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Disclaimer: I don't own 'em NBC does..

WARNING: This is pretty corny...

A Man or a Mouse
by Jody

Broots stared at the computer monitor in concentration, when out of the blue he saw something white nibbling on his sandwich laying on a near by table. He looked closer and discovered....a furry white mouse. The mouse was happily eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich oblivious to any other beings in the world. Broots, in need of serious recreation, saw his big chance. In seconds Broots was in hot pursuit.

He wadded up a paper and swiped the mouse across the room. It thumped hard against the wall with a loud squeak. Broots glanced around to make sure no one was observing his new found game. Luckily, the door was closed and no one was around to care. Satisfied that it was between him and the mouse, he continued. Broots lunged for it, stomping it where the mouse had just fled. Broots discarded his newspaper in disgust over how useless it was. Broots was enjoying his game of matching wits with a mouse, when he slipped on the polished floor, hitting his head with a painful thump against his desk. It was now no longer a fun little game. It was now war.

The mouse seemed to understand the change and appeared to fly around the room. Broots was putting up a fair fight but he was no matched for white greased lightening. He slammed into a plant, regrouped and grabbed a thick users guide to computer programs, of which he was certain was a far better weapon than the newspaper. The mouse was beginning to slow down under the onslaught, when Broots cornered him. Broots eyed the mouse, the mouse eyed Broots, sizing each other up and both finding the other wanting. Broots, thinking himself the victor, crept in for the kill, when in one fluid motion the mouse jumped out of the corner, scaled the wall and jumped out the window to safety. Broots swore in frustration under his breath and looked around the trashed room. He was just about to clean up, when the door flew open showing a serious Miss Parker.

She came into the room and barked, "Broots, Jarod's been doing experiments on certain kinds of mammals and has sent us a package, it has a chip inside that tells us information on his last months' activities. Have you seen a white mouse? And what the hell happened to this room?"

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