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For Nyias's birthday.

By Blade

The Centre is absolute.



It dictates the lives of those who are damned enough to work here.

Everyone within is damned; there is no escape, no hope or future.

Only power.

A cold unfeeling machine that each worker helps to stoke as it destroys lives and takes personal freedoms.

And no one knows how to stop it, for what exactly can you do against a power that holds no regard for human life simply because it doesn't have to.



To achieve what?

Freedom? The word is bitter-sweet. There is no freedom from the Centre just like there is no way to bring down the walls. The stone will not crumble from inside or out.

There has never been hope and it shall forever remain that way; the hallways bleak, the hearts and consciences void.

No one escapes.

Except … except …

A boy raised in the depths of hell… raised among the utmost evil.

With a heart and a soul, that even the Centre cannot blacken and crush.

He is the only hope; if there ever was a hope.

And some believe that even he won't be enough.

The walls cannot crumble. The Centre cannot fall.ASUS USB Rev. 1.11 driver

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