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Disclaimer: "The Pretender" and his characters are all property of NBC, TNT and MTM. I won't get any profit out of this and probably very little feed-back, so don't sue, ok? The song belongs to Robin and can be found in her album.

Author's note: Just a little something that came to me after watching the movie and reading the challenge.


I Wish
by Vania

“She wants you back you know.”

That statement just can’t get out of my head. Ethan told it to me some days earlier, but just now I understand its true meaning. Miss Parker wants me back. She wants me back. Not to The Centre. But to her.

That has been what I’ve wanted all this time too, but she always pulls away from me. Every time I put a wall down, another one surfaces.

We always had this link. Something that tied us. When I first met her I was afraid. Scared, because I’d never seen a girl before. I remember my heart started to beat faster just to see her. And I noticed that the same time was happening to her. And when she came to see me that day and kissed me, I knew I would never forget her.

We were best friends. Maybe more. But what did we know about life?

When we started to grow attached to each other, to have to be with each other all the time, they sent her away from me. And when she came back to me, she was a different person. Not longer the girl I confided in, but this woman made of steel.

Sometime later, I ran away. Eddie, Alex and me. I used to dream with running away with her. To take care of her and make it all right. But that was just a dream, easily erased after I saw her with this guy at The Centre. I assumed, wrongly, that he was her boyfriend and I was raged by it.

I knew that shortly after becoming aware of what The Centre was doing to my work. How they used the simulations to hurt people. Innocent people. Then I made the plan and we escaped. Not the three of us. But only Eddie and me. I never imagined that Alex managed to survive after he fell in the Rehidration Core. And I can’t imagine what they did to him after that.

But maybe he was right about being the smartest one. After all, he put everything together and I, after five years, couldn’t do that. I’m still looking for my mother. I just found out my father and my sister and I discovered I have another brother: Ethan. Miss Parker’s half brother and mine. Another of The Centre’s projects.

Alex, the chameleon, was right about one thing though. Miss Parker is important to me and as much as we both like to deny it, we need each other. I think Ethan is aware of our bonds. Even if we haven’t told him, he senses it. The inner sense.

Miss Parker has it too now. I’ve known that a while ago. Catherine Parker talked about it in her diary. I know I shouldn’t have read it, but I had to know what answers I could find there.

I’m staring at the photo again. The one with our mothers. Were they related or just friends? And if they were related, are we?

So many questions.

So few answers.

Is in times like these that I realize I want you back.

And it is in times like these that I know you want me back too.

2 months after

"Jarod," she screams after me. I keep running, never looking back. The building we are in is going to explode in a few minutes and I still want the answers I've been looking for years. We are at The Centre. Again.

We go down a bit more. We're now in SL-22, I believe. I lost track at some point. 1m26s That's what the counter of the explosive says. We're not going to make it.

I enter a deserted room and after I'm in, Miss Parker joins me.

"Jarod what are you doing? We have to get out!"

"Do you want me back?", I ask her sheepishly.

"What? Of course I want you back! I've been running after you since you escape! Do you think I do it for fun?"

"I mean do YOU want me back?"

There's a brief silence between us. Then, she closes the distance, wraps her arms around me and starts to cry. I don't know what to do and in that moment I can only hold her. 48 seconds.

"Why did it took us so long to find each other again?", she asks me right in the eyes.

"I don't know, but it's tragic."

"What is?"

"That we end up like this. Trapped. In The Centre. We only have 40 seconds before the bomb explodes."

"Then let's enjoy them."

She starts to kiss me like I've always wanted her too. We get lost in each other and I know the bomb must be exploding any moment soon. I broke the kiss to tell her something.

"I'm happy. Because you're finally back."

"Me too, because I'm finally back to you."

Wrapped in each others arms, we hear the explosion. We tie the embrace and say the words that took so long to be said.

"I love you."

Do you know
What I think about all these nights
When I can't sleep, sleep at all
Oh, slowly I close my eyes
My thoughts, they fly away to you
No matter what I do
And I wish
I could turn back time
Back to the time
When you were mine
I wish
I wish the day, the day you ran away
Never happened, baby
I wish the stars, the stars in heaven
Would come down to me
So I could give them to you
And tell them then
That would you be loving me
Like I wish
And it's so hard,
When you love someone this much
But you just don't know how,
How to love in the right way
If you could see
What you've done to me
What you've done to my heart
What you've done to my soul
Baby, all of my mind
And all of my body
Then you should have known
Why I can't let go, and baby I
I don't know what you want me to do
To prove my love is real for you
I don't know what you want me to say, baby
There's no "ifs" or "maybes"
All I want is you
'cause baby you are my only wish
My only wish




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