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by Pretender_Mel

By this point in his life, Jarod knew intuitively that the sun was a star composed mainly of hydrogen, with a bit of helium and other elements thrown in for good measure. It was located 94.5 million miles away from his current location, a sidewalk on planet Earth (or so the experts claimed- Jarod knew from his own calculations that it was a wee bit closer than that).

And someday its hydrogen supply would run out, causing it to implode, forming a black hole. The life on this planet would cease to exist. He could do the calculations, had done them in his mind as the thought initially took hold.

But none of this mattered on such a fine summer day. For now, it just felt good.

He turned his face toward it now, letting a smile crawl across his face. His worries were somehow distant and he let his thoughts go, allowing the gentle warm caress to surround him and carry him away.


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