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Disclaimer: I do not own The Pretender or anything related to it. It is the property of NBC and TNT. No profit is being made and no infringement is intended. Please don’t sue.

Weekly Pretend Response.
Author’s Note: This was done for the Weekly Pretend on the Pretendfic Yahoo!Group. I changed it a bit, but I'm quite happy with the result.

Summary: Miss Parker is on her deathbed, but there is one last thing she needs to say before she dies. Will she be able to speak the truth before it’s too late?

Whispers of Truth
by: chopsticks


Weekly Pretend
Lying on her deathbed, Miss Parker is in the company of only Broots, who is holding her hand while watching her begin to slip away. Looking teary-eyed at the technician, she begins say: "Broots, you've been a wonderful friend to me. Whenever I needed help, you've always been there, whether or not I wanted you to be. And lying here now, there's one thing that I have to tell you, before I go. Broots, I. . ." What is her confession?


Miss Parker is lying on the hospital bed, her eyes closed. She was cold to the touch, but she wasn't dead yet. Broots knew that, the monitors said so with their beeps. But she felt so cold.

Broots' attention was diverted back from his thoughts when she groaned and started to open her eyes, devoid of the fire that used to make them sparkle.

"Broots. . ." she says weakly, in a whisper, "I'm dying, aren't I?" She looks over at him, her face and eyes telling him that she already knows the truth.

"Yes," he stammers out meekly.

"Then, Broots, I need you tell some people things I've always wanted to say. Please tell Sydney that. . ."

She was interrupted by a sudden coughing fit, and sat straight up in bed from the force of the hacking.

She speaks again after taking an uneasy breath, "Tell Sydney that I know that Jacob is my real father, and that I don't blame him for not telling me."

Broots is startled by this confession. He had never dreamed that Jacob was Miss Parker's father. It surprised him even more when he heard what name she said next.

Miss Parker took a deep breath, and tried to get out what she wanted to say, though it only came out as a whisper so low that Broots had to lean in to hear.

"And tell Jarod that I. . ."

Then she was gone. The monitors made a constant, shrill beeping, and Broots hung his head in sorrow. He then remembered what Miss Parker wanted him to tell the others. He slowly got up from the chair he had been sitting in and walked out the door, wondering what it was she desperately wanted Jarod to know.


the end.

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