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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM, TNT and NBC Productions and used
without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

A New Beginning
by Kammy

Miss Parker was on her way to her office when Broots found her.

"Miss Parker, you're not gonna belive this!"

"Good morning to you too Broots."

"Oh...sorry, but this is really important!"


Before Broots could answer a tall man in a black suit and his men passed them. He's face was strict and creepy.

"Who the hell was that?"

"That's what I'm talking about. He's the new director to replace Raines. His name is mr. Jacoby."

"The new director?"

"He's crazy, miss Parker. He's the devil himself."

"Relax Broots."

"He's changing every last thing here in the Centre. He even took your office away."


"That's not all. He demoted Lyle and he lost most of his power."


"Mr. Jacoby wants to turn a new page in the Centre. He has big plannes, unfortunatly non of us fit in them."

Broots lowered his voice as some Jacoby's men passed them again carring boxes of Centre documents, dsa's and reports.

"Find out where they're taking all that."

Broots never got to reject to that because miss Parker was long gone.


"This is Sydney."

"Do you prefer panncakes with strawberry or granberry jam?"

"Jarod? I haven't heard from you in a long time."

"I've been busy. Looks like so has the Centre."

"You mean our new director?"

"I did a little research on him. He has been working for the Centre since 1980 in Germany. He has been associated with several murders and bombings. Certanly fits in the Centre."

"There is nothing any of us can do about it."

"What about mr Parker?"

"He left for a business meeting in L.A. a week ago. No one has heard from him since."

"I'll look into that."

Jarod hanged up the phone and turned back to his computer. On the screen were phone records of David Jacoby. Recant calls were all to the same number. Jarod traced it and a new name appeared on his screen. Rico Parezi.

"Rico Parezi? What business are you doing with one of the biggest gundealers?"


Broots stepped in miss Parker's new office. It was much smaller and darker. Miss Parker sat behind her table staring at the walls. She was oviously irritated by the things that were happening.

"What did you find?"

"You won't belive what I saw."

Miss Parker listened to him expressionlesly

"The files Jacoby's men were carring were to destroy. They burned piles of documents and dsa's."

"Jacoby wants to get rid of Centre's history?"

"Yes. I managed to get away with these. I'm not sure what they are, but there's Jarod's name on them."

Broots gave miss Parker five reports. She opened one and read.

"The result of the first meeting. Signed by mr. Raines"

"What meeting?"

"Looks like some meeting of Raines and...Jarod."

"Jarod? This must be something highly hidden. Why else were there no dsa's of their meetings."

Miss Parker closed the file. She knew what Broots ment. Only records of Raines's and Jarod's meetings were in that file.

"Thanks Broots."

She took the files and left her new office. She couldn't risk anyone finding out about them.


Jarod walked down the hall of a big hotel. He was wearing black suit which made him seem like a business man. He took a seat at the bar.

"What can I get you sir?"

"I'll have an oringe juice."

The bartender walked away. Jarod took a look around. Many other guests had came down to have an evening drink. He then saw his reason to be in the bar - Rico Parezi. Jarod had had no difficulties finding out where mr Parezi stayed while his visit in the states. He was drinking alone. Jarod took his juice and went to a table next to Parezi. He had come up with a plan how to get the information from him, but Parezi made it much easier. His phone rang.

"Parezi...yes...very has been taken care of...yes, mr Jacoby...tomorrow ten o'clock...the old wearhouse...good."

He put his phone away. He had given Jarod more information then he had hoped.


Miss Parker took a seat on her sofa. She was ready to go through the files. In last 5 years she had to face many questions and discoveries, but this one made her nervous. What business did Raines and Jarod do without absolutly anyone knowing of it.

She opened the files. The first meeting was dated about a year before her mothers death. She started reading. Soon she raised her eyebrows.

"Raines turned to Jarod to come up with a plan how to make another pretender?"

As she read more she felt sick. Every word made her want to cry untill she broke into tears. She took her jacket and went out of the house leaving everything behind as it was.


Jarod looked around at the old wearhouse. He had easyly found out which wearhouse Parezi was talking about. He had fallowed one of Parezis men.

He was looking for a place where he could hide to see what business Jacoby is doing with Parezi. He soon found a good place behind the boxes. Everything was ready for the evening.


"Broots, have you seen miss Parker?"

Broots turned around and faced Sydney

"No, I haven't talked to her since last night."

"She should be at work already."


"What, Broots?"

"We found something yesterday. Some files Jacoby wanted to destroy. Maybe there was information in them that miss Parker went to check or something?"

"Could you go to her house. I would go myself, but I have an assignment to do."


Broots started walking away


"Miss Parker?"

The door was opened. Broots went inside. It was not like miss Parker to leave her door opened.

"Miss Parker?...Hello?...Miss Parker?"

He didn't get an answer. Instead he noticed the files on her desk. He crabbed them and went outside.


Mr Jacoby had just finished his lunch and returned to his office. He took a seat behind his desk.

"Mr Jacoby? You wanted to see me?"

"Come in Frank. How are things going?"

"Everything is taken care of. The bombs are on place. Parezi doesn't suspect a thing."

"This is just perfect. With Parezi dead I get hold of his property."

"Jes, sir."

"But the best part of that... it's also the end of Jarod."

"I'm sure the information has reached him."

"As much as I know Jarod, he will be in that wearhouse tonight. And that is the last step. Jarod will be history."


"This is awful, Sydney!"

Broots had taken Sydney to a place they could talk.

"What did you find?"

"Well...not miss Parker, but these."

"The files you were talking about?"

"Sydney, I looked into them and It's...unbelivable."

"What is it? Reports of Raines's and Jarod's meetings?"

"Yes. Raines wanted Jarod to come up with another pretender. Jarod was the one who told him that he can't do a pretender with his machines, but it must born naturally. At their second meeting Jarod told him that Catherine Parker could be used for that because of her inner sence."

"This doesn't make any sense, Broots. Why didn't I know anything about it, why didn't Jarod know?"

"Maybe Raines eraised it from his memory, just like he did later."

"But why would Jarod help him? To create another pretender?"

" says here that Raines promised him his freedom. In fact these meetings took place away from the Centre...that only confirmed his promises."

"Jarod got a taste of the real world and went along with it."

"Yes. Raines took him out at nights...five times."

"What else happened?"

" was Raines's idea to use major Charles as the father, Jarod didn't know about that. However it gets worse. Jarod...he told Raines...that...the only way to use the pretender afterwards was to take him away from Catherine Parker and tell her that the baby died."

"Jarod said that?"

"That's not all. For the second possibility he offered...he actually just mentioned that, but know Raines."

"What did he mention?"

"That Catherine Parker wouldn't give up on her baby unless she was dead."

For couple moments both of them stood there in silence

"Can you imagine what does it do to miss Parker. All these years she has been lookin for truth, there was no one she could trust, not her father, not her brother. Only Jarod... even if she didn't want to belive that. And now she found out that Jarod had a part in her mothers death. Intesnionly or not, but he did."

"What can we do to help her, Sydney?"

"I'm afraid there's nothing we can do. thing bothers me. The dates of these meetings were from 15th may to 17th June 1969"


"I remember..."

Sydney rushed to his office. Broots fallowed him.


Sydney started going through his documents. He was looking for something important.

"Here it is."

"What is it?"

"On 15th May 1969 Jarod was incluuded in an assignment. We were testing his night vision."

"At night?"

"Yes, Broots, at night."

Sydney smiled

"It's all a lie, Broots. It's all a lie!"

"We have to find miss Parker!"

"I think only Jarod can help us here."


Jarod listened. He heard footsteps. They were coming closer. He could see Parezis head and heard his voice. One of his men went ahead to check out the place.

"Where the hell is he."

Jacoby hadn' showed up. That made Jarod nervous. Why wouldn't Jacoby come. Maybe they knew he was there. In that case they would ambush him outside. Jarod had no idea that he was not wanted anymore. He started looking for a way out without Parezi seeing him. That's when he found it. A bunch of wires leading to a bomb. The bomb was hidden behind the boxes just like he. He looked at the screen. 10 seconds, 9...

Jarod ran out behind the boxes.

"There's a bomb!" he screamed

Parezi and his men ran after Jarod. They got out just before the explosion tore the wearhouse apart. Before Parezi or his men understood what had happened Jarod was gone.


"Mr jacoby?"

"Tell me it's done!"

"The wearhouse exploded, sir, but..."


"They got out. Parezi and Jarod, they got out."

Jacoby threw the phone on the floor and it broke into peaces. He had lost a battle, but it was just the beginning of the war.


"The Centre really is changing. I'm wanted dead?"

"Jarod! I need your help!"

"I don't do favors for the Centre anymore."

"Jarod, it's miss Parker. A false information was givven to her, she thinks you were involved in her mother's death."


"I belive it was Jacoby who came up with that, but I need you to find her. I have proofs that it was all a lie."

"Tell me..."

Sydney explained what had happened.


Jarod knew where she had gone. The exact place where Jarod and Raines supposably met was never mentioned in the files, but both Parker and Jarod knew it must have been Raines's house. The house was now empty, but it held so many answers.

Miss Parker didn't move. She heard steps behind her. She was sure it was Jarod. She knew he would come to look for her and this was the place she was gonna end it.She couldn't take it anymore, Jarod had crossed every possible line. The steps came closer. She finally turned around with her gun ready to shoot. Next couple seconds seemed like days. It wasn't Jarod. It was Frank, mr Jacoby's right hand. He pulled his gun, but dropped it. He fell on the floor, a tremendous pain went through his head. Now it was Jarod. He had hit Frank with the broom that had been standing in the corner.

Jarod looked up. Miss Parker was still standing there, her gun was pointed on him.

"Miss Parker, I know about the meetings. I can explain everything!"

"No, not this time. This time I'm going to finish what I should have done long time ago."

A tear fell down her cheek.

"You have been making a fool of me for too long. All this time I have been looking for the truth and you just laughed at me. You even said I can trust you, but all you were ever doing was playing your sick little game with me."

"You know this is not true. The files, they were sham. Jacoby planted them for you to find."

"Shut up, Jarod! You are not talking anymore."

"Sydney has proofs that I couldn't be with Raines at those nights."

"I don't care, it doesn't matter anymore. It's gonna end tonight."

"Please...Miss Parker, think about what we've been through. We are just victoms of the Centre. They play us as they want. Jacoby got you here to kill you. He wants the whole power. Your father and brother can be bought, but you can't. He had to get rid of you. He want's to get rid of me too."

Jarod stopped. She was listening. That was good.

"You have to trust me, miss Parker. This time I need you to trust me."

Miss Parker closed her eyes for a second. She was thinking about the time she and Jarod had spent together as children. She wanted to belive him, he was the only one...for once she had to choose Jarod over the Centre. Silence, it looked like the world had stopped moving. Jarod's eyes were full of hope. Miss Parker swept her tears away. She had made her decison...she put her gun down.

Jarod waited for a moment and then took it away. He put it on the floor. He stepped closer to miss Parker and just held her. For the first time after so long time. And she let him. She needed to trust him.


A man in a dark suit stepped in his office.

"I don't approve the changes." He said shortly "I want Jacoby out of here and I'm going to do everything I can to destroy him."

Another man who was in the office nodded. He opened the door to leave, but stopped for a second.

"Welcome back, mr Parker."

He closed the door.

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