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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.

Back Again
By: 24

He yawned and stretched as he woke up from a deep sleep. A deeper sleep that he’d ever had while he was inside the Centre and free. He had no nightmares and was glad of that. He opened his eyes and blinked looking around him in a state of panic. He should have kept on sleeping because what greeted him when he awoke was his worst nightmare. He was back inside the Centre and he didn’t know how he had gotten here and who caught him. He tried to think if Mr. Lyle, or Miss Parker had captured and drugged him, but he couldn’t think of anything. He was at a loss.


A Day Ago

Dallas, Texas

Walking down the street a sweeper named Gavin had been tailing the runaway pretender. He was very good at what he did because Jarod hasn’t even seen, or felt him. The Centre in an effort to catch Jarod had sent sweepers in almost every State and town there was in America. Gavin was just luckily enough to catch sight of Jarod and phoned in to tell them. That night Gavin watched as Jarod got out of his car and walk up the walkway to his temporary lair. He saw the pretender unlock the door and go in shutting it behind him. Gavin quickly went to the van he had around the corner to watch what Jarod was doing. He had planted mini cameras in the house, so he can keep track of where he was and what he was doing. He watched as Jarod open his laptop and turn it on. Waiting for it to load he went into the kitchen and get himself something to eat. As he ate he checked his mail and then did some research on the Internet. After that he picked up the Halliburton case and watched as Jarod opened it and watches some of the DSA’s that it contained.

After that Jarod sat on the couch and watched a video that he had gotten from somewhere. Probably from his pretend Gavin thought to himself. Well, he won’t finish this pretend he smiled. You are going home wayward pretender. When Jarod was done he turned the video off and watched the news and then turns it off after it was done.

He watched as Jarod got into bed and go to sleep. Gavin turned to the box that was near the screen and pushed it. He waited a few minutes to then started up the van to park it right in front of the house. He got out and broke in and walked into the bedroom taking a moment to watch the drugged man sleep. Not only had he planted the cameras in the house, but he also planted something in the house near the bed to go off when he pushed a button. He picked up the sleeping man and carried him in a fireman’s hold. He had already opened the door to the van and dropped Jarod on the ground. He then went back in and gathered Jarod’s belongings. He then called the Centre to tell them that he had their pretender and to send a Centre jet to pick them up.

The Centre jet arrived and two sweepers grabbed the pretender and loaded him in the jet. Gavin grabbed the rest of Jarod’s things and followed the sweepers inside. He sat down and looked at the drugged man and smiled. He had done what Miss Parker could have never done, what Mr. Lyle had never done. He had captured The Centre’s most prized pretender and brought him to the Centre.

When they landed they were all taken to the Centre and took Jarod to his space. He was congratulated on a job well done and he would be Jarod’s guard while he was inside the Centre. He took one last look at the man and smiled.

“Welcome Back to The Centre.” He said to the sleeping man and then he walked away. He would be in for a surprise when he woke up he thought to himself. He wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when he wakes up.

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