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Disclaimer: We all know who owns 'em, and it certainly isn't me. Also, I have to apologize to KB and Danielle :-) for this - I just couldn't resist. I'm coming down off a stress high (flute recital today...), so I'm in a bit of a strange mood....

Pretender Payback
PART 44: New Year's
by Trisha

The only light in the room was from the computer screen which cast shadows and illuminated the two figures that occupied the room, vaguely. Her dark hair brushed her shoulders, her blue eyes scanned the computer screen, a throaty laugh filling the room.

"What's so amusing, Parker?" he came to stand behind her, his hands resting lightly on her shoulders, gently massaging the base of her neck with his thumbs.

"Well, there's been some new stories added to the list again," she 'ohhed' softly as his fingers worked their magic.

"Anything interesting?" he inquired.

"How about we get stranded at Christmas time with a rather mischievous little girl that tries to play matchmaker. I must admit that the fairytale that was told to her was ingenious. I can actually picture Brigette as a wicked witch," a small laugh slipped from her lips.

"Tries, huh. I take it that she didn't succeed," his hands now massaging the tension from her shoulders," How come you're so tense, Parker?"


"What a concept? Coming from you," he whispered.

"If these writers don't get some new episodes and soon, we maybe stuck in relationship hell. It's like no one can go forward or backward. Granted, there are a few stories here that capture the imagination. Take this Matter of Blood Part 13 for instance, I love the idea that Angelo is my brother and Lyle isn't. I not so sure that I would let a puppy maul me with it's tongue but than again I've never had a dog."

"Would you prefer it if I mauled you with my tongue?" his hands had now traveled down her arms and continued to ease the tension out of them.

"Down, wonder-boy," she replied, leaning into his chest, her eyes stillon the computer screen," My, isn't this interesting!"


"My line and don't step in it. Seems that someone decided that Dicken's A Christmas Carol needed to be rewritten with me as the star Scrooge."

"Well it's appropriate," he began to say, but was stopped short by the narrowing of her eyes as she turned her head to look at him, " Sorry."

"Actually, it's rather good. No kids, no romance just a hard look at my life."

"Thought you were getting use to the romance idea, Parker. After all it seems to be a very popular theme, as well as a recurring one. Hey stop, scroll back a minute."

"There," he said as he removed one of his hands, from her arm, pointing to a posting dated January 1, 2000," Open it." He watched as Parker dragged the cursor to the item requested and double clicked. Two sets of eyes, widened in amazement at the content, then before he could ask her, she had the website up and running. Seven stories. Taking the time to read each one carefully, the two emitted a few laughs and chuckles over them.

"I rather liked A Steamy New Year story," he said softly, knowing full well that it would ellicit a barbed remark from her.

"Typical, although, I will say this, you're naked more than I am in four of the stories," she laughed, then turned to face him, running a rather appreciative eye over his body, "I mean even now, Jarod, aren't you cold?"

"Depends, going to warm me up, Parker," he said, huskily as he pulled her to her feet, his fingers untying the sash of her satin robe," reading those Naked New Year's Pretender Challenge stories got me to thinking."

"About?" her warm breath caressing his cheek.

"How about ringing in the New Year again?" he pushed the satin robe to the floor and it puddled like water at their feet, his lips finding her's.


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