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Teenage Girls
by Leni Ba

He knew he was in serious trouble from the moment he heard the key on the lock.

He was right, of course.

Her dark eyes were blazing in righteous fury from the moment she stepped through the door. Bravely, Broots told himself that he'd had worse and that he wouldn't be intimidated this time.

As the hurricane neared his position he reminded himself of his purpose. He'd remain firm. He would.


Broots looked at his adolescent daughter. Oh yes, Debbie was angry.

"How could you?"

His face automatically shifted into the 'Daddy Knows Better' mode. "David Steelman wasn't good for you." Broots thought his opinion had been clearly stated as he threatened the boy out of his baby girl's life. Of course, the fact that he'd done so at the P&T meeting, right in front of other teachers, parents and students had upset Debbie.

"Don't you trust me to make my own decisions?"

Broots sighed. Sydney had actually warned him of this stage, but even with the older man's advise he was still at a loss. "Of course I do, dear, but I don't have to trust *him*, do I?" he said reasonably.

Obviously it wasn't as reasonable for Debbie because the next thing he heard was her bedroom door being slammed.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The joys of parenthood... Maybe he should get one of those books Sydney kept rambling about. And bring Miss Parker while he got one of those, she was the only one who could make Debbie see reason nowadays.

As the volume got louder, Broots took a decision. He'd definitely beg Miss Parker to come for dinner tonight.


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