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Disclaimer, The quotes in here are from letters that Raymond Chandler wrote to his friends. I just had to share a few, no harm intended. Oh yeah, Jarod the Pretender belongs to NBC and their licensing pals.

Pretender Payback
By Gables


A writer types silently at a lap top.

Jarod enters the room. "Who are you?"

"Huh Wha-? My goodness you scared me! And I was on a role too!" The write pauses, stares at the screen with a blank look and finally resigns and turns toward Jarod. "My name is Gables. I'm new here you could say. I've been a fan for a while but just recently started to write fanfic."

"Well you weren't writing about me, so what are you writing?"

"I'm writing a paper on "The Big Sleep" by Raymond Chandler."

"School? You're leaving your stories hanging because of school?

"Yeah well, like everyone points out, fanfic is not written for money."

"So, is it an interesting topic?"

"Well, actually I've been reading excepts of letter that Chandler wrote... I actually had to laugh because some excerpts brought me back to what I would rather be doing, ignoring real life and writing fiction."

He wrote about a conversation he had with his own fictional character, Philip Marlowe, Marlowe says to him, "What the hell do you mean by keeping me in the basement all this time? Here you are unmasked as a guy who can write English - after a fashion - so get busy and write about me."

I have a feeling that that is why you are here, right Jarod?"

"Yep" he nodded. "Aren't you ever going to finish your story, Call Me When You're Done? It's been weeks since you let Parker haul me in. I want to get back at her!"

"Well, I'm not sure that you will win any big victories here Jarod. I think it works out better if the two of you bicker, each gaining a little and then some how it will work out. Ok, lame answer I know, but hey, I might not write it that way, I haven't figured out what will be included in the final draft and what won't."

Oh! Here's another great quote from Chandler... this is me too!" Gables grins: "Do I read my stuff when published? Yes, and at very great risk of being called an egotistical twerp, I find it damn hard to put down. Even me, that knows all about it... But I find it rather humiliating to pick up a book of my own to glance at something, and then find myself twenty minutes later still reading it as if someone else had written it."

Man I do that. I'm always curious as to what color Nicolette prints my stories it. And then I get sucked in. Ack, I've got to finish this paper. Listen Jarod, you know that I would love to continue this conversation, but I really need to get back to Mr. Marlowe."

"Well fine, but just don't leave us in limbo too long, I know that you have about three other plots running about your head and I hope you write them down before you forget them. Miss Parker sends her regards. She likes the fact that she *adopts* kids rather than has her own in your stories. But I do have a question, are you one of who wants Parker and I together? I can't tell by your stories."

"Well, Yes I do want you two together, but I think that shows always go down hill once the two protagonists finally get together. There are so many plots with lots of great friction *wink* that can be written before you two 'Live happily ever after.' "

"Friction? Ohh, I get it. Well you need to get back to your paper, when's it due? Tomorrow I guess... always leaving things to the last minute...tsk tsk tsk"

"Hey, it's just the rough draft, I'm not a *cough* total procrastinator.... Come on Jarod, go bug one of the other writers, I'm seriously got work to do. If any fictional character should be talking to me, it should by Marlowe. Are you a private detective in Los Angeles?"

"Not today."

"Argh, please leave Mr. Pretender. Get out of my head! I've submitted part 5 of my story, let me think about something else other than part 6!"

"Ok, Ok, I'll go find somebody else... Bye Gables"

"Goodbye Jarod."

Jarod walks away and the write sighs and tries to get back to the *academic* writing.


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