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By: Chris
Rated: PG
Spoilers: None
Category: S

Disclaimer: Usual applies, don't own them and I won't try to change it. No copyright infringements intended so please don't sue.

Car wash

She knew that the car was dirty and she knew that everybody was staring after the car. Her wonderful blue town car was covered with mud from tires up to the antennae. She hated Jarod for doing this. It was all his fault but he had escaped again.
She stopped the car and turned around when she saw a car wash. It was no ordinary car wash where you put in your money and everything starts automatically. A young man, roughly Jarod's statue, was standing there, leaning against the wall, waiting for customers. He had taken off his shirt and his brown skin was sparkling in the sun. Parker sighed. She gave him a five dollar note and leaned back. It was hot inside the car and she turned on the air conditioning system and the radio. She watched the man walking around the car with his water hose and a brush. She saw the water running down his bare chest and saw his playing muscles. She imagined that it was Jarod who was out there cleaning her car. He leaned over the front pane and she saw every inch of his muscular body. How she wished to touch him, how she wished to smell him, how she wished it were Jarod. In her dreams she saw herself standing beside him, soaking wet like he was and then he closed his arms around her hips and kissed her --- a loud thump pulled her from her daydreaming. He was finished and was telling her to wake up and drive on for there were other people waiting. There had been a tractor pulling nearby and there were many dirty cars to wash.

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