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For twenty years I’ve been waiting for this moment. At last, here we are. Manipulating Schumman to act as my puppet was the perfect bait.

You want to know where she is, don’t you? It's quite as easy, as a matter of fact. All you need to do is getting inside my head and become me.

You know how it is. You've been inside me before.

I wonder what demons you hide, Prodigy. I can see it in your eyes. We both have blood on our hands. Only I have learned how to tame my demons. Can’t say the same thing about you.

It’s all a game, Prodigy. And I’m the one calling all the shots.

Just like last time.

Chapter End Notes:

Douglas Willard was one of the best week villains ever portrayed on the show. This was my attempt at revisiting one of my favorite episodes.

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