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In response to the challenge issued by Niceole. . . . Disclaimer I don't own them but I was informed in no uncertain terms that I had to participate. . .so here is my story. . . it short, brief and quick . . . .

TP 2001 Movie Challenge
by N. R. Levy

Write a story of 1,500 words or less inspried by one of the following Lines from the movie.

Ethan (re: MP to Jarod). "She wants you back, you know."

Alex: (re: MP to Jarod). "You have no idea how important to your life she is, and after today, you'll never know."

Jarod (After he and MP get the picture). "First one to the answers wins."

PG-13 ratings I think, but other than that, I will leave it open to whatever people want, shipper, non-shipper, character deaths, bring it on.

Info tP Movie-Challenge end

Word Count: 283

by Trish

Ethan sat in Mr. Parker's soft, grey-leather chair and morosely regarded the dark computer screen. From time to time an orange light flashed below and he heard a perfect life-form churning softly within the machine.

His own hand was too long on the mouse; he'd probably have to use it with just the tips of his fingers. He tested this theory and jerked his hand away instantly. Too late. A faint snapping sounded, and a list appeared---Mr. Parker's incoming mail. After only a few days that list was likely to be long enough to make an orderly mind cringe.

His sister was trying to rescue the man she believed was her father and wouldn't be arriving here anytime soon. Why not check e-mail from here?

No, Ethan's inner voice whispered, not here. He started to get up when the list on the computer screen rolled up. Another post came in, and another.

Lightning cracked, he glanced out the window at briefly illuminated trees. Thunder followed almost at once, low thunder that rumbled on and on like the sound of boulders gathering speed down a mountainside. The weather had been weird, slightly out of whack, all week. was the first entry he actually read on Mr. Parker's list.

There it was again. And again. At first he read the names of the people writing to Mr. Parker. Soon enough he leaned forward to examine the times on Phantomghost's posts. They had arrived from half an hour to an hour apart. Why would someone need to write a series of messages rather than one long one?

Thunder roared again, shaking the house.

Mr. Parker's miraculous machine and its view panel didn't even flicker. The top post on the email list was highlighted. Ethan tapped the mouse and watched Phantom's message unfold on the screen.

"He doesn't have any idea how important to his life she is, and he never will."

Ethan fell back in the chair and stared then let the screen fade to black. Grabbing a sheet of paper and the Mont Blanc pen, Ethan began to scribble a note for his sister. His eyes then glazed and that little voice that was growing stronger each day issued a warning. Dropping the pen, the letter unfinished, he left.

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