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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Pretender Payback
PART 21: This Little Light of Mine...
by Danielle : - )

"Grr..." Danielle : - ) growled in frustration, tapping her pen against the pad of paper. That pad of paper was blank- which was the reason why the normally smiley one wasn't smiling at this moment. She had the scene set in her mind, she KNEW everything that was going to happen, but Danielle : - ) was having trouble putting her ideas down on paper. She closed her eyes, trying to become Madeline- her character who was giving her so much trouble...

"Having problems?" A voice that sounded much like her own asked sarcastically.

Danielle : - ) turned around in surprise, and came face to face with her prized and beloved creation. Seeing them side by side, one would think they were twins. Madeline had actually been described (though not until Rebeckah pointed out that Danielle : - ) had never actually said what Madeline looked like, so a description is in Rebeckah's "Fractures" and will make it's way into part of the Madeline series as soon as Danielle : - ) gets around to writing it) to look much like Danielle : - ), only with slight changes that reflected how the author wanted to look.

In answer to the question, Danielle : - ) indicated the blank page before her.

"Well..." Madeline hedged, "I might be willing to help you, if you weren't so bent on hurting me! I mean, did you create me just to hurt me? Everyone I know and love has died or is about to die!! Why is that?!" She spoke of all the pain that seemed to surround her.

"It's not my intention to hurt you- it's just, everything I write starts off in my head! I can't control that, not really.. and I don't want to!"

Madeline humphed in disbelief, "You could if you wanted to! Why don't you want to, though? I just want a normal happy life! Is having no one die on me for a couple of years too much to ask?"

"No..." Danielle : - ) admitted.

"You never talked about me and Thomas, you know. Sure, you thought about it enough, but readers can't get inside your head. They don't know that at first I didn't like Thomas cuz he was a guy, and you know my thing about guys; but the morning he died, you had us make up! They won't know that I told him I was glad he and Park were together, and how great he was for her, and that they had my blessing! They won't know any of that unless you tell them!"

"I know, but I don't have enough time to write everything I want to! I wish I did, but college is really demanding!! I'm trying to get you caught up to where the show is now, even though it may not seem like it! I do have a happy ending in mind for you eventually. For the first version, at least. So can you *please* help me?"

Madeline thought for a minute... "Okay, I guess I can."

"Thank you!" Danielle : - ) was back to her smiley self.

"Okay," Madeline started, sitting down on the bean bag chair near her creator, "I've been thinking about this, and I have some ideas... Where you left version two, it's like, I'm facing the exact same circumstances I faced when each of my parent's died. I think you should talk a little about that, to give the reader's an idea about how much I care for Miss Parker. And this whole thing should make me and Mr. P closer, because if he continues to hate me the rest of the story is like, obsolete, because he wouldn't keep me around!"

"Good idea!!" Danielle : - ) enthused.

"Then, I need to have some last words with Park, and get really mad at Mr. Raines and maybe even..."

The two continued to talk for about an hour, until Danielle : - ) had to leave to get ready for a Retreat she was going on this weekend with her college. She had lots of ideas, though, for when she got back.

by Danielle : - )

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