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Disclaimer & some personal notes:

Its TNT and/or NBC playground – I don’t really know which. They own the characters, dialogues, plots, quotes etc. These analysis are for pure entertainment only – mostly my own.

About the analysis:
Ok, this will NOT be an episode guide, though you will find plenty of spoilers! My analysis are purely subjective, my opinion, my take. Simply for the reason that I’m the one on the keyboard!

Disagree with me? Let it be heard! Give feedback and gimme hell if you want! Write a note or your own take!

Special Note:Don’t expect me to go into any length about the pretends, because I won’t. For me its only about the characters, their individual development in each episode and their interaction with each other. The central theme for me is the Centre-related story, and only when the pretends and the people Jarod meets along his travels, are important to his character development or the Centre-related-plot, I will pay attention. And more often than not you will wonder if the series’ main character might be Miss Parker and not Jarod. She of course is as important to the show as he is. Even when her scenes are only short in an ep., you might be surprised at the length I can go about it. It’s a personal thing. I was drawn into the series by her character, and I do regard her not only as very important but also as my favorite one. Go, and hate me for that. *grin*

Oh, and of course, obviously these have been written all AFTER I saw it all. So sometimes I can go ahead of the series – I will try to not do it too much though and try hard to not dwell on it a lot.

And take into account that these analysis are NOT betaed! My first language is German so please don’t mind the inevitable errors!

Review of 'Every Picture Tells a Story'
Season 1

The pilot might have set the stage to the show, but this episode definitely sets the course for the characters!

Because it is the first step of many to follow for both the antagonist's traits. Jarod leaving Miss Parker clues that reveal secrets of her past or sending her meaningful and touching gifts. (or pulling a little prank!) Miss Parker for the first time starts to question her own believe in what she THOUGHT was real and with her phone call at the end, starting her journey to search for the truth about what really happened to her mother.

Thanks to the DSA that Jarod had left for her, she finds out that Catherine Parker had apparently not committed suicide. In the beginning, riding in the very elevator her mother had died in, MP tells Sydney in a detached and cold voice that her mother ‘was weak’. Though, in my opinion, her eyes belie her words! I for one, didn’t believe her.

Jarod’s pretend is an enjoyable storyline. The pace was fine; the story revealed quite nicely around Jarod as a Coast Guard officer. And the character of Roy Abbot was a wonderful addition. It is an ultimately touching moment as he shares his passion with Jarod. And it also gives us a peak in what makes Jarod ‘tick’. Not only to help people for his own sort of redemption but also because he is such a good soul who simply LIKES people.

Nevertheless, it’s the Centre-related side-plot that carries this episode. We got plenty of character interactions, all of them well played and revealing more and more about their respective stance in the hunt. And of course we are introduced to a new character: Broots, the technician assigned to assist MP in her search. I liked him from the first second. When he mumbles into himself ‘I could do it in eight’ – of course AFTER she had left him alone, I was laughing out loud. I immediately knew, that Broots would fit in perfectly into the whole hunting game, acting sometimes as the natural balance, as the ‘normal’ guy within all this weird ‘Centre-marked’ people.

And I’m pretty sure that a certain male demographic’s eyes went wide at watching MP getting out of her bed in that beautiful silk thingy. With a voice that is both, quite common for being just ripped out of deep sleep and also became a bit of a trademark for her: a gravel of chain-smoking quality that is both sexy and dangerous. Very fitting, the situation as well as the woman.

We never find out who exactly MP called at the end but I’m pretty sure it’s her father. Who else could it be? I know some people think it might have been Sydney, but simply the way she talked to that person on the other line indicates someone else. Her tone is so different from what she uses with Syd, it’s a tone she – actually ‘till very late in the series – she only used when addressing Daddy Parker.

4,5 out of 5 points for this ep (with the ‘Cute, not funny, but cute’- conversation my favorite scene) If you wonder why I take off half a point? Because it was a great episode but not my favorite one. *grin*

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