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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.

Author’s Note: Takes place when Angelo decides to give Davy his serum.

A Moment In Time
By: 24

Angelo watched as serum that was made for Davy fly out of Jarod's hand smashing on the cabin’s wooden floor. He looked at Miss Parker and Jarod’s face and they were both devastated because the serum was gone. He looked to the young boy who was so much like him, but wasn’t if he could help it. Mr. Raines had done this to him and he knew that he had to make it right. In the paper sack was his last treatment and he knew that he had to make a sacrifice. For the boy.

He remembered when he was taken to Angel Manor when he was stolen and then they took him under the world. He was put into Mr. Raines’s care. Care if that’s what you call it. Then one day he made him into something else. He remembered what it was like to be a little boy and for that he had to help. Davy was still a boy and deserved to be a boy.

You should have seen the shocked expression of Jarod and Miss Parker’s face. He took the serum out of the bag and put it into Jarod’s hand as he walked to the piano to play.

He knew that he wouldn’t remember any of this, but for a moment in time he had a clear head and that’s all that mattered.

The End

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