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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Note: this is a sequel to: Dark Half and New Genesis

Brief Interlude
Part 1
By Holly

The Centre Tower,
Blue Cove Del.

The large office was dimly lit by one light that only illuminated the door. The three occupants silently sat back behind a long rectangular iron table, waiting for their guest to arrive. Then a knock on the door was heard.

„Come in," said the smooth voice of the man sitting in the middle.

Byron slowly walked into the room, his blond hair was slicked back and his light features were contrast to the dark suit and tie that he was wore. His blue eyes looked hesitantly at the three men who sat in the darkened side of the room.

„You wanted to see me?" Byron asked, as his voice echoed in the room and sounded slightly strained.

The man in the middle slowly stood up from his desk. Byron could see the distinct movement of an arm moving into his coat pocket. The man took out a small object and as he lit it, Byron realized it was a cigarette.

„Yes, I need you to go to New York as soon as possible."

Byron’s eyes widened slightly as he gazed back at the man who was walking slowly towards him.

„But why?"

His arm moved as the cigarette was slowly taken away from his mouth, white smoke blew up in the air. He paused at the border where the light and darkness of the room clashed.

„We have reason to believe that my son will be there. I want you to find him and bring him back here."

„What makes you think he’ll be in New York, sir?"

The dark stranger only picked up a folder that lay on his desk and handed it to Byron. He opened it to reveal a picture of Amelia Velasquez.

„Judging from what you told us about Peru, I believe my son may want to see her again. I want you to leave as soon as possible."

Byron nodded and he turned to leave, but paused in mid-stride. The corner of his lip turned slightly upwards.

„Do you want him dead or alive?"
The man moved towards the light as it illuminated his tanned skin and his dark hair, with gray streaks. His face was averted since he had no wish to show himself.

„Alive," he whispered.

Byron nodded and left.

Once the door closed the man on the left spoke up.

„Do you think Devon could really be in New York?" Asked the man with the Australian accent.

The man from the right spoke up as well.

„Could Devon be stupid enough to try and contact her? He may have an interest in her but I doubt he’d be foolish enough to be so easily traced. Remember, he does have Jarod's ability to disappear," whispered a voice with a British accent.

The man smoking merely chuckled darkly.

„I know my son. He’ll be there." He went to the table and crushed the cigarette butt on the ashtray.

„For some reason he’s become very interested in this woman and she is the key to getting him back."


Mackenzy Towers
Manhattan, NY.

Amelia Velasquez looked up from the stack of reports on her desk as she heard her office door open. Her secretary Kelsey Morgan rushed into her office and stepped onto the soft gray carpet, past the matching twin seats and small couch. She stopped in front of the large rectangular 18th century mahogany desk.

„Amelia you have a phone call on line three and Marcos wants to know when the report will be finished?"

Amelia sighed as she set down the report and looked pointedly at her. Her long hair was styled sideways and she had on a dark blue mini skirt and matching suite.

„Kelsey, I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed."

„But it’s your sister! She didn’t believe me when I told her you had just stepped out of your office. She says no one could take that many breaks."

Amelia sighed and nodded as she picked up her phone.

„I’ll take it Kelsey."

Kelsey smiled as her green eyes shined in gratitude at not having to deceive Sonia Mackenzy, whom she really liked and admired. The side of Kelsey’s lip quirked upwards as she nodded and left.

Amelia slammed her folder down and punched the button on her telephone.

„Hello Sonia." Amelia said as she forced her voice to sound cheerful.

„We need to talk sis!" Amelia flinched as she laid her left hand on her forehead.

„Oh! About what?"

„Don’t play dummy with me! What’s this, about you not going to the Masquerade Ball this year?" Amelia rolled her light brown eyes heavenward and ran her hand though her auburn hair.

„I just don’t feel like going this year. I’m sure my absence won’t cause any gossip amongst the reporters."

„I don’t care about that! What I want to know is why you are so determined not to go?"

„I’ve gone for the past nine years! I’m sure missing it this once won’t be a big deal. Look, can we please just drop this!" A big sigh was heard on the other line.

„I think we need to talk. I’ll meet you for lunch at noon." Amelia felt her hand tightened as her back stiffened.

„Sonia, there is no need to meet. I’ve already made up my mind and there is nothing you can say to change it."

„Please Amy, I just want to have a nice lunch with my sister. Is that so bad?"

Yes! Amelia thought but she relented as she realized that there was no way out of this meeting.

„Alright. I’ll be ready for lunch."

„Great I’ll see you then. Bye!"

Amelia placed the phone back and leaned heavily on her chair, her eyes shined in fatigue. She heard a knock on her door. „Come in Kelsey."

Kelsey stepped into her office, her green eyes scrutinizing her face.

„Judging by the look on your face. It looks like she talked you into going to the ball after all."

„No, she wants me to go to lunch with her."

Kelsey smiled at her as she pushed a strand of short red hair behind her ear. „So, what’s so bad about that?"

Amelia stared back at her. „She’s going to try and talk me into going to the ball. I just wish she could leave me out of it. Just once, I’d like to be left alone."

Kelsey sat across from her as she looked worriedly back at Amelia’s scowl.

„But why? I mean, you’ve always liked going to the ball." She paused as she leaned closer to Amelia’s desk. „Is something wrong Amelia?"

Amelia’s eyes widened. „What do you mean?"

Kelsey bit her lip and then took a deep breath. „Well, ever since you got back from Peru, three months ago. You---You’ve been different. More quite and sad! I just have a feeling that more has happened there than what you have told me."

Amelia smiled at her as she stood up and looked away.

„Nothings happened. I just don’t feel like having to deal with this ball for once. That’s all!"

Kelsey stood up and looked pointedly at Amelia’s back. „Fine, don’t tell me. But when you feel like talking about it I’ll be here to listen."

Amelia took a few steps toward her and patted her shoulder. „Thanks Kelsey. I appreciate it."

Kelsey nodded and paused to look back at the paper work.

„Are you done looking at the proposed project?"

Amelia looked back at her desk. „Almost. Call Marcos and tell him that I should be done looking through it by 8 a.m. tomorrow."

Kelsey nodded as she left.

Amelia’s smile faded as she saw her leave. She walked towards her large office window, which had a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline and the city below. But her mind wasn’t on the beautiful view.

„I wish I could tell you Kelsey." Amelia whispered to herself as she thought about him. She closed her eyes as she pictured his dark cold eyes; he’s flawless tanned skin, his dark hair that glistened in the light. But most of all Amelia had a small glimpse of those cold dark eyes that had a strange sad look in them. Amelia wondered how she could still be thinking of a man who had threatened not only her but her family as well. The reason became strikingly clear through her heart, as her eyes seemed to water as she thought of never seeing him again.

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