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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.

Almost Caught.
By: 24

Kylie Winston watched as the new employee walked to his office. She knew that something was up with him and she knew she had to find out what it was.

Jarod stepped into his office, put down the papers he was carrying and started to read them. He glanced at the clock that was on his desk and then back to his papers. Turning to the computer he hooked up to the office intranet to find out about the project he was currently working on. He would hook up to the internet at his latest lair. He studied one file that was of interest to him and glanced through it, copied it and put it in his briefcase.



Jarod glanced at the clock again and started to get ready to go to his lair or rather home for the time being. He wondered what it would be like to not run and just stay in one place. Walking out of his office and locking it behind him he didn’t notice that there was someone watching him.

Kylie watched as Jarod left the office and locked it behind him. She waited until she knew that he wasn’t going to come back and quickly walked up to the door and unlocked it. She rifled through his things and then looked through the office intranet and found out that he was looking for stuff on his project that he was working on.


Next day.


Jarod drove to his lair not even noticing that there was someone following him. He parked into his space, got his briefcase and locked the door.

She watched from the Motel opening as he went into room 8. She didn’t see any pictures of family or any knick knacks that would define what kind of person he was at the office. Maybe if she was lucky she could see what was in his room. She quickly backed out and then went to her own house.


Next day.

Kylie watched as Jarod pulled into his parking space at work and walk towards the building. She then quickly walked to her car and drove away towards the Motel 6. She got her lock pick and quickly went to work and then she gained entry to the room. Inside there was candy wrappers, pez dispensers, cereal, poptarts and a computer. She quickly turned the computer on and while it was booting up she scanned the room again. His cell phone was near the bed and she decided to investigate. Miss Parker and Sydney were the only two numbers he had in his cell. What about his parents? She thought. She noticed that there was a picture of a man, a woman, a picture of two women by a skull looking thing and a black and white picture of a man. She wondered who they were. Were those his parents and why didn’t he have them in his cell. She scanned the computer’s history list to see what he was looking at on the internet. She found something about some scrolls and an Island, but that’s all she found. She looked at his mail that wasn’t protected by looking through the history. She found out that there was a message from a couple of people. One from his dad and someone named Sydney.


The Centre hasn’t even been looking for me or the boy. How are you holding up son? I know that you feel bad that the Centre has yet again pulled you from finding your mother. You were so close to talking to her, but don’t give up. Never give up son. I hope soon we will be a family together again. I’m just sorry that Kyle won’t be able to come home too. I’ve spent so many years hoping that both my boys were safe after you two were taken. I never got to see both of you grow up, but now that I know who the boy really is it’s like I have a second chance with you. I think sometimes he thinks that when I look at him that I see you, but I’ve never seen you at that age. I hope he doesn’t think that being a clone is a bad thing. When I first took care of him he wanted to be called J.C short for Jarod’s clone, but I put my foot down. There was no way that he was going to call himself that. He then asked if he could just be called Gemini which as you know if the project name, but I had to put my foot down again. He needs to be an individual and having those two names is not going to work. I found the picture that you sent me of your mother and Catherine and that skull thing in the background. I wonder what the scrolls would of said. Would it have been about you? We will never know now that Mr. Parker took them with him when he jumped out. I’m just glad that you had a chance to escape and not return to the Centre like you did when Miss Parker was shot and when we found out about Gemini. I can hardly wait to not have to run and not worry about you getting caught and taken to the Centre again. I want all of it to end, so I can finally have my family back together again. Be careful son.



Keep the faith that someday the Centre will not be in our lives forever. We can stop running and hiding and start living.


Miss Parker is tight lipped about what happened on the Island. The only thing that she said was something about scrolls, her father jumping out of the plane taking the scrolls with you and of course you escaping. I’m glad that you got out Jarod. Really I am. I am sorry for trying to take your freedom away. I know that you need to be free and find your family. I know that you don’t blame me for keeping you prisoner in the Centre and you think of me as your family. I’m sorry that there were times that I couldn’t protect your from the darker side of the Centre, but I tried. Really I did. I know now that I wasn’t always successful when Broots, Miss Parker and I found the DSA of Raines and Lyle stopping your heart and starting it again. I hope that you find out what’s on those scrolls. You never know they might be about you and why you were taken, or maybe it’s about your place in the Centre. I hope that you get the answers to your questions even if you don’t like them and I hope that you find your family and have true happiness.

Well, I have to go now. Miss Parker wants to go to the tech room where Broots is at to find out if we have a hit on you. Be careful.


She quickly closed the window, shut down the computer and then went to the closet and found nothing except clothes. She looked in the bathroom, but still nothing. She gave up and walked out of the room and went to her car. Well that was interesting. Who was Jarod? Okay she thought to herself he was taken when he was young, kept in a prison like setting, has a clone, escaped and has people looking for him. Okay back to the question who is Jarod? Do these scrolls have anything to do with him or not. Who is Miss Parker? What is the Centre.

She drove to the office and went inside to find out that Jarod was still in his office and then she turned to go to hers.


Next day.

Friday 4:00

Kylie went home and booted her own computer up. She was going to do some investigating of her own and hopefully find some answers.


“Miss Parker there’s someone trying to gain entry to the Centre’s databank.”

“Well, track the person.”

“I am.”

“Who is it and where are they?”

“The names Kylie Winston and she lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Her address is 8975 Airdale Street.”

“What is she trying to get into?”

“Anything about Jarod the scrolls and the Island you were on.”

“Then she knows where Jarod is. Let’s go.”

Miss Parker walked out the door with Sam, Sydney and Broots trailing behind her. They boarded the plane and took off.


Friday 4:00

Jarod tied the person up in the chair, taped the tape recorder on the man and a note. He watched as the police apprehended the man and put him into the squad car. He watched as the red lights grew dimmer and dimmer and then he turned to walk to his car.


Winston Residence.

The car pulled up to the house and they quickly got out. Knocking on the door it was opened by Kylie.

“Do you know this man?”


“Just answer the question. Do you know this man?”


“Where is he?”

“Who are you and why are you after him?”

“I think you already know Kylie since you broke into our databanks.”

“You’re from the Centre.”

“Very good. Now where is he?”

“Motel 6 in room 8.”

“Room 8.”

“What is it Syd?”

“That’s Jarod’s favorite number and from the pictures that were in his office when he was Dodson there were eight skulls.”

“Ya, right. At the Island there were eight people guarding the scrolls too.”

Miss Parker turned and walked towards the car. Sydney stopped to thank Kylie for the information.

They raced towards Motel 6, bashed in the door, but there was no pretender just a red notebook. What they didn’t know is that they missed him by a couple of minutes, but he wasn’t going to tell them that.

The End.

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