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Disclaimer: KB's "Seeing the Light" inspired this, so basically it is just one big rip off/continuation of that, so I hope she doesn't mind! I hope no one mind's that I used their name in here (let me know if you do), and this was purely self-indulgent and caused me to stay up waaaayyyy too late last night getting all this inspiration out of my system (not that I mind!).
Oh, yeah, all the characters in the box belong to NBC, and the characters outside the box aren't characters- they're us!! *g*

Pretender Payback
PART 2: "More Light"
by Danielle : - )

Once more, a few weeks after his first encounter with the fic writers, Jarod found himself in the little glass room. When his eyes adjusted to the lighting he saw a sole writer standing before him. She was one he recognized from the last time- shoulder length brown hair, glasses, and this time a while shirt with a picture of Mr. Lyle on it. He looked to see who was captive with him- Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots, Angelo, Mr. Raines, Mr. Parker, Brigitte, and Mr. Lyle. The addition of Mr. Lyle helped him figure out the young woman's identity.

"Lyle's here, so you must be either Sarah or Danielle, his two biggest fans."

"Danielle : - ), actually, " She informed, "Most people are not aware that the Smiley-Face is pronounced."

"You're the one that keeps giving us kids!!" Lyle spat out angrily.

"And killing me!" Raines wheezed in as angry a voice as he could muster.

"I would *never* adopt a child!" Miss Parker yelled, glad to be able to finally get this off her chest, "And why are you so certain I kept that Bunny Jarod gave me a couple of Chistmases ago?"

"Because we" She gestured to the unseen faces around her, "all know you better than you know yourselves. We know your histories- specifically yours and Jarod's. The feelings you have for him-"

"I-I-I don't!..." Miss Parker sounded like an indignant Broots.

"Oh come on!" An unseen voice scoffed, "We all know you do!!"

"She doesn't!" Mr. Parker boomed, making his wife (who was still upset about the death threat last time) jumped, "I won't let her!"

"*You* have no say in the matter!" Danielle : - ) said passionately, "On the net, you're inder *our* control. We can do anything we want."

"And we do." Another voice spoke up happily.

"Who're you?" Brigitte demanded.

"Apollo's Girl." The voice answered.

"You're the one that made my twin nice!" Miss Parker laughed to show she thought that was an impossibility.

"And gave them telepathy, when such a thing doesn't exist." Sydney added, that had been bothering him.

"**Hello**?!" Danielle : - ) broke in, "This is *fiction*- anything is possible. If one of us can think it, then it does exist, for us."

"Why's everyone make me such a wimp? I'm *not* that bad." Broots muttered unhappily.

There was a collective sigh from the unseen group, "We went over this the last time."

"Some things are just too big for us to ignore." An author named Rebeckah added, "although sometimes we *do* try."

Why do so many people think I'm gay?" Jarod asked unhappily.

"Yeah!" And why's everyone so sure I'm not?" Miss Parker demanded.

For once the writers were silent. Danielle : - ) looked around for the proper person to answer this. Finding her, she motioned Rayhne forward.

"I don't know, I just post what people write! It's not my fault most everything at my Adult Fan Fic Archive involved Jarod and some other guy!" Rayhne shrugged.

"What about me! I *never* get anything!!" Raines complained.

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" One writer asked, and they all laughed.

"Weren't you guys around when Syd gave Angelo those treatments but he missed the last one to save Davey? I think lots of you forgot I said his damage was irreprable."

"Jarod!" Danielle : - ) chastened, "We have faith in you! We know you can figure out a cure to help him, plus this is one of the things we can ignore until you do figure it out. Besides, Angelo is my favorite character."

"I thought I was!" Lyle pouted, "You're wearing my shirt..."The look on his face nearly broke another young woman's heart so she stepped
into the light and spoke up, "You'll always be my favorite, Lyle."

"Sarah?" He asked.

She nodded, grinned, and the Princess and Lhani, who were luckily nearby, were able to catch her as she fainted.

"What does everyone have against me? Why am I always getting hit with paper airplanes?" Brigitte demanded, anger having replaced her fear.

The authors all laughed, remembering those hilarious posts.

"It's just so fun to torture you." Apollo's Girl giggled.

"Yes, we *have* to do something to you for stalking Broots..." Danielle: - ) said.

"-trying to kill your now- husband..." Ra-Chell continued.

"..sleeping with Lyle!" someone else yelled.

"What?!" Mr. Parker boomed!

"Good going Reese, he didn't know that remember?" Danielle : - ) couldn't help but smile, "but I'm glad he does- anything to rock this marriage!!"

There were nods and 'uhhuh's of agreement.

"What about Madeline? Why she still stuck in season one when we're about to start season 4?" Angelo asked so easily that some of the people around him gasped in shock, but most of the writers smiled knowingly.

Danielle : - ) sighed, unhappy to be reminded of her short-comings, but answered, "Well, I had to work *a lot* more this summer than I originally had thought, so I basically had no time to write it. I'm still trying to finished part three."

"We're waiting anxiously for it!" An author spoke up behind her.

"Are you?" Danielle : - ) returned, "We're all writers, so we all know how much we love to get comments about out work." Everyone nodded, "Yet we're not that good about sending comments to each other..." Everyone around her knew she was right and made a personal vow to get better at sending comments, including Danielle : - ).

"HEY!" Miss Parker screamed, "You forgot about us- settle your junk later!"

"Junk?! It's not junk- it helps determine your lives. Without it, you may cease to exist, or be left hanging in an unfinished fic." Apollo's Girl said.

"Right." The Princess agreed, "Other people's comments can be our biggest factor in deciding whether or not to finish a fic."

"It can help us know people care, and want it to continue." Emily said.

"And even make us write faster." Danielle : - ) added.

"But lack of it is discouraging and frustrating, and may cause us to stop the fic."

"I hate when that happens!" Jarod said.

Having figured that was settled, Sydney wanted to get the answer to something he had been wondering for a while, "Why are about 99.9% of the writers female?"

Silence. Then there were mumbles of "I don't know.", "Good question.", "I've been wondering that too!", and "Ummm...". Sydney sighed when he realized that was the best answer he was going to get.

"Anything else for them, guys? Or can we let them go?" Danielle : - ) asked.

Everyone seemed to agree they were finished, and let the group go with cheerful, "Until next time!"s.

by Danielle : - )

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