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by Deb "Patrickphile"

I'm not too sure what prompted this one. It may have been the music I was listening to, or perhaps reading The Lurker's fic about Syd and Michelle. Whatever, this just sort of found its way out of my head and into a text file.

I see this as a sort of stream-of-conciousness blurb...just a little peek into how Syd might have felt and what he may have thought after losing Michelle.

I don't own the characters of Sydney, et al; no infringement is intended from their use in this vignette. "The Pretender" and its characters belong to 20th Century Fox TV, NBC and Imagiquest Entertainment.



She's gone.

Where did I go wrong? It seems a lifetime ago I had dreams. My lifetime. What sort of life have I lived? They're all gone -- the people I've loved -- along with my hopes and thoughts of making the world a better place.

There's a laugh. I wanted to make things better. How many lives have I unwittingly helped to destroy?

Jarod is alone, as is Parker. I failed them. I failed Jacob, and Catherine. My God, how could I have ever believed...?

It doesn't matter now. I can never make it right.

She's gone.

It's better this way. As long as she was close to me, she'd have been in danger.

It's hard to be alone in the world.

Michelle, how will I go on without you?


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