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“The Pretender” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.

“Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to their creators and are being used without permission. Please do not sue because I have no money.

Author’s Note: I was watching the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the idea of bringing Howard Mierzioiak and the Lakuna storyline into the pretender.

The Crossover Series
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
By: 24

Mr. Parker sat in his office wondering when they were going to bring the lab rat home, so he can stop harassing his precious Angel with lies. Lies about her mother and the Centre. He knew that he would never do a simulation again and he needed the Centre to make money. When Jarod escaped a lot of money was lost because of him. Even with Alex here he still wasn’t a pretender on the par with Jarod. No one was except for Gemini. That was why they were trying to find Jarod and the boy. There was no development in the area of capturing the boy. It was like he fell off the face of the earth, but there was hope of capturing Jarod. With the clues that he left behind for his hunters. He knew that it was only time that they would capture him. He would have to think of a way for Jarod to do what he was born to do.

Miss Parker came in unannounced with other people trailing behind her. She moved out of the way with a drugged pretender. Mr. Parker took one look at the drugged man and back to his daughter with a grin. His moneymaker was back. Now all he had to do was think of a way to get him to work.

“Angel, I’m so proud of you.” He strode to her and hugged her.

“Thank you, daddy.”

“Did you get everything?”

“Yes, we even got the DSA’s.”

“Good. Take him to his space.”

His daughter, his pride and joy walked with the pretender in tow. He turned to the desk and thought for a moment. He remembered a Howard Mierzioiak working at a place called Lakuna. He didn’t know if it was an institute, or just an office. He knew that the man was a Dr. and he had successes in wiping people’s minds clean of whatever the person wanted to forget. He would have to give him a call and have Jarod’s mind cleaned, so he could forget why he had escaped. He grabbed the phone and dialed the number. Mary the secretary answered and put him through to the Dr.

“This is Dr. Mierzioiak. How can I help you?”

“This is Mr. Parker of the Centre. I need a favor from you.”

“Oh, hello Mr. Parker.” He remembered meeting him a long time ago. “How can I help you?”

“I remember you talking about wiping out people’s memories. I want you to do that for me.”

“For yourself?”

“No, for someone else. Look come to the Centre and I’ll fill you in. I’ll give you plenty of money to do this job.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be there tomorrow.”

The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware

Dr. Howard Mierzioiak parked in one of the parking spaces near the Centre. He stared at the huge building and wondered what they wanted him to do. He walked to the entrance and was greeted by a sweeper by the name of Allen. He took him to Mr. Parker’s office and was greeted by the man himself.

“Hello, Dr.”

“Please call me Howard.”

“Okay, Howard. Let’s get down to business.’ He said as he sat down. “This is the man who I want a mind wipe from you. His name is Jarod and he’s very special to the Centre.” He handed Howard a picture of Jarod.


“He was brought here when he was very young doing odd things for the Centre. When he was older he escaped here and was on the outside until recently. We need you to do the wipe, so he can continue to work here.”

“I can do that, but I need two of my employees to work with me. Their names are Patrick and Stan.”

“Okay, that’s fine. You can go and get them and bring them back. Just get your stuff and come back tomorrow.”


The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware.

10:00 P.M.

Stan, Patrick and Howard hauled their things out of the car and into the Centre where Allen and Mr. Parker met them.

“Hello Stan and Patrick. Come right this way.”

“Did you give him the sedative?”


“Good. This will only work if he’s asleep. He won’t remember what happened before. He will only remember that he was here.” Replied Howard.

“Good. That is what I want.”

They all stepped into the elevator and went down to his cell. Mr. Parker stepped forward to the keypad and typed the password in and opened the door. They saw that he was sleeping and Stan and Patrick went to work. They set up the computer and everything else. After hooking everything up and they started to type and watch Jarod’s brainwaves. They saw that everything was going to plan. After what had been a couple of hours they were finished and they were putting their things away. It should work. Tomorrow when he wakes up he should feel like he never left and should pick up where he left off.

“Thank you. Let’s go upstairs to get your payment.”


Jarod’s Cell

The Next Day.

Jarod awoke to where he’s always been. He often wondered what it was like outside. He remembered going outside when it was snowing, but that was the last time he was outside. His meal was brought to him and he ate it. After that was done he was led to the showers and then to the sim lab where Sydney met him.

“Hello Jarod.”

“Hello Sydney. What do we have today?”

“What was the last simulation that you remember?”

“I had to pretend to be a pilot and an airplane crew to see why the plane crashed. I remember it took a lot out of me because I felt like I was burning.”

“Okay. Well this one is a little different. This simulation you have to find a missing little boy. The clues are on the table and you have to find who took the boy, why they took him and where he is.”

“Okay.” He turned to the table and went to work. He liked to help people. That is what he did and why he did these simulations. He was involved in the simulation that he didn’t hear the knock at the door.

Mr. Parker was watching Jarod work and then asked Sydney to talk to him outside.

“What was the last simulation he remembers?”

“The plane crash he did before he escaped.”

“Do you think he’s pretending?”

“No, Sir. I do not.”

“Good. Thank you. You may go.”

Sydney turned and opened the door to see Jarod still hard at work. He was told what happened by Mr. Parker. That someone had wiped Jarod’s mind clean of his escape and the reason behind it. Jarod looked up at that moment.

“What is it Jarod?”

“I found the boy and the why.”

“Very good, Jarod.”

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