train after rerouting it, so HIS sister must be.."

"Miss Parker!?" "

" you gussed it, an...."

"Oh move over Jarod! Yes it's me and I didn't die though I feel like it.."

"Which reminds me I must check that bump on your head!"

"Yeah, wait until later, so I am being held hostive until they are ready to go so that I don't rat on them!!". a pause then

"But Parker, this is your perfect oppourtunity to escape this place!"

"You know Syd, that's exactly what I told her! Well chow for now, a little rest is what we need right now. I'll call again and I would tell you how to reach me but you know, I'll ring in a few days just to make sure there are no funerals being arranged"

"Miss Parker?"

"yes Broots?"

"I'm really glad your OK!"

"yes Parker I also". The dial tone rings out as the line is broken. Broots looks across at Sydney, but Sydney just sits back and smiles secretavly.

Somewhere else Jarod slips a phone away and pats Miss Parker's hand. He moves away and she is left looking alone.


Two weeks later. It is early morning and Jarod has been out but is back, and all the others are just waking up. Even Emily has been up a few times. Major Charles is up and Miss Parker is in the shower but getting out. "Hi dad, are you awake yet?",

"Hi Jarod. And yes I'm as awake as I'm ever going to be!"

"Good, cause guess what! There's a big fair thing on and I thought that mabye we could all go!". Miss Parker walks in from the bathroom and her shower. She looks very fresh and she is drying her hair. "I hope you don't expect me to go Jarod!",

"but of course I expect you to go Miss Parker, it's going to be a family outing. I think even Emily can come as she's been much better!"

"mabye you forget! but I'm not family Jarod" "No I've not forgotten, but you are Ethon's family too. And therefore you must come"


"Ah no arguments please, We'll go just as soon as everyone's ready!"

Half an hour later they are all trooping out along the street. Miss Parker is in her boot-heels and flying black coat, a dark maroon top and a short black skirt. Jarod wears dark casual men's clothes and a three-quarter jacket. Zoe is in a bright top and shorts, Emily in a long floral dress and Major Charles in an hawian shirt and shorts. The fair is only about a block away and they soon arrive. Jarod is excited, he has not had a family outing before, none of them have, and this is a new experiance for them. The camera coast's along the street beside them, with parked cars passing between the camera and the five. Every one is happy and fairly excited, and though Miss Parker is her usual bitch-on-heels, even she can't entiraly hide behind it today. They get inside and Jarod takes hold of Miss Parker and Zoe's hands and pulls them forward and off to a bumper car ride on the left. Zoe catches hold of Ethon and pushes him toward a car, "come on Ethon you gotta have a go to!" he laughes but sayes

"I don't know how to work them"

"Oh it's easy, you spin the wheel the way you want to go and press that pedal with your foot to go forward."

"Well ok" he agrees uncertinatly and climbs into his car. The others are all in their cars and they start up. The camera now just films them all having a good time. Miss Parker, and all of them are laughing and bumping into each other, while Emily trys to take photo's while driving.


The next day. Miss Parker is seen walking up to the door into the rooms where they had all been living. She stops before opening the door as she has heard Jarod speaking to someone. "Ok Sydney thanks, bye" she hears him say and the sound of him putting down a phone. She frowns and starts to turn away from the door but Jarod opens it and looks at her "Are you comming in Miss Parker or should I come out and carry you in?". He opens the door wider and she steps through and goes and sit's on the chair, crossing her legs. "Ok speak, how did you know I was there and what did Sydney say?". Jarod comes over and sit's on the bed next to her chair.

"Well as you are going back to the centre I really shouldn't tell you but I will. When you are nearby I can feel you. It's like a little warning bell goes off in my head, the back of my neck tingles and the hair there stands on end. The same sort of thing used to happen when your mother was around except it wasn't as strong and it was in my fingertips not my neck." He smiles to himself "I remember one time when the both of you were outside my door saying somthing before you came in. The sensation is quite plesant and I had started to smile. We were only fairly young and when you both came in the door the tingling got stronger and I started to chuckle. But when you got over to me I burst out in laughter, I remember Sydney was in the room and he looked apsolutly amazed, you were pouty bec.."

"Because I thought you were laughing at me. Mother was smiling. I remember it because it was the only time I can ever remember you laughing! and that was why?"

"That was why though I was happy too see you. You know, when I think about it I get the same feeling around Ethon!"

"So you think it may be this sixth sence? But how can it be? I mean I have it weakest if at all but you sense me strongest?" She gets up and starts to pace " Parker, have you considered that it just might be me and my relationship with you?" She stoppes and looks at him

"What do mean by that?" but Jarod dosen't answer and goes off on another track

"Sydney said that Lyle has been leering at him for the past two weeks, and yesterday it was found out that you were on a train that exploded and you are assummed dead!" Parker looks troubled "Jarod..."

"Don't worry, it's all taken care of" He takes her hand.


The next day. An empty road, country with large shady (oak?) trees lining it. A red convertable roars past. The camera swings up and Jarod is driving with Miss Parker next to him and Zoe next to her. Major Charles is sitting in the middle back with Ethon on his left and Emily on his right. They pass a drive with a big tree right next to it and Jarod pulls over, hop's out and indicates Miss Parker should get out too. He goes to the boot and takes out the few things Miss Parker owns, (could be anything eg small bag with things in it) and puts them/it down at the side of the road. Ethon gets out of the car and goes up to Miss Parker, "Are you leaving now?" he askes mornfully, "It looks like it" she smiles sadly at him.

"I wish you didn't have to go, I'll miss you!" she laughes/coughes

"I'll miss you too. Your my kid brother!". Zoe get's out of the car and takes something out of the boot. Ethon moves forward and hugs Miss Parker aroud the waist. She hug's him back when suddenly he sweeps her off her feet and swings her around in a circle a few times. Miss Parker laughes and a click is heard, Zoe had gotten a poloride camera out. Ethon slowes and stoppes and puts Miss Parker down and Zoe comes forward and "Can I get a picture of the three of you?". "Sure" Ethon enthusiasticly puts in, so with Ethon in the centre, Jarod on the left and Miss Parker on the right, two pictures are taken.

Jarod moves over to Zoe who hands him the poloroids and says "goodbye Miss Parker". Ethon turns to Miss Parker. "Goodbye" he says then whispers "I love you" and kisses her on the cheak, she gives her laugh/cough again and watches him as he and Zoe get back in the car.

"Goodbye Miss Parker" Emily calles and

"Bye Parker, I hope I don't see you again for my boys sakes! But don't take that personally. I like you!" from Major Charles. She acnologes them and they turn away and Jarod and Miss Parker are 'alone'. They face each other though Jarod looks at his feet for a few moments and the camera shot is of only him looking down. He looks up and meets her apprising look and they stare at each other for a few moments before she says

"You were always very hansome as a boy!"

"And you were always very pretty as a girl!" she gives him a brilliant smile and he smiles back, steps forward and hugs her and in her ear goes "You still are! Just like your mother". He pulls away a little but retains his grasp on her and wipes away the single tear thet makes it's way down her cheek. "Do you remember what I promised you after our first kiss?". The camera goes to a 'flashback' centre recording of a much younger Jarod and Miss Parker pulling away from each other and the glass they had kissed through. They sit quiet for a moment then Jarod says "One day I'll give you a proper kiss without any glass between us, I promose you!". The young Miss Parker smiles at him and says "I hope so!".

We go back to the present day pair, Miss Parker is wide eyed and, "You don't mean.." she trials off. "Yes. I always keep my promises in the end" he leans forward and takes her mouth with his. this is no little peck! While engaged he slips something into her pocket.

The camera switches to a view of Sydney and Broots. They are sitting in a car and obviously not far away watching the pair. "I don't belive it! Is she.. are they...? I don't belive it!"

"Yes Broots, they are, now hush!" Sydney sits back with a mysterious smile.

Jarod finally breaks it off. With their faces still close he says quitely to her,

"Goodbye Miss Marine Parker" she puts her hand on his cheek and carresses it a little

"Goodbye Jarod". He breaks the embrace and presses the three polaroids and a packet of photo's into her hand and moves back toward the car. With sudden insperation she takes off the medallion from around her neck, "Jarod," he turns "catch!" she tosses the medallion to him and he deftly catches it. 'Take care of it for Sydney, my mother and me!" His smile is at it's best as

"I will" comes as he hoppes into the car and takes of with only Ethon waving back. She stands with her coat tails whipping around her legs, the dust from the car blowing back her hair flying out behind her, and the empty road behind her, making a very lonly figure as she watches the car depart. Sydney and Broots come up behind and flanking her but she is not surprised. She opens the photo packet and takes out three photo's while Sydney takes the polaroids. The photo's are off her and Jarod on a big merry-go-round, Ethon and Jarod ganging up on her on the bumper cars. and finally a group photo with Jarod's arms around Zoe and Miss Parker, and Miss Parker's other arm around Ethon (and so on). She looks up from the photo's and reaches into her pocket, bringing out her gun, this time she is surprised. She looks at the car again.

The song 'You Steal My Sunshine' comes on as the camera goes to the drivers side and shoots Jarod with Zoe leaning forward to turn the song on, and the three in the back. The camera moves round until it's filming through the windsheald. (Song vollume down)"So son where are we going?", Jarod laughs "I don't know Dad, why don't you choose!". (Volume up again) and the car zooms out of the picture.

Sydney askes (during repetitive part of instramental) over Parker's shoulder "Do you think we'll see him again?". Parker's eyes focus a little

"I really don't know Syd, I really don't!". Sydney brings the polaroids up in front of his face. The first shows Ethon swinging Miss Parker around with Jarod to the side, all three are laughing. The second is the three of them lined up as Jarod, Ethon then Miss Parker smiling at the camera. And the last is of the same order except Jarod and Miss Parker are smiling at one another over Ethon's head, while he still smiles ahead. Sydney lowers the photo's with a sigh to come face to face with Miss Parker. "Take me home Syd" she says softly, slinging her arm around Broots' sholdurs, "take me home". Sydney takes her arm and starts to lead her to their car, while the song chorus starts up again and the camera flyes up into the air. It gets furthor away till you can see the car going in one direction and the three in the other.

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