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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Pretender Payback
by Rebeckah

Rebeckah walked into the noisy library follwed by several females ranging inage from 16 to 21. Pulling out a metal whistle from her shirt, (because no matter how hard she tried she never mastered the two fingered whistle, darn it!) she blew one quick, but loud, blast.

"Shhh!" Trish hushed her. "I just got the baby to sleep!"

The baby was now screaming, along with a few of the other infants who'd been upset by the noise.

"Sorry." Rebeckah grinned. "Just wanted everyone's attention. Now, Cate and Jake, I'd like you to help Liesle with all of the children 5 and older. Take them outside to the park that I've convieniently written into existence next door to play."

"But I was reading!" Jake protested.

"Jake, you and Cate are the ones who decided you should have younger siblings. Now, which do you want, watching a bunch of kids running around a park, or changing your newborn brother and sister's diapers?" Rebeckah demanded sternly.

"We're going!" Cate exclaimed, grabbing her brother by one arm as one of the older girls started to gather up the mobile children.

"The rest of you divide up the babies or, if you take toddlers, take at least two, okay?" Rebeckah instructed. A stream of young women advanced into the room, gathering up one or two children and then leaving.

"Wait a minute! What's going on here?" One of the shell shocked writers asked. She was barely old enough to babysit, much less have full care of an infant, and she looked relieved as the month old baby she was holding was claimed by one of the newcomers.

"Nash? What are you doing here? *You* didn't write any of these into existence."

"I'm not sure. I was just here and somebody shoved the baby in my arms and..." Nash shrugged helplessly.

"Well, Ladies, it's like this;" Rebeckah announced smugly. "I simply wrote up a bunch of Au Pairs for these children and voila! We are saved."

"Just what are they supposed to be getting out of this? If I know you, you didn't try to make us believe that they're doing this out of the goodness of their hearts." Paula asked warily.

"Oh, don't worry about it. You know how Jarod wanted a little more 'fun'?" The assembled writers nodded.

"Well, he's going to get it! Tell the GJLB, because I promised these young things what any red-blooded female would want. A week with Jarod. A romantic week with Jarod, and beaches, and sunsets..." Rebeckah trailed off grinning wickedly. "And, of course, safe sex. No more babies for us!" Trish began to chuckle, followed by Niceole, then Danielle : - ) and soon the whole crew was gasping for air.

"Oh, poor Jarod!" KB tried to look sympathetic, but failed miserably.

"I'm sorry friends, but he has to learn----Don't Mess With The Writers!" Rebeckah announced sternly.

"Okay, that takes care of Jarod, but what about Parker?" Nicolette asked thoughtfully.

"Oh, you and I will take care of her in HCYDT, I think." Rebeckah smirked.

"Maybe a visit to the Siberean Breeding Project is in order, just to give her an idea of what to expect?"

"Oh no!" Mandy gasped around a wide grin. "You wouldn't!"

"Wouldn't we?" Nicolette and Rebeckah asked in unison.

"There is still one problem, though." Rebeckah mentioned casually, but that wicked grin was back.

"What, the kids are all gone, taken care of?" Schyuler asked, mystefied.

"Well, not ALL of the babies have been born yet, but Parker certainly didn't look pregnant to me! Anyone been feeling queasy lately?" Rebeckah strolled towards the shadowy back of the library, still grinning.

The other women looked at each other in horror, the noise level in the room starting to rise as they began asking each other about this new development. Only Trish noticed Rebeckah exchange a high five with a shadowed blond woman before they both vanished.

by Rebeckah

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